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2018年 12月 15日 ( 4 )

2018年 12月 15日

27. Omen of the Great Persecution. 5

       Japanese edition

Nichiren speaks truly and simply without the gloss of style and manner.

'This bad person constantly defames us to the rulers, ministers, Brahmen in the midst of the populace’. This text of a sutra is fruitless if Buddhist priests did not slander Nichiren and perform a banishment. Because a prediction of this Shakyamuni Buddha was appropriate, Nichiren alone could pierce it into my body. The three kinds of powerful enemies are wriggling again. Ryoukan and others already write down a complaint and are going to give it to the shogunate. Can you say that this is not the three kinds of powerful enemies?”.

The reputation of Nichiren in Kamakura had improved by the victory of prayers for rain dramatically, but the power which would entrap Nichiren at the same time bared the true force and has begun to do a stratagem.

Ryoukan offered the general a complaint and accused Nichiren together with Nen'a of the Nembutsu monk and Doryu of Kenchoji Temple appeared in the city magistrate's office by himself and said defamatory words.

Nichiren was sensing a web of intrigue.

It was omen of the coming great persecution.

Disciples made merry with the spread of the Lotus Sutra, but he alone was awaking.

By the way, we have doubts here.

We wonder. Why did Nichiren press Ryoukan for a confrontation of the rain?

One of the questions. Nichiren insisted that the rightness and evil of the religion should determine it in the argumental content of the doctrine of Buddhism from the sutras, but why did he press Ryoukan to determine right or wrong in a confrontation of the rain?

One more question, though a certain prediction of weather was extremely difficult in those days, why Nichiren was able to foresee during the seven days? If he had been able to predict provisionally, what is that reason? Another opinion says, Nichiren was born at a house of the fishermen in Kominato of Awa, he might be able to predict rain during one period because he was brought up hearing a prediction of the weather from father beforehand. However, the weather fluctuates. Besides, the certain prediction that it does not rain ahead of seven days is difficult.

Nichiren made the utmost effort for the propagation of the Lotus Sutra throughout the life. In a sense, not by right or wrong of religion, we think that it is the same as gambling to determine win and defeat depending on the rain.

Probably Nichiren had an ability that himself control weather freely, and, as for the conclusion to unravel it if he was so, it is thought that he brought it in for the confrontation of the rain against Ryoukan with the absolute conviction.

In this sense, we take a guess strongly that Nichiren Dishonin has been already getting conviction as the root Buddha of the latter days of the Law when he pressed Ryoukan for a confrontation of the rain.

Continued to Machinations of Gokurakuji Ryoukan

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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2018年 12月 15日

末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 下】要点解説(20)


第二十 得入無上道等の事(注)





毎自作是念 以何令衆生 得入無上道 速成就仏身








我成仏已来 復過於此 百千万億那由佗 阿僧祇劫。
自従是来 我常在此娑婆世界 説法教化 亦於余処
百千万億 那由佗 阿僧祇国 導利衆生
我は成仏して已来 復た此に過ぎること、百千万億那由佗 阿僧祇劫(はるか久遠)なり。
是より以来、我は常に此の娑婆世界に在りて 説法教化し、亦た余処の 百千万億 那由佗 阿僧祇(ほぼ無数の)仏国土にても

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2018年 12月 15日

27. Omen of the Great Persecution. 4


'About the Method that must Talk about the Doctrines'. This instructs Sanmibo strictly. Nakayama Hokekyoji Temple possession.


      Japanese edition

Nichiren interrupted his talk.

“Wait, Sanmibo. The tellings of the thou are thought to be anxious”.

Sanmibo looked unexpected. Though the Lotus Sutra spreads vigorously now, the facial expression of Nichiren is severe.

“The Law we hold is as marvelous doctrine as ever there was. We are not afraid to even a great bodhisattva. Besides, the Japanese Emperor is the boss of small island merely. You talked that you were invited by the people of the such boss and were given honor. These seem that you are virtually despising Nichiren. It seems that Nichiren's disciples, when journeying to the capital, at first are careful not to forget own purpose, but later, tempted astray by the devil of Heaven, they become a lunatic like Shobo. You had better beware that you not become like Shobo and not incur the anger of Heaven. So, you have gone to the capital, and you are changing your name before long, it is near delirious. You have also changed speech and acquired the Kyoto accent. Like a mouse has changed into a bat, it is neither a bird nor a mouse, you are now neither a country priest nor a priest of the capital. You are just like Shobo. You should speak with a country accent. You seem becoming considerably bad”.

Shobo is the name of disciple who retrogressed in old days. An atmosphere has been tense.

Sanmibo who became a best disciple was scolded in front of believers now. However, Sanmibo do not understand.

Nichiren continues.

“There are three types of people that all human beings should respect. They are the sovereign, the teacher, and the parent. There are three types that we should study. These are Confucianism, non-Buddhism, and Buddhism. The superior teachings foreseeing past and present and the future among these is the Law of Buddha. And the right teachings among Buddhism are only the Lotus Sutra. The Lotus Sutra that removes every decoration and preaches life of the constancy is true teachings. However, though anyone watched the Lotus Sutra, there is not the person who has read”.

The disciples doubted.

Nichiren opens up the Lotus Sutra.

“This says,'Various ignorant people will give us calumny and blame'. If Nichiren was not born to this world, as for this paragraph, Buddha would almost become the person of lie. Who was given calumny and blame and received the difficulty of the sword and stick for sake of the Lotus Sutra after Buddha passed away? If there is not Nichiren, this verse of the Lotus Sutra becomes the falsehood”.

Contrary to the real intention of Nichiren, there was the person who doubted Nichiren among disciples.

Sanmibo was a role of that leader and muttered at the bottom of his heart.

(This is the hubris of the teacher).

Continued to 5

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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2018年 12月 15日

Gosho 御義口伝 The Second Volume of the Orally Conveyed Doctrines

第六 娑婆(しゃば)()(ちゅう)()(ぶつ) (みょう)釈迦(しゃか)()()(ぶつ)の事

 Point Six, regarding the passage. “Beyond these immeasurable, boundless hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, millions of asamkhya worlds there is a land named sahā, and in it a Buddha named Shakyamuni.”

 The sixth. There is Buddha in saha. He is called Shakyamuni.


The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings says: The bodhisattvas of the essential teaching employing the power of great forbearance to proclaim and propagate Myoho-renge-kyo is known as sahā.

The Orally Conveyed Doctrines say: Saha means the propagation that the authentic bodhisattvas spread Myoho-renge-kyo by the power of the large fortitude.


Forbearance is the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light.

The fortitude exists in the land of tranquil light.


This mind of forbearance is called Shakyamuni Buddha.

There is Shakyamuni Buddha in the mind of this fortitude.


Sahā means a world in which one must exercise forbearance and learn to endure.

Saha means the world of the patience.

つづく Continued

本文 Original Text  御義口伝目次 Table of Contents

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