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2015年 11月 30日 ( 3 )

2015年 11月 30日

GOSHO 立正安国論37  正しく一凶の所帰を明かす十四


How pitiful to think that, in the space of a few decades, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people have been deluded by these devilish teachings and in so many cases confused as to the true teachings of Buddhism.

Deplorably enough, over the past several decades, as many as tens of millions of people have been deluded by this devilish doctrine, and have failed to comprehend the correct path of Buddhism.


If people favor what is only incidental and forget what is primary, can the benevolent deities be anything but angry?

Favored is the erroneous doctrine; forgotten is the legitimate doctrine. How could the guardian deities not become infuriated


If people cast aside what is perfect and take up what is biased, can the world escape the plots of demons?

Discarded is the complete and perfect teaching; preferred is the distorted doctrine. There is no doubt that demons have seized this opportunity to cause confusion in the nation.


Rather than offering up ten thousand prayers for remedy, it would be better simply to outlaw this one evil.

Therefore, rather than offering a myriad of prayers and rituals, first and foremost it is vital to eliminate the single evil cause of all adversities.

Therefore, rather than offering a myriad of prayers and rituals, first and foremost it is vital to eliminate the single evil cause.

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2015年 11月 30日

GOSHO 立正安国論36  正しく一凶の所帰を明かす十三


If temples are not dedicated to Amida, then people no longer have any desire to support them or pay honor to the Buddhas enshrined there; if priests are not practitioners of the Nembutsu, then people quickly forget all about giving those priests alms.

As a consequence, everyone has ceased worshiping and making offerings to the Buddhas except at Amida temples and they have lost the desire to provide alms to the priests other than those of Nembutsu.

If it is not a temple of the Amidha, everybody stops the will of offering to Buddha and if it is not a person of Nembutsu, everybody forgets thoughts of almsgiving.


As a result, the halls of the Buddha have fallen into ruin, scarcely a wisp of smoke rising above their moss-covered roof tiles; and the priests’ quarters have become empty and dilapidated, the dew deep on the grasses in their courtyards.

Thus, the temples enshrining statues of Buddha are desolate. Their roof tiles are covered with moss, making them look like overgrown pine trees. Hardly a streak of smoke rises from the chimneys. The priests’ living quarters have fallen into ruin with dew-soaked weeds growing wild in neglected gardens.


And in spite of such conditions, no one gives a thought to protecting the Law or to restoring the temples.

Despite all of this, the people do not have the heart to protect or yearn for the Law, let alone reconstruct the temples.


Hence the sage priests who once presided over the temples leave and do not return, and the benevolent deities who guarded the nation depart and no longer appear. This has all come about because of this Nembutsu Chosen above All by Hōnen.

For this reason, venerable priests who continue to uphold and transmit the Law have left, never to return, causing the guardian deities to disappear. This is entirely due to Hōnen’s The Sole Selection of Nembutsu.

After all, the noble Buddhist priest who was residing takes leave and does not return and the correct god of protecting leaves and does not come back.

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2015年 11月 30日


■出筆時期:弘安元年(1270年) 五十七歳御作。
■出筆場所:身延山中 草庵にて。



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