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2018年 08月 31日

23. Fetal Movement of the Powerful Enemy (5)


23. Fetal Movement of the Powerful Enemy (5)_f0301354_22345642.jpg

       ‘The Points to be Careful of in the Court’. In 1269.

“To the lay priest Toki. Nchiren. I have received word that both sides are to be summoned for questioning today. ... First of all, you should appeal for everyday discontents as the other problem the right or wrong of the trial”.

            Japanese edition

Kingo went out of residence gallantly. A vassal follows.

And he went the Wakamiya thoroughfare bravely.

Three of Toki Jonin, Ota Jomyo and Shijo Kingo dropped in at the residence of Nichiren all together before appearing in the Court of Law. Nichiren had beforehand prepared the missive of detailed instructions in then so that they could appeal in the Court.

“I have received word that both sides are to be summoned for questioning today. Since this is what each of you has longed for, it will be as if you had encountered the udumbara flower which blossoms and bears fruit only once by three thousand years. And your mind will be similar to that of Tung-fang Shuo who obtained peaches from the garden of the Queen Mother of the West only three times in nine thousand years. What other happiness can you compare to this in life? First of all, you should appeal for everyday discontents as the other problem the right or wrong of the trial. I know you are well aware of these matters, but sometimes there is a need to apply the whip even to a swift horse. Today, once you have gone to the court and appeared to the trial, you must avoid using rough language to your colleagues, even if you are friendly with them. When both sides have been summoned before the court, while the magistrate is reading out the petition of complaint, whatever happens, unless you are questioned by the magistrate, you must not talk even one word. Even if your opponent criticizes you, you should act as if you have heard nothing when is the first and second of slander. If they yet continue a third slander, without changing your complexion or without using rude language, you must answer with gentle words. Youshould say to them in this way, “All of us are colleague of the same place. Webear you absolutely no personal grudges”. And I think you should carefully warn them of your retinue to avoid provoking quarrel. It is difficult to explain things such as these adequately in a letter, so I hope that you will give the matter the utmost consideration. Though I was humble to speak out about such things, I offer these foolish words in order that the three elements of the Buddha's sutra, its votary, and the supporters work together and attain one purpose.

Very truly yours,


 The ninth day of May.

 To the three supporters”. The Points to be Careful of in the Court’.

When three people read the letter Nichiren wrote, they felt the mind of the teacher who thought of a believer and they put their hand on the floor unintentionally and thanked him. Furthermore, Jonin writes down a note "the affair having to be careful at the time of trial" into the letter handed by Nichiren. This letter by Nichiren himself exists in the Nakayama Hokekyoji Temple which Jonin and Jomyo founded.

It is not sure who appealed. But Nichiren is hard-bitten in the trial. In fact, in the fight for the territory of both Seichiji Temple and Kagenobu Tojo of the land steward, Nichiren becomes the top and continues appealing and is winning all.

If the Nichiren sect extends to the discussion, they will win by all means. Therefore, three people had been learning from Nichiren every day. If the correctness of the Lotus Sutra is handed down to people of Kamakura by victory of the trial, Kosen-rufu approaches by one step again.

  Continued to 24. The Wall of Kosen-ruhu

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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2018年 08月 31日

Gosho 日興遺誡置文 The Last Religious Precepts of Nikko 8


The precepts that I wrote up are an outline like this.


I put 26 items for the protection of ten thousand years.


A disciple who learns this in the future should not have doubt purposely.


If there is a person even violating one of these, he is not a disciple of Nikko.


I leave the items that I determined in this way.

元弘(げんこう)三年(みずの)(ととり)正月十三日  日興花押 

On 13th day of January of the 3rd year of the Genko era (1333).


本文 Original text.  目次 Table of contents.

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2018年 08月 30日

Gosho 日興遺誡置文 The Last Religious Precepts of Nikko 7


23. I permit this for the Law protection of Buddha about the swords and sticks.


But you will not have to hold it at the time of going out.


In the case of the populace, should permit this perhaps.


24. Even if it is a young bonze, you must not seat him below the followers of the high rank.


25. My behavior must be like a holy Buddhist monk like the previous teacher.


But, in the case of a chief priest or a person of learning, you must put them as a believer even if they associated with a woman by mistake.


26. Admire a votary of "being skillful in the answer to difficult question" as like the previous teacher did.


本文 Original text.  目次 Table of contents.

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2018年 08月 30日

末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(111)


第五 有人来欲難問者 諸天昼夜 常為法故 而衛護之の事(注)



有人来欲難問者 諸天昼夜 常為法故 而衛護



有人来欲難問者 諸天昼夜 常為法故

而衛護之 能令聴者 皆得歓喜 所以者何

此経是一切 過去未来現在 諸仏神力 所護故








【御義口伝 上】要点解説(112)に続く

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2018年 08月 29日

末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(110)


第四 無有怖畏 加刀杖等の事





 それに対し安楽行品第十四では、「及罵詈者 又無怖畏 加刀杖等 亦無擯出(罵詈する者無く、又怖畏し、刀杖を加える等の者無く、又擯出せらるること無けん)」と説いているのは、釈迦滅後二千年間の正法像法の摂受の修行故であると説いている。




※参照:小説日蓮の生涯[十四、国家諌暁と松葉ケ谷の法難 ]、

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2018年 08月 29日

Gosho 日興遺誡置文 The Last Religious Precepts of Nikko 6


17. If he differed from Law of Buddha and established a willful doctrine even if he was chief priest of that times, you must not adopt this.


18. If Law of Buddha has a difference even if it was a resolve of large number of people, the chief priest must defeat this.


19. Must not make the color of the canonical robe black with a sumi.


20. You must not wear a robe which seamed top and bottom.


21. Must not be at the seat same as the slandering Law. Fear complicity.


22. Must not receive offering from a person slandering Law.


本文 Original text.   目次 Table of contents.

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2018年 08月 28日

23. Fetal Movement of the Powerful Enemy (4)

         Japanese edition

On May 9 of 6th year of Bun'ei era [in 1269], it was, the morning of the day. Shijo Kingo was busy with preparations.

Nichigannyo of the wife helps a husband put on hemp clothes.

Kingo became 39 years old. For these ten several years, he spent all his time for a propagation while accompany to teacher Nichiren. Today is the day of the decisive battle of him.

But Nichigannyo displayed an anxious face.

Kingo looks in the face of the wife.

“What on earth happened?”.

She made it look all right in front of her husband.

“Please not mind”.

Kingo was calm now.

“You do not need to worry about today. Today's court surely goes well. Lord Toki and Lord Ota will protect me even if I got emotional. Do not worry”.

Nichigannyo was still a rueful countenance.

“No, it is not today. It is the future”.

"The future?”.

Nichigannyo stared at Kingo.

“You have gotten so much better you look like a different person after having met the holy priest. I did not think that you who were always angry become the person who can control yourself. With that alone I understand that a Lotus Sutra is amazing. But,”.

"But what is it?".

Nichigannyo turned to the back.

“I feel that you will leave us and go to the other world. I am worried about it".

Kingo put his hand on the shoulder of the wife.

“Do not worry. Where can I go to after I ignore a wife and a child? We and child are always together. The priest said. We common mortals are frail like a fly. But if we ride a horseback which can run 1000 miles, we can go to every world with freedom. We and child either only follow the back of the priest together".

Nichigannyo looked back and watched eyes of Kingo.

“Can I believe those words of yours?”.

           Continued to (5)

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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2018年 08月 28日

Gosho 日興遺誡置文 The Last Religious Precepts of Nikko 5


13. While Kosen-ruhu does not yet be achieved, you should propagate the Law until the full extent of your ability, without begrudging life.


14. In the case of the priest like "One's body is insignificant, the Law is heavy", even if he was the Buddhist priest of the ignobleness, you must respect him by the reason of "Showing him the same respect you would do Buddha."


15. Even if he is a lowly person, in the case of a Buddhist priest of propagating the Law, you should think him to be an old priest with virtue.


16. Even if he was the person of the ignobleness, you should respect him who is superior in wisdom than you and treat him as a teacher.


本文 Original text.   目次 Table of contents.

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2018年 08月 27日

Gosho 日興遺誡置文 The Last Religious Precepts of Nikko 4


7. You allow not engaging in the trivial routine duties of the teacher about the disciple having the talent and must let him learn various teachings including a writing of Daishonin.


8. The populace who is inexperienced in study and who wants a fame and fortune does not deserve to be my disciple.


9. Shaking off the affection from parents and teacher while the believers of me in the future do not understand Lotus Sutra and pre-Lotus Sutra, for leaving this world of the sufferings and attaining enlightenment, they visit this temple and must study.


10. You must not do study of Tientai school without grasp of the doctrine.


11. In our denomination, you dye sublime writing of Daishonin into your soul and convey the supreme theory from a teacher, and should hear Tientai if there is spare time.


12. Enjoy the discussion and lectures and not mix up the other things.


本文 Original text.   目次 Table of contents

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2018年 08月 26日

Gosho 日興遺誡置文 The Last Religious Precepts of Nikko 3


5. You must not spend time for a play and an idle talk, not take to a non-Buddhist writing and an art without criticizing against slandering Law of Buddha.


6. You must forbid Shinto shrine worship and visit of the believers.


Why they visit the Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine of the evil spirit intrusion, disobeying Buddha's teachings for a glance with a low talent?


It is never enough to be chagrined.


This is not doctrine of me totally but depends on text of a sutra or writing of Daishonin and so on.

            Continued to (4)

本文 Original text.   目次 Table of contents

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