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2019年 01月 14日

30. Tatsunokuchi Persecution. 3

  Japanese edition

The sun was slowly sinking in the west.

Shijo Kingo crossed his arms, standing perfectly motionless, for caution at the entrance of the hall of Nichiren and looked around.

He understood that serious situation in the Nichiren sect now. As Yadoya said, he knew that danger approached him.

But he intended that he did not part from Nichiren. No, he could not part since rather he contacted with Nichiren. He saw Nichiren in his own eyes and felt his deep affection. His feeling to respect the priest Nichiren became strong day by day. This feeling was far superior to the weakness of will that run away from the great calamity approaching very near.

Kingo did not understand Law of Buddha deeply. The will to seek the truth of Law that was unfathomed of the Lotus Sutra was not strong. But he loved a great man called Nichiren who was never daunted to an oppression of the Kamakura Shogunate that even frighten naughty children. He could not part since he heard sermon at the small thatched hut so as not to be able to compare with the present hall of the Kamakura Matsuba Valley 15 years ago. He vowed that he accompanied with Nichiren incessantly.

It was dusk before long and as Kingo felt temporarily relief, he entered the residence and said hello.

“There seems to be nothing today. I shall say good-bye. If there is any move, please tell me promptly because I rush here”.

Nichiren sat straight and lowered his head.

“Lord Kingo, you are a government official and not free. I am sorry to trouble you so often. Apart from it, I have something I need to talk to you about.

Kingo mended his collar.

Nichiren stared at dear Kingo.

“You had dedicated yourself to me well so far. Nichiren is glad. By the way, please make sure of happening in the future with eyes of Lord Kingo well. You will become the witness. Is it good? This is a promise”.

Nichiren gave hands of Kingo a warm clasp.

Kingo cannot answer under tension, for every request of unprecedented Nichiren.

However, Kingo wondered at the same time. What does a witness imply? What is happening in the future? Kingo was not able to understand all that.

September of the lunar calendar is October in modern time. Autumn has come. The fallen leaves are rustling in the wind.

Nichiren began a lecture to disciples. The scroll of Vol. 5 of the Lotus Sutra is put to the desk for reading it before Nichiren.

“The chapter of 'the recommending having' of the fifth in the Lotus Sutra says, ‘The persons of various ignorance will speak ill and they slander, they use swords and sticks’. According to this text of the sutra, the person spreading the Lotus Sutra in the cruel world of the latter days of the Law will be spoken ill, and there is the persecution of a sword and a stick. This is what I always talked to all of you until now. Nichiren is not a saint. But I resemble a saint if I receive and hold the text of the Lotus Sutra and act. What I had said so far did not have the mistake. You must not doubt me whatever happens to me in the future”.

Nichiren talks like his last.

Hokibo and Nichirou opened their eyes so widely they tear at the corners and two people continued to look at the Nichiren's face.

Nichiren continues the lecture of the Lotus Sutra nakedly.

“The chapter of 'the master of the Law' says, 'In other words, I will send the person of the incarnation and I will let them have to guard him'. The chapter of 'comfortable act' says, 'The various great youths of the heavens will serve him. He does not be attacked by a sword and a stick and will not be harmed by poison'. Also, it says, ‘Besides, all heavens will always guard him for the sake of Law night and day’. The chapter of Kannon bodhisattva states, 'Or when he will encounter the pain of the persecution caused by a king, he is punished, and his life is going to be over, however, if he prays for power of Kannon, king's sword will break to pieces at the same time'. I will encounter great persecution. The happening of this text of the sutra will happen for a messenger of Buddha by all means. All of you should understand by this whether Nichiren is votary of the Lotus Sutra or not”.

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30. Tatsunokuchi Persecution. 2

  Japanese edition

Yadoya Nyudo Mitsunori of the Shogunate chief vassal came in just after believers had left.

He is old acquaintance of Nichiren. He was the person who passed on 'the treatise of establishing the correct teachings for the safety of the nation' to Tokiyori Hojo. Yadoya was pressing Nichiren for adjustment after the problem had happened in the court.

Yadoya sits straight with the clothes like the government official. His story got to the point immediately.

“Will you not do me a favor? It is time of a life-or-death crisis for priest Nichiren and believers now. The shogunate government is admitting the faiths of the Lotus Sutra. We are only saying that you should stop showing disapproval to the other religion. If you do not blame them, you could receive satisfactory patronage of Shogunate. Would you not understand it?”.

I can't agree with you”.


Yadoya cannot understand Nichiren. Nichiren insists that it is disobeying Buddha's teachings to consider Lotus Sutra and other sutras equal.

“The people today appear to believe in the Lotus Sutra, but in fact they do not really believe in the Lotus Sutra. The reason is this: When someone assures them that the Lotus Sutra is the same as the Dainichi Sutra, or that it is the same as the Kegon Sutra or the Amida Sutra, they are pleased and place their faith in this person. If someone tells them that the Lotus Sutra is completely different from all the other sutras, they will not listen to him, or even if they should listen, they would not think that the person was really speaking the truth”. Part 1 of Liberation from Blindness’.

Only the Lotus Sutra is the sutra of becoming Buddha, and other sutras cannot become Buddha, to the contrary, the other sutras fall into the evil courses.

The people do not understand this logic and reason. Nichiren said 'Cut off the necks of Ryoukan and Doryu and burn down Gokurakuji and Kenchoji Temple!'. These were to awaking people ignorant about Law of Buddha.

He showed abnormal calm, like it is what he expected far from being upset, even if he receives the situation that Lotus sect is going to collapse in this way.

"Lord Yadoya, I greatly appreciate your kindness. However, I cannot receive the proposal”.

A color of the disappointment was reflected on most of disciples and believers vividly on then. Nichiren advances by himself and is going to receive great persecution voluntarily. There was the person who criticized such Nichiren with eyes plainly.

“It is Nembutsu and Zen Buddhism that have caused a misfortune of Japan or a national crisis of Mongolia. There will be not the peace and security of Japan unless all of you punish them”.

Yadoya confided terrible movement of the Shogunate on then.

“I am shogun's retainers, but I respect the priest Nichiren. In addition, I prayed so that lord Tokimune understood the priest. However, the situation had changed completely in court of the day before yesterday. The samurai group including Heino Saemonnojo decided a policy to arrest people of Nichiren sect all together”.

Disciples and believers further shocked.

“It is not a dishonest threat. They are saying, 'Put the disciples in jails, as for the samurai, confiscate their territory. As for believer, banish them from Kamakura, and, as for the priest, cut off his neck"'.

Nobody of disciple and believer present there uttered a voice. No, everybody had lost a voice for an excessive shock.

Presently, frank Kingo hit anger on Yadoya.

“Lord Yadoya, do not say impolite remarks! You used abusive language towards the priest. I either am serving the Shogunate. I will let nobody touch to our priest!”.

Nichiren curbed Kingo and said.

“Lord Yadoya, I am preparing for it from the start. Many thanks for your advice. But I intend to tell it to lord Kamakura even if it costs my life. I cannot withdraw. I must ask you to leave”.

Though Yadoya was able to expect compromise, this is an unexpected result.

“Is it useless even if I speak with you further? How regrettable. Probably the priest like you will become the great teacher leading a country, but".

Yadoya left so that he regretted it while looking back.

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30. Tatsunokuchi Persecution. 1

  Japanese edition

The believers were full of uneasiness about the future of Nichiren.

It is said that Nichiren saint was summoned to appear in the court. Possibly he is arrested and may become the dead. Furthermore, the Lotus sutra believers may be oppressed. Only a rumor proceeded. They had the terror that might be attacked any time.

Nichiren came home.

“I made all of you worry”.

Shijo Kingo sat forward.

“Our priest, please move out of Kamakura as soon as possible. Soldiers are gathering in the military headquarters. A rumor to catch the priest is spreading. Please be waiting in the safe place till the storm blows over”.

"No, I cannot do that".

All members were surprised. Jonin sat forward too.

“Why? If our priest is arrested, a large number of people of Lotus sutra are destroyed”.

Nichiren was calming down.

“Endure it. It is time when the faiths of the Nichiren sect are tested now”.

Many believers stood up then and I turned my back on Nichiren and left one after another. They noticed that a situation was in danger. It was other people's affairs until yesterday, but now danger is going to fall on them. Even the person who declared the unyielding oath turned away fearfully.

Kingo is surprised.

“Wait! Where do all of you go to? Now, it is crucial moments!”.

Jonin either stopped them.

“Wait and where will you go?”.

Later, Nichiren spells sentiment of this time.

“Although I and my disciples may encounter various persecution, we will reach the world of Buddha in accordance with nature, as long as we will not doubt in mind. Do not doubt even if the heavens do not protect you. Do not be discouraged even if you are not peace now. Though I have taught this to my disciple day and night, all of them raise doubts, had abandoned their faiths. Foolish people forget what they have promised when the crucial moment had come. You feel pity for your wife and child and grieve at the thought of parting from them in this life. In countless births throughout many long kalpas you have had wife and child but parted from them in every existence. Did you part from them unwillingly? Or did you part to achieve Buddhahood? These are same parting. If is so, you remain faithful to your faiths of the Lotus Sutra and make your way to Eagle Peak and rather should lead your wife and child”. ‘Liberation from Blindness. Part2’.

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29. Warning to Yoritsuna Tirano. 5

  Japanese edition

Though Nichiren received booing, he felt to them sympathy when he thought of their end and he worked for strenuous persuasion.

He sends following letter 'Letter about the Day Before Yesterday' to Yoritsuna and attaches 'The treatise of establishing the correct teachings for safety of the nation' to this letter, at the time of the monkey (from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) in the day after next when Nichiren met him in the court of justice.

Nichiren did not avoid that he himself would become an offender. Only hoped that Tokimune of the Japanese king believed in the Lotus Sutra. Therefore, he hung outside chance to Yoritsuna of the aide.

“I was very pleased to have an opportunity to meet with you the day before yesterday.

There are people alive in this world and will there be the person who does not think of the next world among them? The reason for the Buddha's advent in this world was to devote himself to rescuing living beings.

Ever since I became a priest, I have studied the various doctrines of Buddhism. I have already understood the true intention of Buddha's incarnations and have obtained the summary which I could release from the sufferings of birth and death. That summary is very Myoho-renge-kyo.

Reverence for sole teachings has brought prosperity to the three countries [ India, China, and Japan]. Who can doubt a fact that is so simple before the eyes? And yet, because people have turned their backs on the correct path and followed the erroneous road, the sages have abandoned the nation, therefore, the gods of justice get angry, the seven disasters occur one after another and the four seas do not be calm.

In our present days, all submit to the authority of the Shogunate and everyone gives high esteem to military virtues. And I myself was born in this land, why can I not worry about the fate of the country? Therefore, I wrote 'The treatise of establishing the correct teachings for the safety of the nation', and I offered it to the lay priest Saimyoji of the deceased through the lay priest Yadoya.

In recent times, the barbarians of dog have raised a clamor, the foreign enemies have designs on our country. The predictions that I made years ago had come true recently. T'ai-kung Wang undertook to invade the Yin realm because West Earl had treated him with due courtesy, and Chang Liang weighed how to overthrow the Ch'in dynasty because he was moved by the sincerity of the king of Han. These men both grasped the situation of times and gained a honor. Within a narrow tent they were the people who were able to devise strategies that assured victory a thousand miles away. A person who can foretell the future is a sage minister having the six ability. A person who propagates the Lotus Sutra is an emissary of Buddha's incarnations. And I opened the texts of the Lotus Sutra and Nirvana Sutra and have understood the intentions of Buddha, furthermore, what I predicted with regard to the future has now for the most part been verified. Although I may not compare with the wise person of past times, among people of after ages, I am an uncommon human.

The spirit to understand the Law and to worry about the nation should be most warmly welcomed. However, by the slander and false statement of those who espouse wicked doctrines and wicked teachings, though I have for long cherished sentiments of the utmost loyalty, I am yet not able to achieve my smallest hopes. Moreover, as a result of the displeasure I developed at my recent visiting, I am now most distressed to think that its aims may be all the more difficult to accomplish.

If I may state my thoughts, unless climbs Mount T'ai, one cannot know the height of the sky; unless descends into the deep valleys, one cannot understand the thickness of the ground. That you may understand my own intentions, I submit to you the one scroll of 'the treatise of establishing the correct teachings for the safety of the nation'. The writing expressed therein are a drop in the ocean, I'm not giving it my all intention.

At present, you are like the pillar and crossbeam of the nation. Why are you going to lose the talented people of a whole country? Please give us your reconsideration above all, and it will be vital to repel a foreign enemy. It is called loyalty that one makes the world peaceful and safe, and it is filial duty to make a nation peaceful and safe. I do not state this for my own sake. I state this for the sake of you, for the sake of Buddha, for the sake of gods and for the sake of all human beings.

  Very truly yours.


The twelfth day of September in the eighth year of Bun'ei[1271].

Respectfully presented to Lord Heino Saemonnojo”.

Nichiren accomplished the de facto warning of the second to the nation by this letter to Yoritsuna who was an aide of Tokimune. However, the policy of Yoritsuna did not overturn. Yoritsuna was "all the more difficult" as Nichiren said.

And Nichiren prayed this second warning to the nation in September 12 of Bun'ei era would become the turning point to be greatest throughout the life.

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29. Warning to Yoritsuna Tirano. 4

  Japanese edition

Nichiren speaks to Yoritsuna as like persuading.

“You are the leader of the world. Why are you going to spoil a pillar saving Japan? You should think of a national crisis above all, and it will be vital to repel a foreign enemy by all means. It is called loyalty that one makes the world peaceful and safe, and it is filial duty to make a nation peaceful and safe. I do not state it for my own sake. I state it for the sake of Japan, for the sake of the Shogunate and for the people”.

The member in hall was overawed by spirit of Nichiren, but only Yoritsuna continued booing Nichiren.

“Dash it! Get out! A beggar bonze of Awa, you are! 'Nembutsu is hell, the Zen is an evil spirit', you have your own way with a bad-mouth and you save a soldier's stick and make trouble. You, to the contrary, will fall into the hell. I will cut off your neck emphatically!”.

Abusive language of Yoritsuna does not stop.

Nichiren recollected Tojo Kagenobu who was the land steward of Awa. He had carried matters with a high hand, but Kagenobu does not compare with Yoritsuna. Though Kagenobu was simple one land steward, Yoritsuna was partitioning off the world. He would write down a state of this later.

“Hearing this, the magistrate Heino Saemonnojo, forgetting all the dignity, became wild with rage as like the lay priest [Kiyomori Tairano] of minister of state”.The Act of the Votary of the Lotus Sutra’.

Yoritsuna expressed the character of the madness inherent like Kiyomori Tairano. Gokurakuji Ryoukan expressed the inherent character as the arrogant counterfeit saint, and Yoritsuna revealed his inherent character as the demon king of the sixth Heaven.

Nichiren was not surprised at a preconceived reaction of Yoritsuna and he remained calm and left the court of justice.

Even after Nichiren left, Yoritsuna Tairano stood grasping his fist.

He took pride in oneself as the person who is ruling over present Japan. He had thought that there was not the person who excelled him other than Tokimune of the master. He looked down upon even Yasumori Adachi of the vassal. However, this high self-conceit was shattered by Nichiren.

(There is the person raising a hand against me).

A wick of the light glitters in one room of military headquarters and lights up Yoritsuna Tairano and Hojo Nobutoki weirdly.

Yoritsuna began to talk.

“In danger. I have not ever watched such a man. Will become the serious affair if we let him alone.

Nobutoki says uneasily.

“However, how will our young lord do the action? It is a problem. Our Lord seems to protect Nichiren”.

Yoritsuna asserted it as if he shook off uneasiness of Nobutoki.

“Our lord is still young. Our turn is from now. We will dispose of Nichiren secretly, after all had finished without a mistake, we report to our lord, he cannot interfere anymore. Is 'a day after the fair'.

It was an intrigue which would hush up Nichiren. Yoritsuna decided to execute Nichiren. It is a means which the aide to dictator uses. If he reports it to Tokimune as a treated case after having executed Nichiren, even if Tokimune get angry and even if there was an up and downer, the lord cannot but refer it to other object if time passes finally.

Nichiren was seeing through their essence. He writes about it in the ‘Reply to Nun Kuboama'.

“Thus, I only feel pity for the ruler and for the country of Japan. For example, the insects protected by a tree's shade eat away at the tree and topple a tree and the worms inside a lion's body eat a lion and kill it. Those people protected by the lord of Sagami, under cover of his authority, threaten populace, causing them anguish and bother. In addition, claiming that it is at the order of the ruler, they attempt to wipe out the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, causing the destruction of the nation and inviting the ruin of their lord. What pitiful people!”.

The lord of Sagami is Tokimune. Yoritsuna does not understand here in the least bit that a misfortune will befall himself by punishing Nichiren.

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29. Warning to Yoritsuna Tirano. 3

  Japanese edition

A petty functionary raised a voice.

“Priest Nichiren appears”.

Nichiren manifested himself. He was quiet looks unusually.

Vassals of Yoritsuna surrounded Nichiren and watched him as like licking. It was the eyes of the wild beast for searching for game.

Nichiren sits down on a lower seat.

Shoibo made the first move.

“Are you Nichiren? Let's hear you at once. Your suspicion is an innumerable number. It is said that you gather rioters and save swords and cudgels. Is there not the falsehood?”.

Nichiren answered immediately.


All members were astonished. They did not expect that Nichiren said the testimony that would become disadvantageous from himself. However, he had said straight.

Nichiren continues quite casually.

“But the matter of the rioter is a clear falsehood. I return it as it is to the person who calls the believer of the Lotus Sutra a rioter. Next, I answer regarding swords and sticks. The bows and arrows, soldier, and cudgel for the Lotus Sutra protection is the Law that Buddha established. For example, as like collecting of sword and cudgel for the king protection”.

Words fail them for his answer of surprise.

Shoibo who should be brave shook a voice.

“You are said to have said in this way. 'The late lord Hojo Tokiyori and Lord Shigetoki had fallen into the hell. Burn down the Kenchoji and Gokurakuji Temple. Cut off the neck of both saint Ryoukan and saint Doryu’. These will not be the real intention possibly, will not it? It is a falsehood, isn't it?”.

There followed a long silence.

Yoritsuna Tairano was irritated, and called to him for the first time.

“What's wrong? Nichiren. Do you not answer?”.

Nichiren fixed the breathing here and exerted a strength of willpower and appealed.

“I had said it not changing even a single word!”.

The samurais were amazed again. There is a person falling a folding fan. Yoritsuna is dumfounded too.

“However, it is a falsehood that I said that Lord Tokiyori and Lord Shigetoki had fallen into the hell. My doctrine is because it is what I have already expressed since two people were alive”.

Yoritsuna crossed his arms and stood perfectly motionless in front of Nichiren.

"Did you go mad?".

Yoritsuna think so. It seems a challenge to the Shogunate. It is virtually that one punishes himself.

Nichiren did not take notice of the Shogunate government official who could not hide embarrassment and continued talking plainly.

 “Thinking of this country, I have said it. If you wish to maintain this world in peace and security, summon the priests of the other sects for a debate and hear. If you ignore this advice and punish me unreasonably, the government will repent. If I am punished, it will be that rejecting Buddha's envoy. And then, you will receive the punishment of Brahma and Shakra, of the gods of the sun and moon, and of the four kings of Heaven. Within one hundred days after my banishment or execution, or within one, three, or seven years, there will occur what is called the calamity of internal strife, and an intense of sword fight break out between the clan”.

All members make noise.

Nichiren who received a roar of anger became a loud voice.

“This will be followed by the calamity of foreign invasion attack from all sides and it will be particularly from the west. Then, Lord Heino Saemonnojo, you will repent what you have done!”.

Yoritsuna was enraged.

“You must be a fool! What are you saying? I can cut such your neck even right now. What do you take me for?”.

Nichiren fixed his eyes on Yoritsuna.

"You are the general of samurai".

Yoritsuna flew into a rage more.

“You think you can make a fool of me? What a rough tongue to a person controlling a samurai of Japan! I can never forgive you about erstwhile rude letter and this present violent language. Your severed head should be gibbeted!”.

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29. Warning to Yoritsuna Tirano. 2

  Japanese edition

Nichiren told disciples and believers that summons to the court of justice had been decided.

There was the person who looked glum in disciples, but Nichiren was unusually in a good mood. For Hokibo Nikko, it was a long time since he watched the priest of such a smile.

“There was a summons from the military headquarters just now. It is a long-awaited thing. Something may happen. The Buddha writes it down. The person who spreads only five characters of the essential title of the Lotus Sutra will appear at the beginning of the latter days of the Law, two thousand years after Buddha passed away. At that time, evil ruler and bad people will abuse, beat, or imprison him, to confiscate his land, to exile or behead him. In spite of such persecutions, he will continue his propagation without retreating. Meanwhile the ruler who persecutes him will be beset by rebellion, and people bearing him a grudge will devour each other like hungry spirits. Finally, they will be attacked by a foreign country. Brahma, Shakra, the gods of the sun and moon, and the four kings of Heaven have ordained that other countries shall assault a country that is hostile to the Lotus Sutra by all means”.

The disciples and believers broke out into a murmur. Concerns are growing.

“None of you who declare yourselves to be my disciples should ever give way to cowardice. Must not worry about your parents, wife, children. Must not care about your estate. Since countless time of the past, you had been abandoning your life more than the number of dust particles of the land, for the sake of your parents, children and your estate. But you have not abandoned your life for the Lotus Sutra once. You may have tried to perform its teachings to some extent, but whenever when the great persecution occurred, you backslid and ceased to act by the sutra. That is like pouring cold water into hot water boiled, or like trying to strike fire but giving up halfway. Please each make up your mind! Devoting your life for the Lotus Sutra is that you change rocks to gold or change dung to rice. Will that be all right?”.

Shijo Kingo braced himself and answered immediately.

The believer stands up tempted by this and gives the words of the oath in sequence.

Was filled with moving elation. Everybody spoke cheerily as if there were not enemies.

“Even if I encounter any persecution, I do not retrogress!”.

“I go through with the faiths throughout the lifetime!”.

“I am not afraid of the authority. I assert with courage that the Lotus Sutra is the supreme!”.

The day of the summons has come. It is September 10 in 8th year of Bun'ei era (1271).

Nichiren passes through the gate of the court of justice.

He goes the dark corridor.

The samurai of the guard stares at Nichiren going through. Nichiren goes straight without changing his face.

There were members of military headquarters in the room of the investigation. They all are the looks that grew tense and wait for Nichiren to appear.

Yoritsuna Tairano is in the center. There was Shoibo of the vassal beside him.

That Shoibo speaks with a triumphant air.

“Nichiren may scarcely show his true intention. It is said that his speech is fluent. He will only avoid direct answers at this place. Otherwise because he will be afraid of us, he cannot say even half of thinking. Sometimes the person who came here cries and apologizes”.

Yoritsuna seemed to be boring.

A butler of Hojo managing the administrative power of whole country must meet with a unnamed Buddhist priest. He muttered while giving no heed to Shoibo's remark.

“How does he treat with me? It is well to cringe and crawl like Ryoukan. Otherwise”.

Shoibo chimed in so that he posed as a joke saying "Only cut his neck".

Then Yoritsuna had fearless laughter and chided Shoibo.

“Here, do not say such a silly thing. We will get a scolding from our young lord. Nichiren is the man who only makes a stir. Nichiren wants to gain the favor of the Shogunate so that Japanese every Buddhist priest wants to make success in life. If threaten him and give fair words, he will bow”.

Yoritsuna is 30 years old at this time. He was 20 years old younger than Nichiren, but there was influence of clan which acted as a butler since the establishment of the Kamakura Shogunate as the first on the list of the direct vassals, and there was the support of regent Tokimune. So, he has a fearless arrogance. Therefore, nobody can give an opinion to Yoritsuna. He indulged in outrageous behavior more and more.

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Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents