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2019年 03月 09日

31. Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin (3)

                        Japanese edition

On the other hand, in this time, Tokimune was patting the big stomach of wife Noriko in the bedroom of the residence. As for him, nothing knows that a serious situation is happening at this midnight.

Two people smiled each other.

Tokimune put his ear to the abdomen of Noriko.

“Does not be born early?”.

Noriko laughs.

“You must not say such selfishness. If time does not pass a little more, the child is not born".

“I cannot wait. Does the day to be born not come early?”.

“I am the happiest now, whatever thought of Highness”.


“It is because what is loved in this way from Highness is the happiest”.

Noriko buried her face in the breast of Tokimune.

At that time, they heard a voice whispering from the opposite side of the door.

“My lord, my lord. Are you in bed already?”.

It was a voice of Yasumori Adachi.

Tokimune stood up and opened the sliding paper-door distrustfully.

Yasumori sits straight and demurely.

Noriko was surprised.

“Mr. older brother!”.

Tokimune cannot cover embarrassment for the sudden visit of Yasumori.

“Lord Yasumori, in midnight what happened?”.

Yasumori raised his head and showed eyes of the anger.

“There was just information. Priest Nichiren was abducted by the soldiers of Yoritsuna and he seem to go to Tatsunokuchi”.

“What! Do they intend to cut the neck of Nichiren?”.

Tatsunokuchi is the pronoun of the beheading. Noriko clung to the back of Tokimune and shook.

The voice of Tokimune echoes in the residence.

“Stop it! Say to Yoritsuna. How can they cut the neck of the priest at the time of pregnancy of the highest-ranking wife? Shame on them! Priest Nichiren is innocent. Will repent if there was fault!”.

The samurai of messenger jumped onto the horse under the moonlight.

Yasumori entrusted the messenger with a letter of Tokimune and encouraged him.

“Hurry to Tatsunokuchi!”.

Yasumori had been getting angry at tyranny of Yoritsuna. If tyranny of Yoritsuna continues, himself becomes danger. What should he do?

Yasumori set up a thought. Yasumori will dampen power of Yoritsuna if he interfered with the death penalty of Nichiren. This is not because he help Nichiren. It is because he did not want to lose his position.

The horse with Nichiren more goes ahead through the road of the shoreline to Tatsunokuchi.

The sea is to the left, and, in the right side, a steep mountain spreads out. There is not the way to run away to there.

Yoritsuna Tairano intends to assassinate Nichiren in darkness. The Kamakura Shogunate always executed the important person in secret. They never cut the criminal at the capital. It was with the He'ike clan, and also the court noble which was caught at the Zhokyu War.

On the other hand, Shijo Kingo has been already prepared for it. (Since Yoritsuna Taira selected Tatsunokuchi, the death of priest Nichiren is not avoided. If so, I will commit suicide by cutting the abdomen, too.)

Kingo was often told by Nichiren.

“No mortal escapes death”.

Man will die sooner or later. Fate of a future life is decided of what a person dies for. The teacher as the samurai is Nagoe Mitsutoki of the Hojo family, but the teacher of the Lotus Sutra through the three existences is nothing but Nichiren. What lack shall be there in my life if I can go to Eagle peak with the teacher?

The restless waves come and go at the place of execution of Tatsunokuchi.

There is large Pacific in darkness.

The torches were lighted on the corners of the sandy beach, and a soldier strengthened defense.

The soldier digs the hole where a neck falls into.

Echi Saburo Shigenao holding the sword sat on the folding stool with hard looks and he had the Zyadomaru of the celebrated sword lengthwise and was waiting arrival of Nichiren.

The hilt of the sword was lighted up by the torch and shined ominously.

          Continued to (4)

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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2019年 03月 09日

31. Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin (2)

                         Japanese edition 

  The shore of current Shonan continuing to Tatsunokuchi. The front is Enoshima Island.

Moonlight lighted up the Pacific which depressed in a dark night.

The party of Nichiren finally arrived at the Yui beach.

Here was the shrine. That was the Shrine to enshrine Kagemasa Gengoro who built the basics of Kamakura.

When they turned here to the right and were going to go ahead through the road of the Enoshima Tatsunokuchi (the mouth of the dragon), Nichiren called to them again.

"Wait for a while. There is the person who should tell. Come on, Kuma’o”.

Boy Kuma'o came running immediately.

"Kuma'o, summon Sir Shijo Kingo".

The boy saw the eyes of Nichiren, nodded, ran with flying feet at full speed toward Kamakura.

For him Nichiren was worthy of respect than a foster parent and was the teacher of his life. It became his life itself to accompany Nichiren. Death is approaching that Nichiren.

Kuma'o felt intuitionally that Shijo Kingo could save Nichiren from the predicament of this desperate situation. He ran like jumping in the air towards the residence of Kingo feverishly when he thought it.

Light was burning in the residence of Shijo Kingo.

Kuma’o arrives at long last. The knees of Kuma'o could not stand anymore. He shouted at the top of his voice towards the light of the residence.

“Lord Kingo!”.

The door open, and Kingo who had a candlestick appeared. Kingo was cautious at midnight, but he swallowed the situation as soon as he identified as Kuma'o.

“None other than Kuma’o! Had anything happened to the holy priest?”.

The boy told in a tearful voice.

“The saint is calling for you. He was kidnapped by the soldier of Lord Yoritsuna.”

“Damn it! Where is the priest now?”.

“He is before the Shrine in the beach of Yui”.

Kingo put Kuma'o in the house, and he began preparations immediately.

He tied up the hem of the kimono and wore the sword. And he was going to go out in high spirits, but Nichigan-nyo of the wife appeared in front.

She embraces the daughter.

Nichigan-nyo sat straight.

Kingo bent his knees slowly, too.

“Sorry. It is a serious affair in the saint. I must go. It may not come when I return”.

The wife is smiling strangely.

“I had prepared. You are most brave among the disciples of the Nichiren saint indeed”.

“It was a pride I made you a husband, too. Sorry. Thank you in advance for Tuskimaro”.
Kingo went out barefoot and shouted to the moon.
“Please, please guard saint Nichiren!”.

Kingo went to the beach of Yui at full speed. In addition, three brothers of Kingo who heard the matter followed.

Nichigan-nyo who was left embraced the daughter and cries in the same way towards a night sky.

“Please help both saint Nichiren and Yorimoto, Shijo Kingo!”.

Kingo who arrived at the scene watched that Nichiren who rode a horse under the moonlight was surrounded at the Yui beach by the soldiers.

The soldiers were surprised at Kingo and prevented him with a Japanese halberd first. However, Yoritsuna Taira soothed the excited soldier.

“Be still! Be still! Let that man go through. This is the advent of Shijo Nakatsukasa Saburo Yorimoto of the third-ranked bureaucrat who is the best disciple of Nichiren”.

Yoritsuna displays contempt. Kingo of the Nichiren sect is famous even between the samurais of the Shogunate. Yoritsuna permitted the last encounter of the teacher and disciple.

Kingo had the reins of the horse.

“Were you not hurt? The unworthy disciple was on time somehow”.

Teacher Nichiren was unexpectedly smiling.

Tonight, I will be beheaded. This is what I prayed for during these several years. In this sahā world (note), I have been born as a pheasant only to be caught by hawks, born as a mouse only to be eaten by cats, and born as a human to be murdered attempting to defend my wife and children from enemies. Such occurrences have befallen me many times more than the number of dust particles of the earth. However, I have not lost my life even once for a Lotus Sutra. In this life, I am born in poor, and unable to discharge filial duty to my parents and unable to requite country's favours too. This time I will devote an own neck to the Lotus Sutra and offer that good to my deceased parents, and will give the rest to the disciples and patrons. It was just today's occurrence that I said to you at the residence in the night of the day when we had a trial”.

Yoritsuna Taira having waited for a while gave the entire army an order powerfully again.

“We go to Tatsunokuchi from now!”.

Several soldiers who have a torch at the top. Army corps surrounding Nichiren following them advance.

YoritsunaTaira let army corps go by here and returned to Kamakura.

The work of Yoritsuna was over, there. He return to the own residence after this and should wait for a neck of Nichiren. It is unbecoming that the Shogunate butler assassinate a person under cover of darkness. He only entrusted common soldiers afterward.

It was clear long autumnal night. A piece of moon and innumerable stars glisten in the sky.

The steep mountains are to the right. The very large Pacific is to the left.

The horse with Nichiren is pulled by the reins which Kingo has and goes ahead through the shoreline solemnly where the sound of the tide does not stop.

          continued (3)

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents


Saha world

It is the human world full of a suffering. It says land to endure or the world to endure. It is Sanskrit, and Saha is translated as enduring or enduring well. In addition, Saha is the world where the Lotus Sutra spreads. Buddha says in the 16th Life Span chapter of the Lotus Sutra; "I always preached in the Saha world, and I teach, and led them. In addition, I led all creatures to virtue at the other countries of hundreds of millions, and gave profit”. In other words, it is the Buddha's land related with Shakyamuni Buddha, and it would be said that Saha is the earth of the meaning of the narrow sense. In addition, the representation called the other countries of hundreds of millions shows that there is innumerable Buddha's land where Buddha appears in this space that is the universe.

"The Orally Conveyed Doctrines say: Saha means the propagation that the authentic bodhisattvas spread Myoho-renge-kyo by the power of the large fortitude. The fortitude exists in the land of tranquil light. There is Shakyamuni Buddha in the mind of this fortitude. Saha means the world of the patience”.

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2019年 03月 09日

31. Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin (1)

  Japanese edition.

It has been already the midnight.

The several torches lighted up the darkness in burning red at the door front of the residence at Nobutoki Hojo.

Yoritsuna Taira wearing the clothes of armor came out and rode a horse.

Nichiren came out of the residence after him.

Soldiers stand straight on both sides, and Nichiren goes ahead through the middle.

In the soldiers, there was the person who could not help feeling embarrassed to why a Buddhist priest would be beheaded. However, the order of Yoritsuna cannot but absolutely obey it.

They rode Nichiren on the barebacked horse.

The head group holding a torch left night Kamakura. Though it is not a battle, a large number of soldiers march in array at the midnight and go ahead through the road of Kamakura. It was a bizarre scene.

There is not the supporter near Nichiren. Disciples are arrested and are driven away and disperse, and only Kuma'o of the boy follows the back of the horse weakly. Kuma'o sobs while walking. This child has been undertaking Nichiren's miscellaneous duties since he was helped by Nichiren. That Nichiren is made to stand in the slough of despond. Will there be the child who father is taken away, and does not weep?

Kuma’o who encountered at the persecution of Tatsunokuchi become priest Nippo, carving words of the Grand Gohonzon which Nichiren erected as the purpose of in life in second year of Ko’an era later. It may be said that it is a very magical relationship.

The Hachiman Shrine appeared in front of Nichiren before long.

The Hachiman Shrine shows solemnly in the moonlight.

Yoritsuna alighted from a horse and lowered the head towards a Hachiman Shrine of God of the samurai. The vassals and the soldiers too form a row and lower their head.

Yoritsuna rode on a horse again, was the time when the entire army was going to advance.

Nichiren shouted.

"Please wait."

Soldiers heard the voice which prevented the army corps, and stopped step unintentionally.

“Has he lost his nerve at this end?”.

Yoritsuna cast such black looks at Nichiren. It is considered to be shame that a person is upset before death.

However, Nichiren was calming down.

“All of you need not be surprised. No other intentions. I should say to the Great Bodhisattva Hachiman last.”

Nichiren scolded Hachiman in loud voice as soon as he went down from a horse, incredibly.

“The great bodhisattva Hachiman, are you true god?”.

The soldiers who formed a row were astonished and trembled. What a surprizing priest to criticize our tutelary god!

“Now I, Nichiren, am the foremost votary of the Lotus Sutra in Japan. Besides, there is no fault of even one to me. I have said the doctrine to save all the people of Japan from falling into the hell of incessant suffering for slandering the Lotus Sutra. Moreover, if the forces of powerful Mongol empire attack this country, can the Sun goddess and even great bodhisattva Hachiman remain safe and unharmed? In addition, when Shakyamuni Buddha preached the Lotus Sutra, Taho Buddha and the ten directions' Buddha and bodhisattvas gathered as like sun and sun, moon and moon, star and star, mirror and mirror.In the presence of the countless Heavens as well as the benevolent deities and sages of India and China and Japan, Shakyamuni Buddha warned all of you for offering a written pledge which should not treat the votary of the Lotus sutra rudely. Therefore, all of you submitted a written pledge individually. Because so, I, Nichiren does not need to say. Though it is time to achieve an oath of the written pledge immediately, why do not you appear here?”.

Loud voice of Nichiren echoes in a dark night.

Yoritsuna Taira was stupefied.

Finally, Nichiren shouted as if threatening.

"When Nichiren am beheaded and goes to the pure country of the Eagle Peak, I will dare to report to Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, that the Sun goddess and orthodox Hachiman are the deities who do not keep vows! Arrange it immediately if you think that you have a pain in it!”.

But the Great Bodisattva Hachiman was wrapped in darkness and was remaining silent.

Nichiren rides astride a horse again.

The entire army pushed forward a horse, but there were a lot of soldier who were shocked in wonder from desperate loud voice of Nichiren scolding Great Bodhisattva Hachiman which was the guardian god of the Kamakura Shogunate.

The military horse of Yoritsuna goes down the Wakamiya thoroughfare.

No one was under the moonlight.

This thoroughfare was opened because of an easy delivery of Masako of the wife of Yoritomo Minamoto, the generalissimo for the subjugation of barbarians, in old days. The soldiers pass to cut off the neck of the priest now.

Both lady Nichimyo and her daughter Otogozen were putting hands together here. Nichimyo who had divorced his husband for faiths behaves stouthearted, but, tears of Otogozen do not stop.

“Dear Nichiren saint!”.

Nichimyo neared a horse of Nichiren, but she has been splashed by a soldier.

Otogozen embraces mother. Two people sat down in the ground and prayed for the safety of Nichiren sincerely.

The armed forces continue advancing.

There was the group of the Buddhist priest of a black robe forward.

They have begun to chant Nembutsu towards Nichiren.

There is the person opening the folding fan and covering own face in them. The priest stared at Nichiren from the interval of the bone of the folding fan.

That person was very Gokurakuji Ryōkan.

To be continued to (2)

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents


Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin

Discarding the Provisional identity and Revealing the True Identity. Tientai preached it that Shakyamuni Buddha has had attainment of Buddhahood in the inconceivably remote past in the Life Span chapter of 16th of the Lotus Sutra. At the same time, Shakyamuni swept the provisional style which left the royal palace of the Buddha family and became a priest and attained Buddhahood under the indian tree. Nichiren Dishonin swept the provisional style which was called the reincarnation of Bodhisattva Jogyo at the time of the persecution of Tatsunokuchi and expressed that origin as the root Buddha in the latter day of the Law.

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2019年 03月 09日

30. Tatsunekuchi Persecutin. 6

 Japanese edition

The believers of the Nichiren sect became destroyed virtually. They were surprised at great persecution 'freezing their bloods' and they left Nichiren. Nichiren always preached it that one would encounter great persecution based on text of a sutra if one spread the Lotus Sutra, but the disciples had not been hearing this. If receiving a difficulty and not getting over it, a person cannot overcome one's circumstances. It is this time now that all creatures can delete own sins from the remotest past. If one does not get over adverse circumstances, one cannot arrive at the life of Buddha who embodies "mercy". But disciples had learned fear for the state power first.

Furthermore, learning from failure of Nichiren, the people who left Nichiren appeared one after another even if not abandoning the Lotus Sutra. They made a clear distinction between Nichiren and them and they tried to spread the Lotus Sutra while compromising with the world.

Nichiren make a sharp distinction to the people of these distrust as the root Buddha of the latter days of the Law. He had said, as for them, a sin is deeper than the Nembutsu believers. Nichiren writes it down in this way in Sado of the banishment place after a half year of the Tatsunokuchi persecution.

“I shall proceed to the main issue. There were also those who appeared to believe Nichiren, but when they saw Nichiren persecuted, they held suspicion. They not only have forsaken the Lotus Sutra, but also contrarily think wise enough to teach Nichiren. The pitiful thing is that these perverse people must suffer in the Avichi hell longer than the Nembutsu believers.

For example, an asura contended that the Buddha taught only eighteen worlds, but that he himself expounded nineteen worlds of more. And the people of non-Buddhist claimed that the Buddha offered only one ultimate way, but that they offered ninety-five ultimate way.

In the same way, the renegade disciples say, “Though the priest Nichiren is our teacher, he is too obstinate. We will spread the Lotus Sutra tenderly”. They are fireflies laughing at the sun and moon, or anthills trying to look down upon Mount Hua. Or they are wells and brooks despising the river and the ocean, and are magpies repeating mocking a grand phoenix!”.

The moon of the heavens lights up the hall of Hojo Nobutoki.

A large quantity of soldier stood around a building and guarded it with a bow and arrow and a Japanese halberd.

There was a room where only one candle burnt there. Nichiren keeps to himself.

The lay priest Yadoya appeared from the other side of the darkness and met with Nichiren. It is second persuasion.

“Priest, 99 of 100 believers of yours in this Kamakura had retreated and fallen. All is over. This Yadoya came here for last-ditch call. Please announce that you will not criticize other religion in future”.

There followed a long silence.

The smile that foresaw all to Nichiren spilled.

“If my neck is cut this evening, I extinguish a past grave offense and could sidestep from a future wicked road. Nothing can be more joyful. If my smelly head is separated, I can become the votary of the Lotus Sutra. For Nichiren, best friends for attaining Buddhahood are Kagenobu, Ryoukan, Doryu, Do'amidabutsu, Heino-Saemon and the lord of Sagami [Tokimune Hojo]. Without them I could not have become the votary of the Lotus Sutra. Lord Yadoya, you are one of the best friends too. I'll say thank you”.

The lay priest Yadoya's head drooped sadly.

Yoritsuna Tairano and Hojo Nobutoki was waiting in the large hall.

The lay priest Yadoya entered this room with absentminded looks and shook his head to the right and the left greatly.

Yoritsuna and Nobutoki nod silently as if after this they only perform beheading the bonze.

Continued to ‘the Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin’.

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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2019年 03月 09日

Gosho 光日房御書 Letter to Konichibo


Letter to Konichibo

建治二年三月 五十五歳御作

  March 1276. Fifty-five years old.



Writings which once existed; Most were destroyed by fire of 1875. A part is possessed in Sanjo Honjoji Temple


The people of this country are continually deceived by the Nembutsu priests, or by the Zen, Precepts, or True Word schools.

Although I, Nichiren, do not think that I have done particularly wrong, the people of this country are being deceived by the Nembutsu priests, or by the Zen, religious precepts, or Shingon.


Thus they act outwardly as though they revere the Lotus Sutra, but in their hearts they do not believe in it. Therefore, although I do not think that I have done anything particularly wrong, when I assert the supremacy of the Lotus Sutra, they all resent me, just as the people in the Latter Day of the Law of Awesome Sound King Buddha detested Bodhisattva Never Disparaging. From the ruler on down to the common people, they hate even to hear my name, let alone see me.

They act outwardly as though they revere the Lotus Sutra, but in their minds, they do not believe in it. Thus, when I, Nichiren, assert the supremacy of the Lotus Sutra, they all resent me, just like the people in the latter day of the Law of the Buddha of Dignified Sound King detested the Bodhisattva Never Disparaging.From the ruler to the common people, they even hate to watch me, let alone hear my name.


Therefore, although I was innocent of any wrongdoing, once exiled, I could not possibly be pardoned.

Therefore,although I was innocent of any wrong doing, because once I was exiled, I could not possibly be permitted.

つづく Continued

本文 Original Text  目次 Table of Contents

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