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2018年 12月 31日

29. Warning to Yoritsuna Tirano. 2

  Japanese edition

Nichiren told disciples and believers that summons to the court of justice had been decided.

There was the person who looked glum in disciples, but Nichiren was unusually in a good mood. For Hokibo Nikko, it was a long time since he watched the priest of such a smile.

“There was a summons from the military headquarters just now. It is a long-awaited thing. Something may happen. The Buddha writes it down. The person who spreads only five characters of the essential title of the Lotus Sutra will appear at the beginning of the latter days of the Law, two thousand years after Buddha passed away. At that time, evil ruler and bad people will abuse, beat, or imprison him, to confiscate his land, to exile or behead him. In spite of such persecutions, he will continue his propagation without retreating. Meanwhile the ruler who persecutes him will be beset by rebellion, and people bearing him a grudge will devour each other like hungry spirits. Finally, they will be attacked by a foreign country. Brahma, Shakra, the gods of the sun and moon, and the four kings of Heaven have ordained that other countries shall assault a country that is hostile to the Lotus Sutra by all means”.

The disciples and believers broke out into a murmur. Concerns are growing.

“None of you who declare yourselves to be my disciples should ever give way to cowardice. Must not worry about your parents, wife, children. Must not care about your estate. Since countless time of the past, you had been abandoning your life more than the number of dust particles of the land, for the sake of your parents, children and your estate. But you have not abandoned your life for the Lotus Sutra once. You may have tried to perform its teachings to some extent, but whenever when the great persecution occurred, you backslid and ceased to act by the sutra. That is like pouring cold water into hot water boiled, or like trying to strike fire but giving up halfway. Please each make up your mind! Devoting your life for the Lotus Sutra is that you change rocks to gold or change dung to rice. Will that be all right?”.

Shijo Kingo braced himself and answered immediately.

The believer stands up tempted by this and gives the words of the oath in sequence.

Was filled with moving elation. Everybody spoke cheerily as if there were not enemies.

“Even if I encounter any persecution, I do not retrogress!”.

“I go through with the faiths throughout the lifetime!”.

“I am not afraid of the authority. I assert with courage that the Lotus Sutra is the supreme!”.

The day of the summons has come. It is September 10 in 8th year of Bun'ei era (1271).

Nichiren passes through the gate of the court of justice.

He goes the dark corridor.

The samurai of the guard stares at Nichiren going through. Nichiren goes straight without changing his face.

There were members of military headquarters in the room of the investigation. They all are the looks that grew tense and wait for Nichiren to appear.

Yoritsuna Tairano is in the center. There was Shoibo of the vassal beside him.

That Shoibo speaks with a triumphant air.

“Nichiren may scarcely show his true intention. It is said that his speech is fluent. He will only avoid direct answers at this place. Otherwise because he will be afraid of us, he cannot say even half of thinking. Sometimes the person who came here cries and apologizes”.

Yoritsuna seemed to be boring.

A butler of Hojo managing the administrative power of whole country must meet with a unnamed Buddhist priest. He muttered while giving no heed to Shoibo's remark.

“How does he treat with me? It is well to cringe and crawl like Ryoukan. Otherwise”.

Shoibo chimed in so that he posed as a joke saying "Only cut his neck".

Then Yoritsuna had fearless laughter and chided Shoibo.

“Here, do not say such a silly thing. We will get a scolding from our young lord. Nichiren is the man who only makes a stir. Nichiren wants to gain the favor of the Shogunate so that Japanese every Buddhist priest wants to make success in life. If threaten him and give fair words, he will bow”.

Yoritsuna is 30 years old at this time. He was 20 years old younger than Nichiren, but there was influence of clan which acted as a butler since the establishment of the Kamakura Shogunate as the first on the list of the direct vassals, and there was the support of regent Tokimune. So, he has a fearless arrogance. Therefore, nobody can give an opinion to Yoritsuna. He indulged in outrageous behavior more and more.

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2018年 12月 31日

Gosho 百六箇抄 One Hundred and Six Articles


In addition, you should recognize the mandala of the direct line whom Nikko inherited as the formal Gohonzon of the main hall even if the Buddhist priests who are the five people and followers widen this in all countries including Japan and Jambudvipa.


What is the reason?


When Buddha was alive and after Buddha passed away, though these are different, the ceremony of the commission is same.


For example, though there were the direct followers like the four major Bodhisattvas and the sixty thousand disciples, Buddha decided Jogyo Bodhisattva as the great leader entrusted with the Law of essence.


It is the same again now.


Though there are six person and followers, and the several disciples, I determine it as the general who entrusts Nikko with the Law of essence.

つづく Continued

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2018年 12月 30日

28. Warning to Yoritsuna Tairano. 1

 Japanese edition

28. Warning to Yoritsuna Tairano. 1_f0301354_17494447.jpg

The picture that Ryoukan performs false charge for Nichiren to the Court. From the Biography of Nichiren Daishonin.

Ryoukan planned the way of Nichiren killing hard. When he noticed that Tokimune was reluctant to punish Nichiren, he appealed to women led by the nuns. Nuns believe Ryoukan blindly. It is mere coincidence for them that Nichiren brought rain and foretold Mongolia attack. On the contrary, the appeal of tearful Ryoukan had moved women. The nuns who moved in sentiment gave vent to feelings of the Nichiren hatred.

Nichiren attests the intense trap of this Ryoukan as follows in "the Duty of Repaying Good Will" which he wrote in the second year of the Kenji era after five years (1276).

“Because I blamed them more and more without sparing myself, several hundred Zen priests, several thousand of Nembutsu believers and a hundred or a thousand Shingon priests clung to the influential person, or to their wives or widow nuns, and filled their ears with endless slanders for trapping me. Finally, they said that this was the gravest matter in the entire nation and said I was the priest who pray for the destruction of Japan and they said I had declared that both Lord Saimyoji and Lord Gokurakuji of deceased had fallen into the hell of incessant suffering. Those widows who were lay nuns insisted that investigation was unnecessary. They said like this. Rather, I should have my head cut off at once, and my disciples should likewise be beheaded or exiled to distant country or imprisoned. They were so infuriated and their demands for punishment were carried out in fact”.

Lord Saimyoji is Hojo Tokiyori, Lord Gokurakuji is Shigetoki, these are each Buddhist name. Nichiren says these two people who had the great achievement in the Kamakura Shogunate fell into the hell of incessant sufferings.

The counterattack of people who abominate Nichiren being led by Ryoukan began.

But Nichiren is not afraid of a person who abominates him namely three kinds of powerful enemies. Nichiren does not have the compromise. Shakubuku was strengthened more and more. As for the collision of both, it becomes decisive.

Nichiren compares their true character to a woman crazy about jealousy.

 “It is like the case of a woman possessed by jealousy. A great fire burns within her breast, and as a result her whole body turns red. The hair on her body stands upside down, her entire body quivers, and the flames ascend to her face until it has become crimson. Her eyes are as round as those of a cat about to pounce on a mouse, and her hands tremble like oak leaves tossed in the wind. When by standers observe her, she looks no different than a demon. The ruler, all priests, monks and nuns of Japan are just like that jealous woman.

 I, Nichiren, have declared. The Nembutsu of the invocation to Amida which they rely upon is a behavior that will fall into the hell of incessant suffering. Shingon is the doctrine that will ruin the nation and a person who keeps the religious precepts works as the devil in Heaven. When they hear these pronouncements of mine, they knead their prayer beads and grind their teeth in rage, and they ring their little bells of Shingon while shaking their heads in anger. Thus, though outwardly they observe the religious precepts, they hold minds of evil. So the saint Ryoukan of Gokurakuji who is called “living Buddha” hurries with petitions to the government offices to bring charges against me, the saint Doryu of Kenchoji mounts his sedan-chair and goes down on knees to the magistrates, and the nuns who observe the five hundred religious precepts present a letter, the contents of which express complaints, to the Shogunate”. The Letter to the Nun Myoho Bikuni’.

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2018年 12月 30日

Gosho 御義口伝上  Orally Conveyed Doctrine Part 1


The Dharma-realm is myōhō, the Wonderful Law;the Dharma-realm is renge, the lotus blossom; the Dharma-realm is kyō, the sutra.

The existing world is Myoho, the existing world is Renge,the existing world is Kyo.


Renge, the lotus blossom, is the Buddha bodies of the nine honored ones seated on the eight-petaled lotus.

Renge is the bodies of Buddha of the nine saints seated on the eight-petaled lotus.


Think all this over very carefully.

Think this over carefully.

つづく Continued

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2018年 12月 29日

Gosho 御義口伝上 Orally Conveyed Doctrine Part 1


Sad (the phonetic change of sat) means myō, or wonderful. Dharma means hō, Law or phenomena. Pundarīka means renge, or lotus blossom. Sūtram means kyō, or sutra.

The word of Sad is Myo, dharma means , puṇḍarīka is Renge, sūtra is Kyo.


The nine characters [that represent the Sanskrit title] are the Buddha bodies of the nine honored ones. This expresses the idea that the nine worlds are inseparable from the Buddha world.

These words are bodies of sacred Buddha, are the expression that the nine worlds are namely the world of Buddha.


Myō stands for the Dharma nature or enlightenment, while represents darkness or ignorance.

Myo is a spiritual awakening. Ho is a darkness.


Together myōhō expresses the idea that ignorance and the Dharma nature are a single entity.

The marvelous Law means that a spiritual awakening and darkness is as one body.


Renge stands for the two elements of cause and effect. Cause and effect are also a single entity.

Renge is the two Law of cause and result, and cause and result are one Law at the same time too.

つづく Continued

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2018年 12月 28日

Gosho 御義口伝上 Orally Conveyed Doctrine Part 1


As a commentary [The Annotations on “The Profound Meaning of the Lotus Sutra,”volume one] says, “Because [the Lotus Sutra] leads us to the ultimate truth, it is called the Buddha vehicle”.

The commentary says. “Leading us to the one and only ultimate truth. It is called Mahayana”.


We may also note that the nam[u] of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is a Sanskrit word, while myōhō, renge, and kyō are Chinese words.

In addition, Daishonin says, Nam of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is in Sanskrit, myoho-renge-kyo are Chinese words.


Sanskrit and Chinese join in a single moment to form Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo means the same time of India and China.


If we express the title in Sanskrit, it will be Saddharma-pundarīka-sūtram.

In addition, he says, it is called Sad-dharma-puṇḍarīka-sūtra in Sanskrit.


This is Myoho-renge-kyo in Sanskrit.

It says of Myoho-renge-kyo.

つづく Continued

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2018年 12月 27日

Gosho 百六箇抄 One Hundred and Six Articles


In addition, about the handwriting of Gohonzon, you should do like as I expressed and presented it.


The gods of Heaven and ground would not certainly treat it if you did not write there Nichiren paraph.


You should write the following sentences between both Jogyo Muhengyo and Zikoku, and, both Jyogyo Anryugyo and Bisyamon. ‘The head comes apart to seven pieces if slander this'. ‘Happiness of service for this is superior than for the ten virtues of Shakyamuni Buddha'.


And use the clear words from the sutra if you write by own judgment.

つづく Continued

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2018年 12月 26日

Gosho 依義判文抄 二 Writings which Understands a Sentence from a Meaning.


In addition, Gohonzon has a Law with a person, there are theory and fact in the sanctuary, and there are believing and practice in daimoku. Therefore, this unfolds and becomes six categories.


These six categories are dispersed and become eighty thousand sutras.


For example, the Biography of Famous Priests says; The one mind is the whole of all the Law and one mind is divided to a commandment, a meditation and a wisdom, and these disperse to the practices of ten thousand units.


You must know, Gohonzon is just the whole of all the Law.


Therefore, eighty thousand sutras become six mere categories when these are put together. In addition, these only become the Three Great Secret Laws, when these six categories fit.


Besides, it just becomes the Gohonzon of the radical teachings if the Three Great Secret Laws got together.


Thus, Gohonzon of the radical teachings is also named Gohonzon including all of Three Great Secret Laws”.

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2018年 12月 25日

Gosho 依義判文抄 一 Writings which Understands a Sentence from a Meaning.1


Writings which Understands a Sentence from a Meaning

  享保十年 日寛上人 御作

  In 1725. by Nichikan Shonin


Question; How is the development and conjunction of the Three Great Secret Laws if so?


Answer; To tell the truth, it is the One Great Secret Law.


The One Great Secret Law is namely the Gohonzon of the radical teachings.


A place of this Gohonzon is named the sanctuary of the radical teachings.


It is named the daimoku of the radical teachings that person believes this Gohonzon and chants marvelous Law.


Therefore, it is divided and becomes the Three Great Secret Laws.

つづく Continued

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2018年 12月 24日

Gosho 本門戒壇大御本尊 脇書  The honorific phrase of the Grand Gohonzon.

本門戒壇大御本尊 脇書

The honorific phrase which had been added to the grand Gohonzon of the sanctuary of the radical teachings.

弘安二年十月十二日 五十八歳御作

The twelfth day of October 1279. Fifty-eight years old.

 (みぎ)現当(げんとう)二世造立(ぞうりゅう)(くだんの)(ごとし)、本門戒壇(かいだん)()願主(がんしゅ)弥四郎(やしろう)国重(くにしげ) 法華(ほけ)(こう)(しゅう)敬白(けいびゃく)。 

I had erected this in this way for the present and the future. The petitioners of the sanctuary of the radical teachings are Kunishige Yashiro and the followers of the Lotus Sutra who respectfully state.


In the twelfth day of October in the second year of Ko'an (1279).

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