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2017年 01月 31日

Gosho 宿屋入道許御状 Letter to the Lay Priest Yadoya


Letter to the Lay Priest Yadoya

文永五年八月二十一日 四十七歳御作

August 21, 1268 (Age: 47)


I have not received any letters from you since we were in touch last, which strikes me as very strange indeed.


Formerly, in the first year of the Shōka era [1257], the year with the cyclical sign hinoto-mi, on the twenty-third day of the eighth month, when the hour of the dog gives way to the hour of the boar [around 9:00 p.m.], there was a great earthquake.


I, Nichiren, consulting various sutras as to why this happened, concluded that, because people put their faith in the teachings of the Nembutsu school or the Zen or other schools, the various benevolent deities who protect this nation of Japan have become angry and have brought about this disaster.


If steps are not taken to remedy the situation, this nation of ours will be overthrown by a foreign nation. I wrote a petition expressing these views and, in the second year of the Shōgen era [1260], cyclical sign kanoe-saru, on the sixteenth day of the seventh month, I sent it to you, requesting that it be forwarded to the late lay priest of Saimyō-ji.


Since then, nine years have passed. Now I hear reports that this year an official announcement from the great Mongol Empire has been sent to Japan.


If the texts of the sutras are to be believed, this is an indication that our country will inevitably be attacked by the men of that nation.


I am convinced that, throughout the country of Japan, I, Nichiren, am the only person who can subdue these barbarians of the west, and I have written a treatise explaining my reasons.


For the sake of the ruler, for the sake of the nation, for the sake of the gods, and for the sake of the Buddhas, I ask that you forward my views to the regent [Hōjō Tokimune] privately.


I will explain the matter in detail at such time as I am granted an interview with you.

               With my deep respect,

文永五年八月二十一日       日蓮花押

The twenty-first day of the eighth month in the fifth year of Bun’ei [1268] 



To the lay priest Yadoya Saemon

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2017年 01月 31日

Gosho 種種御振舞御書 The Actions of the Votary of the Lotus Sutra


We find examples before our very eyes.


The Hōjō clan in Kamakura could not have firmly established itself as the ruler of Japan had it not been for the challenges posed by Yoshimori and the Retired Emperor of Oki.


In this sense these men were the best allies the ruling clan could have.


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2017年 01月 31日

Gosho 強仁状御返事 Reply to a Communication from Gōnin


Reply to a Communication from Gōnin

   建治元年十二月二十六日 五十四歳御作

   December 26, 1275 (Age:54)


When decisions pertaining to what is correct and what erroneous are involved, whether they concern secular matters or religious ones, they should invariably be made under public auspices.

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2017年 01月 30日

Gosho 南条兵衛七郎殿御書 The Votary of the Lotus Sutra


Should you depart from this life before I do, you must report to Brahmā, Shakra, the four heavenly kings, and King Yama.


Declare yourself to be a disciple of the priest Nichiren, the foremost votary of the Lotus Sutra in Japan.


Then they cannot possibly treat you discourteously.

(ただ)一度は念仏、一度は法華経( )()へつ、二心(ふたごころ)ましまし、人の聞くに、は()かりなんどだにも候はゞ、よも日蓮が弟子と申すとも御(もち)ゐ候はじ、

But if you should be of two minds, alternately chanting the Nembutsu and reciting the Lotus Sutra, and fear what others may say about you, then even though you identify yourself as Nichiren’s disciple, they will never accept your word.


Do not resent me later.


Yet since the Lotus Sutra answers one’s prayers regarding matters of this life as well, you may still survive your illness. In that case, I will by all means meet with you as soon as possible and talk with you directly.


Words cannot all be set down in a letter, and a letter never adequately conveys one’s thoughts, so I will stop for now.         With my deep respect,

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2017年 01月 30日

Gosho 南条兵衛七郎殿御書 The Votary of the Lotus Sutra


Stop and consider.


If the passages of proof offered to support the claim that the Nembutsu does in truth lead to rebirth in the Pure Land were reliable, then in the past twelve years during which I have been asserting that Nembutsu believers will fall into the hell of incessant suffering, would they have consistently failed to reproach me, though I spoke out everywhere possible?


They are indeed feeble!


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2017年 01月 30日

如説修行抄 要点解説その一

大聖人の御書は、特定の信徒若しくは複数の信徒に宛てられた消息が多い中で、本抄は当時の門下一同に与えられるという、きわめて貴重な御書となっております。さらに宛名に「此の書御身を離さず常に御覧有る可く候」 とわざわざ追記されておられ、大聖人の佐渡流罪、弟子の投獄、信徒の所領没収等の大難に揺れる信徒を励まし、諭す意味で、佐渡の地から送られた書であると推察されます。
■出筆場所:佐渡ヶ島 一谷(いちのさわ)入道の館






注 三類の敵人 俗衆増上慢、道門増上慢、僭聖増上慢の三つの敵人のこと。

如説修行抄 要点解説その二に続く

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2017年 01月 29日

顕仏未来記 要点解説その四







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2017年 01月 29日

Gosho 安国論御勘由来 The Rationale for “On Establishing the Correct”


When I, Nichiren, observed the great earthquake of the Shōka era, and the great wind and famine that occurred in the same era, as well as the major outbreak of epidemics that took place in the first year of the Shōgen era, I made a prediction, saying, “These are omens indicating that this country of ours will be destroyed by a foreign nation.”


I may seem to be praising myself for having made such a prediction, but if our country should be destroyed, it would most certainly mean the destruction of the Buddhist teachings as well.


The eminent Buddhist priests of our time seem to be of one mind with those who slander the Law.


In fact, they do not even understand the true meaning of the teachings of their own schools.


It is certain that, if they should receive an imperial command or instructions from the government authorities to offer prayers in an effort to avert the evils that beset the nation, they would only make the Buddhas and deities angrier than they are already, and then the nation could not help but face ruin.


I, Nichiren, understand the steps that should be taken to remedy the situation.


Other than the sage of Mount Hiei, I am the only person in all of Japan who does.


Just as there are not two suns or two moons, so two sages are not to be found standing side by side.


If these words of mine are false, then may I be punished by the ten demon daughters who protect the Lotus Sutra that I embrace.


I say all this solely for the sake of the nation, for the sake of the Law, for the sake of others, not for my own sake.


I will be calling on you in person, and so I am informing you of this.


If you do not heed my advice, you will surely regret it later.

                  With my deep respect,

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2017年 01月 29日

Gosho 安国論御勘由来 The Rationale for “On Establishing the Correct”


Later, in the first year of the Bun’ei era (1264), cyclical sign kinoe-ne, on the fifth day of the seventh month, a comet appeared in the east, and its light shone over the whole country of Japan.


This is an evil portent such as has never been seen before since the beginning of history.


None of the authorities on the Buddhist scriptures or the non-Buddhist writings could understand what had brought about such an ill omen.


I became even more grieved and distressed.


Now, nine years after I presented my memorial [to the lay priest of Saimyō-ji], in the intercalary first month of this year, the official letter arrived from the great kingdom of the Mongols.


The events that have occurred match the predictions made in my memorial as exactly as do the two halves of a tally.


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2017年 01月 29日

Gosho 下山御消息 Letter to Shimoyama


Letter to Shimoyama

建治三年六月 五十六歳御作

1277 (Age; 56)


The Great Teacher Dengyō said: “My opinion is this: It is stated in the Lotus Sutra that a bodhisattva is the treasure of the nation, and the Mahayana teachings tell us that the great vehicle of the Mahayana can benefit others.


“When the seven disasters attack the whole country, what but the Mahayana sutras can drive them away?”


“And when great calamities occur in the future, who but the bodhisattva priests [of the Mahayana] can wipe them out?”


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