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25. The Showdown by the Rain in Gokurakuji Ryoukan and Nichiren 6

            Japanese edition

The effect of the prayer appeared at once.

The town folks pointed to the sky. Surprisingly, black clouds appeared to a corner of the sky which had been blue all.

“Look! There is cloud. Is a rain cloud”.

The town folk had been full of joy.

The clouds gather in sequence, and the sky darkens.

Sutra-chanting of Ryoukan echoed.

Dusk approached. It is threatening to rain.

Thus, Ryoukan finished the sutra-chanting of the first day.

A priest to return looked up contentedly.

“It will certainly rain tomorrow. Seems to be already rainy in Suruga”.

“Nichiren, he will regret”.

The priests laughed boisterously.

Ryoukan was convinced of victory in the evening and fell asleep. Praying for rain had succeeded before. There is not blundering.

Now he swings an eyesore called Nichiren and can let Shogunate be grateful to him. His glory was near at hand like his teacher's Eison had gotten the name of Koshou bodhisattva from the Imperial Court and become a director of Shitennoji Temple. The joy of Ryoukan is immeasurable. A person slandering him disappears. What a comfortable thing. Kamakura will be come under his control. Ryoukan couldn't help being intoxicated with happiness at the same time a sense of relief.

Ryoukan dreamed in the early morning of the day.

Ryoukan prays solemnly in the dusky day covered by a thick rain cloud.

Thunder sounded through the heavens suddenly, and large drop of rain has begun to fall.

A crowd rejoices together.

Nichiren was dripping wet and approached to here and put his hands together to Ryoukan slowly.

Ryoukan edges back for an unexpected situation.

Then, he woke up. Does it really become the prophetic dream?

The bedroom of the morning had been shut with a sliding door, and it was dark. Slanting light slightly shines.

He hears voice of the disciple from the outside.

“Dear teacher, teacher”.

Ryoukan who was soaked himself in the dream was surprised and woke up.

It was Suobo of the disciple.

“It's time to wake up”.

Ryoukan opened a sliding door fearfully.

(I wish rain).

However, severe rays like a blade stung his eyes. Covered the eyes with a sleeve unconsciously.

Kamakura had returned to the scorching sky. The cloud until yesterday completely had been disappearing.

Sutra-chanting continues endlessly.

The steam came out of the caput of the priests.

They looked up at the dry sky reproachfully.

The fiery sunset before long covered the west sky of Kamakura.

A traveler is tired under the hot weather and sits down to the roadside.

The second day of the prayer by Ryoukan finished in this way.

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25. The Showdown by the Rain in Gokurakuji Ryoukan and Nichiren 5

               Japanese edition

On the other hand, the entrance of Gokurakuji was crowded. The Buddhist priests of black robes go into there en masse.

The crowd met a priest while being covered with sweat and put hands together.

Ryoukan appeared here. He entered with a large crowd of priests.

Crowds waved their hand, and a shout of joy became especially big.

“Priest Ryoukan!”.

There was the place of the prayer in the precincts of Gokurakuji Temple. It is a windswept building of the quickie. Ryoukan leads and several hundred priests follow. The scene is grand. For prayer, Gokurakuji all was mobilized.

There was the stone statue in a place of prayer, also there was the Amida statue, and every Buddha statue was arranged. A golden tub was put before these miscellaneous Buddha statues. A child carried the water of the cup respectfully. Ryoukan received the water and put it in the tub. And he made a speech to the group of the priest.

“There was a command this time from lord Kamakura, and we will conduct a rainy prayer. We will perform prayer here to remove the pains of people. If religious precepts and Nembutsu which we have are right, it rains by all means. But there seem to be a fellow telling that we do not bring rain”.

Priests burst into laughter arrogantly.

“However, we must be alert to dangers. The deadline is after sevendays. Everyone! Keep own doctrine firmly and do the religious practice!”.

Ryoukan started sutra-chanting on June 18 in 8th year of Bun'ei era (1271). It is a showdown of seven days until July 24. If it rains, Nichiren loses and falls down in front of Ryoukan.

Several hundred Buddhist priests follow after Ryoukan at once. It was like the rumbling of the ground.

Tokimune Hojo watched the sky through the window. Yasumori Adachi and Yoritsuna Tairano wait behind.

Yasumori open his lips.

“Oh, the confrontation of the priest Ryoukan and Nichiren is the sole topic of conversation at the town! Which will win?”.

Tokimune Hojo heard as if the other person affair.

"Which is the reputation?".

Yoritsuna sneered.

"It's certain it is Ryoukan. Nichiren, he has dug his own grave. A prediction of Mongolia was happy by having been a lucky hit, but it is unbelievably reckless that he resists Ryoukan. The match is during seven days. If seven days pass, I intend to arrest Nichiren”.

Yasumori was surprised.

"Arrest him? What is the crime name?".

“That goes without saying. He interfered with praying for rain of the Shogunate. This is equal to criticizing the Shogunate. How do you like it?".

Yasumori watched Tokimune.

"How do you like it?".

Tokimune listened to the voice of subtle sutra-chanting while keeping silent.

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25. The Showdown by the Rain in Gokurakuji Ryoukan and Nichiren 4

             Japanese edition

Suobo exchanged looks with Ilusawa and was reseated.

Nichiren continues it.

“If the priest Ryoukan was able to bring even one rain during seven days, Nichiren becomes disciple of him and keeps 250 religious precepts minutely, in addition I will recognize my mistake, and will show it to you throwing away the doctrine that I had said Nembutsu is the incessant sufferings of hell and said the religious precepts sect is a bandit”.

The audience was dumbfounded for Nichiren. It cannot by any possibility be true confronting an expert of praying for rain.

Suobo don't quite believe the evolution that occurred unexpectedly.

“Priest Nichiren. Is your word inviolate?”.

Nichiren asserted that it was true.

“If I showed him allegiance, Japan including my disciple will bow to the priest Ryoukan. To the contrary, these are clear that religious precepts of the priest Ryoukan are fault if it does not rain. Please surrender to the Lotus Sutra disinterestedly”.

Two people grasped each other's hands in unexpected tale.

“That's very hard to believe. Do you confront the priest Ryoukan really? Do you not have judiciousness?”.

Nichiren was self-composed as always.

“There are many examples which had determined a win and a defeat about praying for rain from yore. It is namely the Great Teacher Dengyou and Gomyo, also Shubin and Kobo. Let's have a showdown by praying for rain!”.

Two people especially called his attention to the fact that the matter is important.

“You cannot retract the present words. Do not forget!”.

Disciples of Nichiren were dumfounded.

Daishinbo, one of them, came running at the top of his speed.

“The priest, Ryoukan is a master of praying for rain! No one can match him at praying!”.

Nichiren turned his body squarely.

“I will bring it to an end by a result of reality. I defeat great self-conceit of Ryoukan and rescue his pain of the incessant sufferings of hell!”.

While Suobo and Ilusawa Nyudo guffaw, they run in the main street with quick light steps.

Two people thought.

The enemy of our bonze Ryoukan disappeared in this. They had been attacked severely by Nichiren so far, but that Nichiren attempted us by a reckless challenge. Cannot stop laughing.

The drought has become in earnest.

There was only the sun which burnt to all clear in the sky of the farms. The drought became more terrible only by wind sounding even if there was a cloudy day.

A farmer watched the rice that was about to die anxiously. And looked up at the sky bearing a grudge.

Present Japan does not have the serious drought. But, in those days when irrigation facilities were poor, serious famine was brought by a slight drought. The famine caused by the drought is still frequent all over the world. The human intelligence hardly prevent abnormal weather and it is helpless.

The era when science was undeveloped, the prayer by the religion were world common ultimate solutions measure for wonder of such nature. For the people who took every means, there was no possibility except praying.

Disciples and believers prayed led by Nichiren in the hall.

Nichiren did not change as always, but the disciples and supporters were different. Everyone has a serious look on face. There is not their own futures if it rains. Must not let our teacher be a disciple of Ryoukan. Their praying was tragic but even brave.

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25. The Showdown by the Rain in Gokurakuji Ryoukan and Nichiren 3

                Japanese edition

Nichiren who became 50 years old began sermon in that evening. His short hair was touched with gray.

A great number of the audience waves a folding fan because it is hot, and wipes sweat.

Su'obo and Ilusawa Nyudo of Ryoukan's disciple were in here. Two people came to reconnoitre the enemy's movements. If Nichiren moved, they reported it to Ryoukan immediately.

The sermon of Nichiren adds to strictness.

“There is a Buddhist priest called Ryoukan in this Kamakura. He is in shabby clothes, and he keeps 250 religious precepts firmly, and has correct behavior. Not to mention a bonze and layman of the ignorance, he is respected from a king to all the people as saying that he is the living Buddha. But when I see the Lotus Sutra, it is preached that the three powerful enemies will appear before the person who spreads the Lotus Sutra in the latter days of the Law. I consider the most intense third enemy among them is this priest Ryoukan”.

Su'obo butted in being impatient.

“Wait. Why do you say such a silly talk without a reason?”.

Nichiren picked the fifth scroll of the Lotus Sutra slowly and opened the thirteenth chapter of the recommending and the having.

‘Preferably, please never worry.

We will right preach it widely in the world of fear and unreason soon, after Buddha passes away.

Various ignorant people will give us calumny and blame, in addition, they will use a sword and a stick and persecute us.

We very, everybody will endure it’.

'After Buddha passed away, there will be one priest.

He will pretend that he keeps religious precepts, and while he slightly read the sutra, he is absorbed with eating and drinking and will make a living.

Even though he wears a priest's robe, while facing a believer, it seems a hunter aims at a deer or seems a cat tries for a mouse.

Furthermore, this Buddhist priest will always advocate these words; "I got Buddhahood".

Though expresses intelligent and virtuous outside, inside holds greed.

Like Brahman opening mouth, he will express the form of the Buddhist priest though it is not a priest in truth, and he will spread a wicked view and will slander teachings of Buddha’.

Ilusawa Nyudo sneers.

“No matter what you say, our priest Ryoukan is the first-rate priest in Kamakura that lord Tokimune recognizes. He was ordered rainy prayer either the other day from the Shogunate. Perhaps I shouldn't say so, but even if the priest Nichiren hopes, it does not come true”.

Suobo either lightly laughed and asserted it.

“The priest Nichiren is like oil and water with us. Even if you said something, the people do not recognize you at all. We are just going to leave. We must do preparations of praying for rain from now”.

Nichiren stopped it that two people rose to their feet, at that time.

“Wait. I hear that rainy prayer will be performed from June 18. I will become disciple of priest Ryoukan if he brought rain during that seven days!”.

The audience was not able to hide a surprising voice to a remark of Nichiren of doing a confrontation of the rain.

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25. The Showdown by the Rain in Gokurakuji Ryoukan and Nichiren 2

             Japanese edition

Believer, samurai and a great number of people including the townsman to hear a rumor that the priest Ryoukan was ordered a prayer of the rain from the Shogunate met the party of Ryoukan.

Everybody put hands together in front of Ryoukan.

Hojo Mitsutoki of the wealthy supporter of a temple lowers his head. He is the lord of Shijo Kingo.

“Was the priest given an order to start a rainy prayer by the lord Tokimune?”.

Ryoukan nodded.

“It is not an easy thing, but, by vows of Amida Buddha, the prayer will unmistakably come true”.

A townsman put hands together.

" Priest Ryoukan, we are begging you! The crops produced on farms of Kamakura are exterminated if is kept on like this. Please give us a blessing by the power of the priest!”.

Ryoukan was satisfactory.

"Please leave it to me. I will bring rain. But I am anxious about foolish Nichiren who says "Nembutsu is the hell of incessant sufferings, and the sect of religious precepts is the traitor of the nation”. I hope to give the priests, men and women of Japan the religious precepts and to stop a liquor of the world and the killing of a whole country but Nichiren is disturbing this wish. This is the matter that is deplorable for this Japan”.

56-year-old Ryoukan had the utmost protection of the Kamakura Shogunate and he was in his glory now.

He had influence to the regent Tokimune too.

Ryoukan got a right of the collection of the harbor dues from Iijima and a right of the collection of the transit duty of the seven road of Kamakura and paid a tax to the Shogunate. Therefore, he was a religious backbone for the protection of the nation and he was existence to have a strong influence of the Shogunate and the inseparable relationship economically, too.

I quote it from an article of Mr. Kenji Matsuo again.

Matsuo points out that philanthropy of Ryoukan was at one with the Shogunate.

“Kuwagayatsu Valley is the north of the valley of current Kosokuji Temple, is adjacent to the east of Gokurakuji too. It was the planned site of the construction of Gokurakuji at first, and probably it was the land of the Shigetoki Hojo's clan. That is why Ryoukan built a hospital there and probably worked hard at the treatment activity of the sick.

By the way, it had a big meaning to not only the contribution of believers but also the support of the Kamakura Shogunate having supported charity relief activity of such Ryoukan. (omission). In the medical treatment place of Kuwagayatsu Valley, 46,800 people had been treated for 20 years, but a dead person is 10,450 people, and it is said that four-fifths person healed here surprisingly. Tokimune Hojo decided such a treatment activity, and Ryoukan helped him and carried it out.

That is why Tokimune Hojo gave the farm of Osato of the Tosa country (Kochi) to Ryoukan, and it is said that Tokimune let him allot it for the expense that the treatment activity in Matsubagayatsu Valley takes. An illness inn (a hospital) was in Gokurakuji certainly and it was probably easy to perform it at an illness inn in Gokurakuji. However, he makes a hospital outside Gokurakuji called the Matubagayatsu Valley not only an illness inn in Gokurakuji, and he performs activity of the treatment for 46,800 people for 20 years. As this fact, the treatment activity in Kuwagayatsu Valley had a meaning for intention of Tokimune who was the direct descendant of Hojo, and it was not merely activity of Gokurakuji itself. In other words, Tokimune Hojo who was a practical chief executive of the Shogunate let Ryoukan act for relief work".

Gokurakuji Ryoukan cut into the centrum of the state power. He doesn't have any enemies. If there is an enemy for him, it was one Nichiren, but it is degree of a trifling quarrel between each believer. He didn't concern himself completely with Nichiren who was an ordinary bonze with no rank.

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25. The Showdown by the Rain in Gokurakuji Ryoukan and Nichiren.

               Japanese edition

It is the eighth years of Bun'ei era. Nichiren had become age 50 years old.

The sun glared down relentlessly.

The fields have begun to dry up.

The air was full of flying grit.

The horse which lost weight became limp.

A sweaty farmer digs soil with a hoe, but the soil like sand has no response. He gave up plowing soil.

A drought began in every field. The people recalled the great famine and the major contagious disease forcedly of the spring in the first year of Shogen era of ten years ago.

A farmer patted each leaf anxiously. And he looked up at the bright red sun bitterly.

The people in Kamakura hung out at the shadow of a tree and the house under the scorching sun.

Everybody watched the sky reproachfully.

The Shogunate's vassals of Yasumori Adachi, Yoritsuna Tairano and Hojo Nobutoki were gathered to the Tokimune Hojo's mansion. Everybody is busy to wave a folding fan.

While Yasumori was embarrassed by the hot weather of summer, he finally started the meeting.

“Informations that famine widens to the countries are arriving us frequently”.

Yoritsuna plays along.

“The land stewards either weaken. They lend a seedling and the money to a farmer, but it becomes decisive both to go under together when it does not rain at all”.

Nobutoki is tempted and follows them.

“A battle of irrigation happens in each place. This became difficult in addition to Mongolia's matter”.

Yasumori asked Tokimune.

“The messenger of Mongolia comes to Dazaifu again. what should we do?”.

“Let it go. Is famine than it. Is there not any bright idea? The minds of the people will be confused more and more if is a bad harvest again this year. It is time when a country must be in one now. It is more than Mongolia's issue. Rack your brains”.

Like Nobutoki Hojo was waiting, he expressed it.

"My lord, what are your thoughts on letting the priest Ryoukan of Gokurakuji pray?".

Nobutoki is a wealthy supporter of the temple of Ryoukan and is a person of Nembutsu sect.

Yasumori clapped his hands.

“That's true! There was the priest Ryoukan. He is an expert of praying for rain. He has the remarkable results too. If is that Buddhist priest, he is good at bringing rain”.

“My lord, please appoint the Buddhist priest Ryoukan by the instruction of the Shogunate. If we do so, it becomes fortunate for both lord and the Shogunate”.

Yasumori sensed it as the consent and commanded.

“Summon the priest Ryoukan to the administrative office immediately”.

Gokurakuji Ryoukan arrived at the parlor of the government office soon. Su'obo and Irusawa Nyudo of the disciple wait near him.

Yasumori Adachi and Nobutoki Hojo entered the parlor with a clear white imperative sentence in a hurry.

Yasumori read aloud the imperative sentence that Tokimune wrote paraph at just beforetime.

“The countries are damaged by a drought. It is not the real intention that our Shogunate is confused by it. Therefore, we give thou Gokurakuji Ryoukan an order for a rainy prayer. The grains abundant harvest is the wish of the monarch and is a request of people from ancient times. Express a efficacy of the Law and work for people for the Shogunate”.

The answer of Ryoukan is respectful.

“Those are precious words. I have received your order. I think that it is not easy to bring rain, but I would heartily like to pray Amida to be able to answer hope by all means”.

Eyes of Ryoukan and Hojo Nobutoki met.

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24. The Wall of Kosen-ruhu 5

                 Japanese Edition

Nichiren expresses this secret by a letter to Ota Jomyo, it is not Toki Jonin or Shijo Kingo. On April 8 in 4th year of Ko'an era, six months before Nichiren passes away, Ota Jomyo is given ‘The approval of the Law of great three secret’ which was entrusted with building of the sanctuary of religious precepts for the doctrine of essential.

“These Three Great Secret Laws are the teachings that were orally inherited to Nichiren unquestionably as the leader of the bodhisattvas welling up from the ground more than two thousand years odd ago originally by the great master attaining Buddhahood. (Omission). Until now I have kept this doctrine secret within my mind. But if I do not leave behind me a written record, the future followers of my teachings will say that I was without pity or compassion and perhaps slander me. And at that time, I would have no way to refute their rebuke and should regret it. Therefore, I send this to you. After you have read this first, you keep secret and must not show others this, telling is useless too. The reason that the Lotus Sutra is preached as the sole great act of various Buddha's advent. It is because this sutra includes the Law of three great secret. Keep secret. Keep this secretly!”.

The words 'that were orally inherited to Nichiren unquestionably as the leader of the bodhisattvas welling up from the ground by the great master attaining Buddhahood' mean that Nichiren is the reincarnation of Jogyo bodhisattva. But, it was almost rare to have shown this inner determination. He had said only besides in this way,

"Nichiren had definitely faced each other and decided it orally in the Eagle Peak. The Gohonzon is the body in itself of the votary of the Lotus Sutra".

This is spoken in the 25th 'Evincing the Gohonzon' of the important point of the Life Span chapter 27 of 'the oral instruction of the Lotus Sutra'(the doctrine orally conveyed) which orally inherited to Nikko of the succession.

This was not an understandable thing for then believers absolutely. A believer only incur suspicion if he said it carelessly. On the contrary, this shows how trust to the understanding to Buddhism of Ota Jomyo who is a layman believer was high for Nichiren. Therefore, he did not speak out a firm belief "a hoping is the capital punishment" to other believers carelessly.

Contrary to this supreme conviction, Nichiren was deadlocked.

Has continued appealing for the justice of the Lotus Sutra for nearly 20 years from 32 years old and spread a daimoku. He trounced various sects and was going to build a country where the Lotus Sutra spread. But, though the daimoku of a title spread, the root of Japan does not change. The various denominations were still in their original condition and the ruler refuses to listen.

The bad reputation of Nichiren who calls Nembutsu the hell of incessant sufferings goes on increasing. Japan straying stays such deep.

The name called Nichiren was going to be sunk among the current of history in this way with being ignored.

The people of Kamakura widely talked about him. "An unknown Buddhist priest will defy lord Kamakura of the world and famous priest Ryoukan of Gokurakuji, he does not know his place too much. He should be more aware of his limitations".

However, a situation to surround Ryoukan with Nichiren suddenly switches from the unexpected occurrence.

Continued to ‘The showdown by the rain in Gokurakuji Ryoukan and Nichiren’.

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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24. The Wall of Kosen-ruhu 4

                 Japanese edition

Nichiren wished he became the capital punishment. The reason is because it was a necessary condition to prove that he is the root Buddha in the latter days of the Law. Though he gave Tokiyori Hojo "the treatise establishing the correct teachings for the safety ofthe nation" at the age of 39 in the Bun'no era first year [1260], he has already written down the features of the object of worship which he should erect in the latter days of the Law to "About chanting the daimoku of the Lotus Sutra" at the same time.

“Question: For persons who place their faiths in the Lotus Sutra, what is the proper object of devotion, and what rules should be followed in acts of worship and daily religious practice?

Answer: "The chapter of Law master" and "the chapter of God and the power" say, first, the believer writes eight scroll's Lotus Sutras or one scroll or one chapter or a title and must establish it as the object of worship. And those persons who were able to do so further should write the names of the Tathagata Shakyamuni and the Buddha Many Treasures or make the images of them, and they should place these on the left and right of the Lotus Sutra. And if they are further able to do so, they fashion images of the ten directions' Buddha and the bodhisattva Universal Worthy, and others, or should write their names.

As for the rules to be followed in worship, a believer always either sit or should stand. Once believer leaves the place of religious practice, however, he is free to walk, stand still, sit, or lie down.

As a daily religious practice, one should chant the daimoku, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, aloud. Those persons who are able to do so should further read a verse or phrase of the Lotus Sutra. As assistance to this, if one wishes, one should use freely Shakyamuni Buddha, Many Treasures Buddha, the ten directions' Buddha, all the various bodhisattvas, the priests of Hinayana, celestial beings, the dragon deities and the eight kinds of non human beings.

If there is many foolish in this world, there is no need for believers to attempt at first to practice the meditation on the three thousand realms in a single moment of life, but if there are persons who wish to do so, they learn how to practice this type of meditation and should carry it out”.About Chanting the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra’.

Nichiren has declared establishing the sect at 32 years old, and he has spread out the "ascetic practices" which chant "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo" to become Buddha in the latter days of the Law, but, he should erect the Gohonzon of the latter days of the Law sometime. It is certain that he had been hiding it in a secret as far as we read the description of 'About chanting the daimoku of the Lotus Sutra'.

Then when should he evince it? Shakyamuni attained Buddhahood at 30 years old, and he collected disciples of the all members in the Eagle Peak after 42 years, and declared "I have not expressed the truth for forty years odd". It is said at the chapter of Ten Profits in the second of the Sutra of Innumerable Meanings which is the opening of the Lotus Sutra, and he preached Myoho- renge-kyo [Lotus Sutra] of the final teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha in the same Eagle Peak.

The object of worship, namely Gohonzon, is existence to become the chance for all creatures to open up one's Buddha-nature. That is why the all creatures respond to the Gohonzon and cannot open the Buddha-nature if Buddha's biosis was not breathed to there.

It was necessary the root Buddha himself to express the Gohonzon by a diagram while praying for all creatures to want attaining Buddhahood.

The Buddha preaches in the last of the life span chapter of the sixteenth in the Lotus Sutra,

“I am father of the world too. (Omission) I always think, what should I do when let all creatures enter the superlative road and let them become Buddha smoothly and quickly?”.

Purpose of 11 missives Nichiren had addressed to the vassals of the Shogunate and the priests of each denomination was that he would win in "the confrontation of a public place", and let the Shogunate stop an offering to a priest of the other religion, and let them take in the faiths of the Lotus Sutra. However, the true intention was to show to the current and future supporters, disciples and believers that he was the root Buddha in the latter days of the Law .
 This vows by Nichiren will be realized at the persecution of "Tatsunokuchi " [the mouths of the dragon] two years later.

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Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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24. The Wall of Kosen-ruhu 3

‘Letter to Ota Kingo’.

"I received the coins being linked together of five for the lecture of the Great Teacher Tientai. I had begun the lecture of the Great Teacher Tientai three or four years before, but this year is best creditable. This doctrine may spread or may not spread, but in the first place, it depends on the correctness or incorrectness of what I have predicted in my warning documents. Though I wrote to a number of persons last year there were no replies either positive or even negative…".

Japanese edition

Three people came back to the hall and prostrated themselves to Nichiren. Disciple Hokibo and others surrounded them.

Kingo expresses it regretfully.

“Is really too bad”.

Jonin was depressed, too.

“We caused such an uproar at an opportunity to speak the justice of the priest, and we are very sorry”.

Nichiren cheered them up, but his disappointment was obvious to everyone. He writes down a mind of this time in a letter to Ota Jomyo (Kingo) as follows.

“This doctrine may spread or may not spread, but in the first place, it depends on the correctness or incorrectness of what I have predicted in my warning documents. Though I wrote to a number of persons last year there were no replies either positive or even negative. But when I wrote to them in November of this year, some wrote back. For the most part, people's attitudes have softened and it seems they thought that perhaps what I have said may be true. Moreover, it is possible that the ruler also has read this writing. Since what I have said is so outrageous, I know that one of two punishments, either exile or death sentence, is absolutely certain, and hence I think it is strange that nothing has happened to me so far. The claim of Nichiren may be a best and ultimate reason. And surely the sutra prediction of the calamity of revolt either will prove correct.

I hear that the temple on Mount Hiei are experiencing turmoil greater than before anything. There may be deep reasons to have no time for it. Because China and Korai have already become adherents of the Zen and the Nembutsu sect, the gods to protect them have left from there, then they have been conquered by the Mongols and forced to submit. In our nation as well, because these erroneous doctrines have spread and people make light of and disregard the Tendai Lotus sect, the temple on Mount Hi’ei can enjoy neither peace nor security. Because it has become a nation where lay supporters turn against their teachers, it seems to me that it will be conquered without doubt.

I have been fortunate enough to be born as a human being and also have been able to avoid meeting a teacher of misleading doctrines. I have been exiled for the sake of the Lotus Sutra. The fact that I do not face the death sentence is unwillingness. Having anticipated that this sort of thing would no doubt occur, I have thus far strived and have written to a number of persons by strong words. Already I am nearly fifty. I cannot live long. Since in any case my body will in the end be abandoned aimlessly into the wilderness, I wish to give my life to the sole teachings of the Lotus Sutra, to follow in the footsteps of the Boy Snow Mountains and the bodhisattva Medicine King, and I wish that own name will be written into the Lotus and Nirvana sutras in the future just like the King Sen'yo and the King of Virtue. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Very truly yours.

November 28     Nichiren”.

                Letter to Ota Kingo’.

           Continued to4

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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24. The Wall of Kosen-ruhu 2

                Japanese edition

Kingo pressed them for an answer.

“The public says that one who knows symptoms is called saint. The Buddhist sutra says, the one who knows the past, present, and future is a saint. If have faiths to Lotus Sutra and priest Nichiren quickly, there are peace and security of Japan. How do you like it?”.

The accuser objected.

“Why do you trouble the Shogunate while serving the Shogunate? Though there may be an attack of Mongolia to this Japan, 'cut off the neck of the Buddhist priest of other religion, burn down a temple'. Nichiren makes noise in this way. Is this not the high crime?”.

Kingo answers powerfully.

“Dear me. I am surprised at your remark. In the first place, as for having foretold that a foreign enemy attacks nine years ago, our priest Nichiren alone had accomplished it. You should keep this fact in mind. In addition, the priest Nichiren never say 'cut off the neck of the Buddhist priest of other religion and burn down a temple'. On the contrary, it is a well-known fact that the priest Ryoukan, Doryu and Nen'a are making a false statement and a false charge to the Shogunate to entrap our sect. The prayer of our Nichiren sect is to not other and is only the peace of our country and the decline of the enemy country. However, if a priest slandering the Lotus Sutra as of now prays, all gods of justice will leave from Japan and the defeat of our country is inevitable!".

The judge was upset more.

(Oh, in this situation it becomes the confrontation in the public place of Nichiren sect and the other religion!).

The accuser did a face red-hot and argued against the Kingo side.

“We do not slander the Lotus Sutra. The person valuing the Lotus Sutra is not a little. However, why you attack the other sect so much?”.

Toki Jonin, the officer of governor Chiba, makes a ready answer. He had been preparing a question and answer of assumption beforehand diligently.

“This Japan is a country of the Lotus Sutra slander. People pray for Amida and make Zen meditation while saying that the Lotus Sutra is important. Though treasure a child, they neglect a parent and though think to be drug, they drink poison. Our priest Nichiren is anxious about this and appealed to each including lord Kamakura, but there is not the answering person. He naturally be invited and should give an opinion if it depends on the formulary of adjudications, why did the Shogunate perform a banishment of him without doing it? If think of the peace of this country; this should be called the fault of politics. The Mongolia extermination cannot come true except priest Nichiren. The prayer of the wicked religion destroys Japan early! Do you know that learned and virtuous priests who served the retired emperor in the era of Zhokyu pray for lord Kamakura extermination and were destroyed adversely?”.

The accuser said it boasting.

“The judge, their remark, did you hear? This is the real shape of the Nichiren's sect itself. They are people who deceive other person and slander the Shogunate!”.

The judge wiped the sweat off his face.

“You of three people, do those remarks not be the lie falsehood? Otherwise are you ready to write pledges?”.

Pledge is to take oath to all gods of Heaven and ground. Must commit suicide if betray this.

Ota Jomyo answers.

“Precisely. However, the situation where we either serve the Shogunate. There is not the slightest grudge to our master and colleague. We only wait the due consideration of the judge”.

The hall became quiet.

Three people including Kingo were convinced of victory.

To the contrary, the judge glances down and broods. He cannot give the verdict, as the judge.

They heard a voice to be excited outdoors while fell silent. The sound gradually grew big before long.

“Has anything happened?”.

There is a crowd in front of the gate of the court.

Retainers of both the defendant and the accuser were quarreling intensely. They each fought back with a sword.

The people who was in trial went outside.

Kingo who rushed there rebuked them.

“Give over! Stop it!”.

Jonin follows.

“Is the front of the court. Quarrel confusion is no-no!”.

Punishment of the bloodshed is the territory confiscation. It becomes a banishment if not having a land. In addition, was jailed if the person concerned of the blade wound was not a samurai.

At last both sides subsided.

The judge entered among them and has declared.

"Today's trial assumes it the cancellation!".

Kingo and others were amazed. Though the victory was near at hand, it became the unexpected situation.

The judge coolly swore.

“A debate of the Law of Buddha is outside the jurisdiction of the court. Should not judge. All of you. Away with you!”.

Three people including Kingo protested fiercely, but he does not accept. The victory near at hand has disappeared suddenly.

            Continued to 3

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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