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15. Nichiren Suffers the Difficulty of the Izu Exile. (5)

        Japanese edition

Tokiyori Hojo walked the corridor of the administrative office slowly. Shigetoki followed after him.

Tokiyori pulled up in front of a lattice window.

He saw a priest proceeding out horseback.

Shigetoki kneeled unwillingly.

Tokiyori ask like mutter.

“Where is the temple of the priest?”

"It is the escort of the criminal".

Tokiyori was slightly surprised.

"A criminal?".

"Certainly. It is person who is called Nichiren".

Nichiren, that is the name that I have ever heard."

Shigetoki says apologetically.

“He is the Buddhist priest who presented you a writing. That is called 'the Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings for the Safety of the Nation'. He says that Nembutsu falls into the hell of incessant sufferings, in that. This time we just started orders to supervise a Buddhist priest of the broken commandment and Buddhist priests of the negligence, in Kanto Province. Nichiren is that worst person”.

Tokiyori was remembering it slightly.

“If we are with no measures, was he the person who said something like prediction that there would be an internal revolt and the attack of other countries to Japan?".

"The crime to speak impossible things, and to confuse the Shogunate is heavier than capital punishment. Shigetoki owes the responsibility of this measures to myself. How's that?".

Tokiyori begins to walk as if nothing had happened.

Shigetoki thought that he had obtained consent of Tokiyori, and grinned.

People put hands together at the gate of the Hachiman shrine. The horse surrounded by the soldiers goes there.

Jonin and disciples snuggled up to Nichiren who rode a horse and they advanced.

Curious spectators made noise on the street.

“He is a priest of which temple?”.

"Don't you know? That is a bonze called Nichiren.

“You know. The guy who chants Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and Nam-myoho-renge-kyo aloud".

"Is the Buddhist priest banishment to an island in Izu?".

“He defied lord Kamakura. It serves you right”.

The crowd boos Nichiren who rode a horse freely.

"This is the punishment that you said that the person of chanting Nembutsu fell into the hell! As you sow, so shall you reap!”.

“It was fortunate for you that you not be executed!”.

Booing broke out from the curious spectators who surrounded the road one after another. Furthermore, a voice is sprinkled to Nichiren who rode a horse from a samurai knowing the circumstances.

"Priest Nichiren, when does the war happen?".

A crowd bursts into laughter.

“Please teach which country attacks us”.

The crowd follows that voice and laughs loudly more.

There were the women who had tears in eyes among them. It is Nichigennyo and Nichimyo. Two women put hands together to Nichiren quietly apart from a crowd. Nichigennyo rushed hearing news with Shijo Kingo of the husband.

Kingo met Toki Jonin by chance and asked him strictly.

"What's been going on?".

“Was hasty. I did not make a holy priest come to Kamakura if we could take a guess of this!”.

Two people champed with anger.

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Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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15. Nichiren Suffers the Difficulty of the Izu Exile. (4)

            Japanese edition

The party of Nichiren went through the sunken road of Asahina on May 12 in 1261 and entered Kamakura.

It is said that there were seven sunken roads in Kamakura. This is the road which dug the mountain and was constructed because three directions of Kamakura are surrounded on the mountain, and people and horse were able togo along.

With Nichiren in the lead, the group of the disciples goes ahead through the Wakamiya thoroughfare.

The people were surprised equally.

“He is probably Nichiren of Lotus sect!”.

Everybody was surprised that Nichiren was living.

“I wish a fuss should not happen again, for having been able to come back to Kamakura”.

Women stared at Nichiren in uneasy mind.

The robust armoured warriors protected the gate in the administrative office.

Nichiren looks up at the gate and enters.

There was a large garden in the grand building. There is nobody. A samurai of the guard only stood.

The official led and guided Nichiren.

Only one piece of poor straw mat is spreading in the garden. This is regarding Nichiren as a criminal. But Nichiren does not change an expression at all to think that an anticipated thing came perhaps.

The official pointed to the straw mat.


Nichiren sat down slowly and crossed his legs for sitting with crossed legs namely the full-lotus position.

Three government officials came out. And they looked down at Nichiren of the straw mat.

“We bring in you a verdict of guilty as Izu exile”.

It is a hasty judgment.

Nichiren watched straight a government official.

The government official reads a matter-of-factly following sentences aloud.

“You assumed the Lotus Sutra the foremost, and Nembutsu is the worst hell, and, as for the Zen Buddhism, the behavior of the evil spirit and the crime that you slandered are not shallow. In addition, you quarreled in various places of Kamakura, and the guilty proofs that let the Buddhist priest of each incommode are clear. Besides, you did committing incendiarism in Matsuba Valley of Kamakura last year, it is clear from many witnesses to have confounded the world. Although capital punishment and decapitation are fair for such many serious offenses, there will be the blame of god Hachiman if we kill the people wearing the clothes of the priest at random. Thus, we command deportation to Izu island”.

The government official was going to stand up immediately when he declared the ruling, but Nichiren stopped it.
 "Wait! It is not getting to the bottom of a matter about the cause of the crime. Is it not the top priority to do you command the priests of each sect and gather them, and to determine right or wrong? Otherwise it is far from the right principles of the politics. The rules of the Formulary of Adjudications are...".
 The officials have left as if cannot hear it.

Two samurais approached instead. Two people have icy stares together like as watching a criminal.

Jonin and disciples had been waiting outside.

Everybody wore troubled expressions on their face.

Nichiren who rode a horse before long appeared. He has a contorted facial expression.

While Nichiren was surrounded by samurais, he passed.

Jonin watched these samurai and muttered.

"They may be the officials in charge of the criminals".

Nichiro almost cries and runs.

"The priest received a peremptory deportation decree to Izu island!".

"What, does priest Nichiren be exile?".

Jonin who is usually gentle shouts without even thinking.

Nichiren is ridden on a horse and passes their very front.

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Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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15. Nichiren Suffers the Difficulty of the Izu Exile. (3)

            Japanese edition

A few days later, three unknown samurais came suddenly in the residence of Toki Jonin.

Three mounted samurais came to house of Jonin.

Is there anybody?”.

Kyoninbo kneeled at the entrance and received it.

“This is a residence of Toki Jonin of the officer of the Shimousa country military governor, would you like to ask us anything?”.

"Is there bonze Nichiren here?".

Because the identity of the other party is unidentified for Kyoninbo of the leader of disciple, he answers carefully.

“The saint Nichiren stay here certainly, what shall I do for you?”.

"We are the messenger from Kamakura. Show us into the parlor”.

Nichiren who heard this entered the parlor alone and put hands together towards a higher seat.

Three people of the messenger enter the room without hesitation and sit down on center and right and left of the higher side of alcove.

Then, they pause a little, and the servant of the Toki house puts tea and a fruit up the low dining table and holds it out before a messenger respectfully.

The messenger who was thought to be the boss sitting midmost of the higher seat asked towards Nichiren as soon as they glanced at a carried low dining table.

"Are you the bonze Nichiren?".

The messengers are arrogant under the authority of Shogunate to the last.

“Sure enough, I am Nichiren”.

The messenger sitting down in right and left takes out paper from a breast and takes notes of the conversation of two people.

 “This command is news that you should come to Kamakura. The place is Shogunate government office in Kamakura. Did you understand it?”.

“I have received your order. Well, when?”.


“What kind of matter is it?”.

“The matter is not within the scope of us. Be sure to come”.

Messengers left without attaching a hand to the low dining table as soon as they finished a duty.

Jonin and disciples who waited in another room entered the parlor with a rush.

Nisso asks immediately.

"Priest, are they messengers from lord Tokiyori?".

They look like it for some reason”.

When Nichiren answered so, he faced Jonin.

"Lord Jonin, thank you for everything. I will depart tomorrow to Kamakura".

All members became tense.

Nichiro says with uneasy mind.

"Priest, is not it problem that should think well? Kamakura is still dangerous. Is it not a running into the tiger's jaws to go out now for the purpose while not knowing how lord Tokiyori treats the priest? The mate of Nembutsu may attack us again".

Daishinbo who was in a good humor stopped him.

“Nichiro, the worry is useless. The messengers took the trouble to come here from Kamakura. The prayer of the priest was answered. I will accompany the priest. Must follow if thou are worry that much”.

Nichiren chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo aloud towards the moon which had begun to rise.

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15. Nichiren Suffers the Difficulty of the Izu Exile (2)

              Japanese edition

Hokibo carried a hot water to the wooden cup. Nichiren gulped down it as if he had waited impatiently.

Jonin of the head of the family entered there.

Nichiren was smiling.

“Lord Jonin,I really appreciate all of your help”.

Jonin adjusted clothes and sat straight before Nichiren with excruciating politeness.

“I am sorry to have given me such august words. My kinsman, co-worker was converted into our sect by the sermon of the priest, and I made friends of Law. I am most grateful. By the way, it is presumptuous, but I have one thought”.

"Hum, is it about the propagation?".

"Yes. How do you think about that you base on the place of this Shimousa from now on? The enemy is not here unlike Kamakura, and Lord Chiba of the military governor is the influental vassal in the Shogunate. Even if Hojo clan, they do not dabble carelessly. In addition, the hometown of the priest is near, too. The delicious food collected from the sea and mountain, these are superior unlike others. How do you like it?".
 Nichiren answers.
 "Thank you for your kindness. But this Nichiren intends to spread Law to the last at Kamakura of the center of the power politics of Japan. Kamakura is the capital of this Japan. It is the place where a Japanese ruler resides. I want to spread Law until the ruler keeps the Lotus Sutra".
 “The movement of the Shogunate do not be known at all after the priest had a talk to lord Saimyoji the other day. I wonder what has become of the Shogunate about 'the Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings for the Safety of the Nation’. Did lay priest Saimyoji see it? I felt my way in various ways, but it was no use".

Nichiren answered after he included mouthful hot water.

“Because there are Lord Daigaku Sabro of the official Confucianist or Lord Yadoya of the Shogunate chief vassal, he must be told an important thing, even if lord Saimyoji does not look at it. In addition, people around must have been amazed. If lord Saimyoji is a wise man, he should understand it by all means”.

Jonin mutters in mind.

(What kind of difficulty befalls the priest if Saimyoji is foolish?).

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Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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15. Nichiren Suffers the Difficulty of the Izu Exile

           Japanese edition

Shimousa is the area around present North Chiba. There was a rural scene spreading out unlike now.

Sunset dyed a hall of Toki Jonin.

Nichiren became age 40.

He declared establishing the sect in Seichoji Temple of the hometown, and eight years pass. How time flies. Nichiren watched the sun which was going to sink into the edge of a mountain while meditating.

Disciples copy a scroll of sutras with a writing brush in the neighbor room. In addition, the boy of bonze drew water and got ready for the dinner with a servant of Toki. There was either the disciples who argued about the doctrine of Buddhism.

Nichiren pushed forward propagation energetically in the land of this Shimousa. It is the territory of Toki Jonin, and there are many samurais of the relationship in Shimousa, too.

Nichiren began to preach a sermon of 100 times in 100 days at once, in the hall of Jonin. Jonin invited acquaintances to this sermon. Ota Jomyo, Soya Kyoshin of the vassal of lord Chiba, and Akimoto Taro who is the Shogunate vassal of the kinsman of Toki Jonin were converted into Nichiren sect by an opportunity of these 'Preaching a sermon of 100 times in 100 days'.

Ota Jomyo is an official of the Shogunate in the high court. It is said that he was of the same age as Nichiren. He lived in Katsushika county Yawata Nakayamago of the Shimousa country and protected Nichiren around Shimosa-Nakayama with Toki Jonin, Soya Kyoshin, Kinbara Hokyo.

The grandfather of Ota Jomyo is said to have given Ota family name from his child Yasutsura Miyoshi in Yasunobu Miyoshi of the first butler of the high court. Jomyo was a child of Yasutsura, they were government officials of the High Court successively through three generations.
 On the other hand, because Soya lived in Shimousa country Katsushika county Soya, he called himself Soya Kyoshin. Kyoshin was 2 years old younger than Nichiren and was born as the eldest son of Ono Masakiyo of the landowner of Kokubu village Soya, in 1224. Soya had feudal tenure in north Shin’etsu (Nagano and Niigata), and it is said that he was considerably rich. The filial duty of Soya is famous. It is said that he read the poetic verse of Zhi-Ga of the Lotus Sutra every morning for 13 years from a day of the death of father.
 In addition, Taro Akimoto "was decided as a disciple because I heard sermon of Nichiren of this time ," he writes the letter so to Nichiren, and Nichiren writes it down by 'the letter to Akimoto' as follows.
 "I have read your letter in detail.
 You wrote. 'I thought what kind of Law I must spread for 500 years of the beginning at the latter days of the Law, but I accepted the telling of the saint, and had heard that only the title of the Lotus Sutra must spread and was decided to become the one person of the disciples. About the Five Festivals particularly what do these express, what should we worship, and what kind of origin are these?'".

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Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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14. To the Nation Remonstrate, and the Persecution of Matsuba Valley (7)

              Japanese edition

The loud laughter is heard in the residence of Gokurakuji Temple in Kamakura.

A handsome priest carried liquor.

Including Shigetoki Hojou, the Buddhist priest of the black robe surrounded Ryokan of the master there.

Shigetoki has a cup in a hand and is very in a good mood.

“Great for you. The chief bonze, Ryōkan. Prayer of today would reach to Heaven. The family of the shogunate, lord Kamakura are joying too.

Ryōkan is nonchalant.

“There was a proposal to teach the method that an administrator of the Hachiman Shrine brought rain some time ago to me”.

“How remarkably well, is wonderful. Please teach this Shigetoki too”.

Ryōkan is modest.

“No, it may be that the gods of Heaven put me under pity because I slightly did Law of Buddha. This either is power of Lord Shigetoki who built this excellent temple".

"That is worthy of priest Ryokan. Even if accomplished such skill, you are modest to the last. This is the thing which we should tell other priests of Kamakura. I wanted to show Nichiren it particularly”.

“Is it the Buddhist priest who was in the Matsuba Valley? My many believers are converting to Nichiren”.

“He was cursed with cause and effect, is missing by that fire. The rumor that he was burnt to death. Oh, the deed comes back upon the doer”.

While laughs, Shigetoki continues.

“However, he was the Buddhist priest who said a joke. Nembutsu believers fall into the hell, or Japan would receive an internal insurrection and the attack of other countries if we continued as is, he said. Apart from an internal insurrection, Japan is surrounded by the retaining wall of nature called the sea. Although ten or 100 people may be possible, how would one carry food with a soldier of several thousand tens of thousands from the continent across sea? Therefore, since the founding of a country, Japan has not received the attack of other countries. He is a funny Buddhist priest not able to understand such a thing”.

However, Ryōkan was suspicious unlike Shigetoki.

“But there is a lot still the believer of Nichiren in Kamakura. Please continue to remain vigilant”.

“There is nothing to worry about. A person like bonze Ryokan would be not afraid of only one Buddhist priest. Nichiren has disappeared. The believers either become extinct naturally”.

Ryōkan assumed a grave look.

“Lord Shigetoki. Actually, there is a rumor that Nichiren is in Shimousa now”.

The cup of Shigetoki stopped.

“What, in Shimousa. The military governor is Chiba Yoritane”.

Ryōkan nodded.

“Rumor has it that he is spreading it very much. The nondescript is weird things, for this Ryokan. I think whether making the first move so that a serious situation does not occur is advisable”.

Ryōkan is 45 years old at this time. He was 6 years old older than Nichiren. It was the age that has matured and mellowed, but he wants to nip off the buds of the anxiety early.

“Priest Ryokan, I understood. I'll take care of that”.

Shigetoki drank up the liquor of the cup at a stretch when he said in this way.

Continued to the ‘Nichiren Suffers the Difficulty of the Izu Exile’.

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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14. To the Nation Remonstrate, and the Persecution of Matsuba Valley (6)

              Japanese edition

The morning sun shined on the mountain pass.

The voice of the cicada is noisy in the mountains.

With Joninin the lead, a party of Nichiren advances and is drenched with sweat.

The rumor that Nichiren was burnt to death spread in Kamakura. Should leave before it is too late. If people of Nembutsu know his safety, it is definitely dangerous this time.

They overlooked Kamakura from the mountain pass.

Disciples wipe sweat dripping to a brow.

Nichiren made Kamakura a back and left for Shimousa.

Strong sunlight attacked them in the country road to Shimousa.

The fields are drying up.

Farmers plow by a hoe, but the soil does not have a response like sand at all.

They were tearing their hair out over seeing the seedling which died.

A drought began in the farm.

 The party of Nichiren goes the road while being careful of neighboring people. A pursuer might come. All members are bathed in sweat.

Daisinbo,one of the disciples, groaned.

“Will you not give me some water to drink?”.

Kyoninbo of the senior disciple blocked him.

“The water is precious. Hold out”.

They walked silently.

Kamakura either was under the blazing sun.

The sun of the midsummer glared down relentlessly.

Women bathed in sweat are going to draw water from a well in the town, but nothing remains even if they take down a pail deeply.

“The well has run dry too”.

Women were discouraged.

“This is beyond hope too, isn't it? I wish it would rain”.

“Nothing is good, is it? Only dead people go on increasing”.

“Did you hear? Prayer of praying for rain seems to being done by the priest Ryokan of Gokurakuji Temple”.

“With an order of lord Kamakura.

"But tell me. You shouldn't get your hopes up. That Buddhist priest does various things. He makes a road and cures a sick person. But is not it difficult raining by him?”.

“Seems to be good at the money-making, too. His paunch. Seems to eat a lot of delicacies”.

All members laughed, but they turned into a sigh immediately.

In the precincts of Gokurakuji Temple, people and samurais crowded.

The sun is glaring here too.The crowd was already sweaty.

Priest Ryokan came up and sat straight in the center of the temple grounds.

The estrade of the prayer is provided, and the statue of Amida is put there.

The golden bowl which water was poured into was put.

The priests of the black robe line up behind Ryokan. They sat straight to a plank spread on the temple grounds.

Priest Ryokan puts hands together and says grace to the statue.

“Nam-Amidabutsu, Nam-Amidabutsu…”

The other priests either chanted it in chorus. And the crowd prays, too.

Priest Ryokan sprinkled the water of the bowl to the statue in the middle of prayer.

A thunderhead swelled up in the azure sky at this time, and the sky darkened.

And sudden thunder sounded.

A crowd cheers with a rush.

One drop of rainwater declined to a robe of Rhyokan.

It rained gently in Kamakura before long.

A crowd exulted, and a voice of the admiration echoed.

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Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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14. To the Nation Remonstrate, and the Persecution of Matsuba Valley (5)

               Japanese edition

The voice of the crowd sounded.

“Nichiren escaped!”.

The crowd of Nembutsu chases Nichiren.

The Buddhist priest of black robe leads them and runs after him with a long-handled sword. The fire of the torch runs to darkness.

One samurai stood in front of the party of Nichiren who was running. It was Shijo Kingo who has appeared from the dark.

Nichiren was relieved.

"Oh, sir, Lord Kingo".

"Priest, follow me".

Kingo guided to the small road which descended to the valley.

“A thousand thanks!”.

The crowds bore down upon there.

Kingo shuts it out and opens both hands.


The crowd was at a high pitch of excitement.

"Who are you? Are you a conspirator of Nichiren?”.

Kingo shouts out.

“I do not know what there was, but what is it to attack only several people in great numbers? There is a priest there. He is a Buddhist priest of wherever? What is the Buddhist priest who should forbid killing doing?”.

The Buddhist priest of black robe shrank, but supporters rebuked Kingo instead.

“Shut up! We will exterminate the enemy of Nembutsu. Get out of our way!”.

A crowd threatened Kingo by a torch, but he drew his sword quickly, and cut a torch. The torch was cut and floated in the air, and sparks spread on crowds.

A crowd screams. Kingo saw it and escaped by this chance.

The party of Nichiren lay hidden in the small cave of the foot of a mountain.

There is a hurt disciple.

Nichiren dropped a voice and encouraged them.

“Is the body all right? Is there not the injury? Everybody succeeded in escaping well!”.

In Nichiro, a face looked pale, and a quiver did not stop. Hokbo rushed and hooked his arm over Nichiro's shoulder.

Heard a crowd howling in the distance.

Then, they heard footsteps that somebody approached to here.

Who is he? Disciples strain their ears.

Nichiren was prepared for it. Sanmibo drops his head.

But the person of footsteps was not an enemy. Jonin Toki was searching for Nichiren under moonlight.

Jonin whispers it in a low voice.

Priest, priest”.

Eyes of Nichiren shined.

“That voice is Lord Toki”.

Nichiren met again to Jonin Toki, at the entrance of cave.

Jonin confirmed the safety of Nichiren and was finally relieved.

“I am glad that you are safe. I am ready to go with you”.

“Where to?”.

“If the priest was in Kamakura, it is dangerous. Let's evacuate to my residence of Shimousa for the time being”.

Nichiren put hands together unintentionally.

“I am very much obliged to you”.

Shijo Kingo ran out of breath and rushed to there.

Nichiren spoke to Kingo.

“You were good come through! Lord Kingo is really admirable”.

Jonin tells it to Shijo Kingo.

“Lord Kingo, the priest leaves from Kamakura with us, we evacuate to Shimousa temporarily”.

“It is a happy idea. Leave Kamakura to me. I'm depending on you for the priest. Now then, quick!”.

They left Kingo and left under cover of darkness.

Nichiren looked back and looked back and watched Kingo. Kingo stepped strongly with both legs and saw them off grandly.

Kingo supposed at this time that the believers of the Lotus sutra would fall into much difficulty in the future. At the same time, he made up his mind to protect teacher Nichiren of the mind even at the risk of life throughout the life firmly.

           Continued to (6)

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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14. To the Nation Remonstrate, and the Persecution of Matsuba Valley (4)

       Japanese edition


From Biography of Nichiren Daishonin

It was a quiet night. That was August 27, 1260 when approximately one month passed after he gives 'The Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings for the Safety of the Nation'.

The approximately 100 crowds who were led by a Nembutsu priest of black clothes gathered in the open air without a sound and surrounded the thatched hut of the Matsuba Valley.

The faces are lighted up by the torch, and, in darkness, only eyes shine glaringly. They raised the torch which they held in a hand before long and set fire to the thatched hut of Nichiren.

It snapped as it burned in a moment. The reaction of the treatise revealed the worst result.

When Nichiren woke to an outside sound to be excited, a bedroom had been wrapped in gray smoke.

“Get up, everybody, there is a fire!”.

Disciples stood up in a hurry and were going to go out, but they were astonished that a crowd blocked them.

A crowd yell equally.

“The enemy of Nembutsu. Murder him!”.

Disciples pushed their way through the crowd and intended to secure the road of retreat of Nichiren desperately.

Nichiren was at a loss among smoke around.

Hokibo led Nichiren by the hand at this time.

“Over here, priest!”.

Hokibo goes to the back entrance. Disciples followed.

The crowd of Nembutsu cheered to the flame which blazed. The house is wrapped in flame and is burnt and falls apart.

The two masked samurais stood behind the people of Nembutsu.

The town official rushed here.

“What's going on here? The arson is a grave offense that deserves a form of capital punishment in Kamakura. I will capture you. You are my prisoner!”.

The crowd who surrounded a thatched hut panicked like scattering sparks literally and ran away.

When force of the fire calmed down, a fire brigade began to break the thatched hut of Nichiren.

Two masked samurais stare at this scene distant. They were parent and child of Shigetoki Hojo and Nagatoki.

Nagatoki is working as the regent now. Shigetoki of father was called Gokurakuji who was wealthy supporters of the temple of Gokurakuji Ryokan.

Nichiren was an enemy of Nembutsu for Shigetoki and was an enemy of Ryokan.

Nichiren comments on Shigetoki Hojou in a letter addressed to Munenaga of the younger brother of Ikegami brothers as follows later.

“Lord Gokurakuji was a respectable person. However, he himself and his clan became extinct because he was tempted by people such as Nembutsu and bore a grudge against Nichiren”. ‘Letter to Munenaga Ikegami’.

       Continued to (4)

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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2018年 04月 30日

14. To the Nation Remonstrate, and the Persecution of Matsuba Valley.(3)

    Japanese edition

Moonlight lighted up the small hermitage of Nichiren.

The disciples were fast asleep.

Nichiren slept a comfortable sleep temporarily for the sense of accomplishment that accomplished the protest to a ruler.

There was not yet the reaction of the 'Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings for the Safety of the Nation'.

Had Tokiyori Hojo read my treatise? There are no notices.

Nichiren thinks in bed.

If Tokiyori was a benevolent lord, there is something surely. He must answer with persecution if foolish.

“Rationale will win in the times of wise King. The unjust precedes the times of the foolish ruler. Understand the true doctrines of the Lotus Sutra appear in the times of the saint”. ’On the opening of the eyes’.

Was Nichiren able to really meet Tokiyori Hojo? Nichiren writes down in "the writings which interviewed the deceased Saimyoji Nyudo" which were jotted down in 1269 in this way.Because the [Zen] Buddhism temples intended to let people abandon the faiths of old temples [Lotus Sutra temples such as Enryakuji Temple] all together in Japan, I told the deceased Saimyoji Nyudo about this at the time of interview with the reason that it was the fault of the evil spirit. Furthermore, he wrote it in 'About having to say a doctrine" in December 1270 either. “I said to the deceased Saimyoji Nyudo. ‘The Zen Buddhism is an act of the evil spirit’. I told this by the treatise of protest later and informed him”.

Nichiren strengthened blame and wrote it particularly in the treatise for Nembutsu which spread among the common people in four sects of "Ritsu, Nembutsu, Zen, Shingon", but Zen Buddhism was believed among samurais generally. Therefore, blame for the Zen Buddhism is thought to have spoken frankly daringly when he met Tokiyori of the leader of the samurai.

The persons that Nichiren made an effort for an interview of Tokiyori are thought to be Mitsunori Yadoya who passed on the treatize to Tokiyori from Nichiren as the commissioner of Shrines and temples, and Daigaku Saburo who was Shogunate official of Confucianist converted to Nichiren immediately after founded the sect. When Nichiren gives to the deceased Saimyoji Nyudo the treatise, he is said to have shown it beforehand to Daigaku Saburo. In addition, Mitsunori Yadoya will be converted to Nichiren from the magical opportunity of the presentation of the treatise.

In any case Nichiren achieved responsibility as a votary of the Lotus Sutra, and the feeling of satisfaction that accomplished the caveat to the nation was deep.

It is said that the person who does not tell a ruler it while one knows the disobeying to teachings falls into the dungeon of the hell of incessant sufferings with a bad person.

However, the result of the warning to nation became, 'the unjust precedes the times of the foolish ruler'.

In addition, the populace of Kamakura becomes like this later as follows in "Letter to the lay priest Nakaoki" which Nichiren wrote down.

“At first, when I alone chanted the daimoku, those who saw me, run across me, or heard me covered their ears, glared at me with furious eyes, contorted their mouths, clenched their fists, and ground their teeth. Even my parents, brothers, teachers, and friends became my enemies. Then the land steward and the lord of the manor where I was residing turned against me. The whole country made a fuss later, and all the people were surprised after”.

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