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2018年 05月 30日 ( 2 )

2018年 05月 30日

15. Nichiren Suffers the Banishment to Izu. (8)

             Japanese edition

On the next morning, Yasaburo mends a net.

Nichiren was falling asleep.

The wife stews porridge of rice and vegetables. She occasionally watched Nichiren.

“Is this Buddhist priest an offender? We are talked from the neighborhood again”.

Yasaburo mends a net silently as usual without answering in what the wife says.
 They heard only the sound of the wave.

The living room of Funamori Yasaburo are lined with fishing implements.

In the afternoon of this day, there was Yasaburo with a hard face as always.

The wife dried the clothes of Nichiren in the sun.

Nichiren is still sleeping.

Hokibo Nikko of the disciple wrung out a cloth with the water of the pail and put it on the brow of Nichiren. Hokibo was in Jitsusoji Temple at the time of banishment disturbance. He heard the banishment of Nichiren later and searched for Nichiren in Izu. He had just finally arrived at the house of Yasaburo.

Nichiren awaked from sleep.

“Where am I?”.

 Hokibo smiled unconsciously hearing a voice of Nichiren.

“Did you awake?”.

Nichiren bore a pain and got up.

Yasaburo and the wife sit straight and lower the head. The married couple had heard Nichiren from Hokibo in detail.

Hokibo introduced them.

“They are Funamori Yasaburo married couple. Really fortunately he helped the priest falling down at the seashore”.

Nichiren stared at the married couple and lowered the head.

“I am thankful for your kindness. While everybody hates and is jealous of this Nichiren, it is mysterious that you helped me. What kind of destiny is this? Are you the votary of the Lotus Sutra in the past world? Aren't you feeling pity for Nichiren because you are the rebirth as Lord Funamori Yasaburo in the latter days of the Law?”.

The wife of Yasaburo smiled hearing Nichiren praising her husband and she put hands together to Nichiren.

“I am ready for the meal”.

The wife put porridge of the unpolished rice and vegetables in a wooden bowl and held it out.

Nichiren was surprised.

“Is this rice? The rice is very precious now. I am sorry to trouble you”.

Yasaburo said.

“The hesitation is useless. Please eat”.

The shore of Kawana is a long sandy beach widely.

Nichiren is held to Hokibo and goes the sandy beach.

Nichiren separated from Hokibo before long.

“All right. I can walk alone”.

Nichiren continued walking the sandy beach that spread out endlessly leaving foot-marks step by step alone. Hokibo goes anxiously from behind.

Approximately one month after, Nichiren sent the letter of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Yasaburo from the mansion of Ito Saemonno-jo of the land steward of Izu Ito whom he just moved to.

“When, on the twelfth day of last May, having been exiled, I arrived at that wharf I had never even heard, and I was suffering after leaving the boat. You kindly took me into care. What fate has let us meet? Can it be that, because in the past you were a votary of the Lotus Sutra, now, in the Latter Day of the Law, you have been reborn as Funamori-no-Yasaburo and have taken pity on me? Though a man may do this, for your wife, as a married woman, to have given me food, brought me water to wash my hands and feet with, and treated me kindly, I can only feel as wondrous". Letter to Funamori Yasaburo'

            Continued to (9)

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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2018年 05月 30日

末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(65)


第十四 随順是師学の事「是の師に随順し学せば、(恒沙の仏を見たてまつることを得ん)」













仏所成就 第一希有 難解之法 唯仏与仏 乃能究尽 諸法実相 所謂諸法 如是相 如是性 如是体 如是力 如是作 如是因 如是縁 如是果 如是報 如是本末究竟等






五陰(ごおん)世間 個人の持って生まれた個性・才能・特質の違いを示す。具体的には個人が持つ五陰つまり「色・受・想・行・識」の5つの要素の違いを言う。

衆生世間 自分を取り巻く衆生つまり人々(父母・兄弟・友人・社会で出会う人々等々)の違いを示す。

国土世間 生まれついた自然環境、例えば大都市のビル群で育つ人、海辺、農村で育つ人、戦争のない日本で生まれた人、例えばシリアの難民キャンプの様な劣悪な地で生まれ育った人等、個々の当体を取り巻く環境の違いを意味する。





【御義口伝 上】要点解説(66)に続く

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