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2015年 09月 04日 ( 4 )

2015年 09月 04日

立正安国論五 On securing the Peace of the Land through the Propagation of True Buddhism 5


 Now surely the peace of the world and the stability of the nation are sought by both ruler and subject and desired by all the inhabitants of the country.
 Certainly, peace throughout the world and tranquility in the nation are what sovereign and subject alike yearn for and what the entire populace wishes.


 The nation achieves prosperity through the Buddhist Law, and the Law is proven worthy of reverence by the people who embrace it.
 After all, a nation prospers from its laws and regulations, and these values of the law become apparent when the people uphold them.


 If the nation is destroyed and the people are wiped out, then who will continue to pay reverence to the Buddhas? Who will continue to have faith in the Law?
 Once a nation goes to ruin and its people perish, who will venerate the Buddha, and who will take faith in the Buddhist Law?


 Therefore, one must first of all pray for the safety of the nation and then work to establish the Buddhist Law.
 First, we must pray for the peace of the land, and then promote Buddhism.


 Now if you know of any means whereby disasters can be prevented and troubles brought to an end, I would like to hear about it.
 If there are any means by which to eliminate misfortunes and put an end to disasters, I would like to hear of them.
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2015年 09月 04日

立正安国論四 On securing the Peace of the Land through the Propagation of True Buddhism 4


 Rather than offering up ten thousand prayers for remedy, it would be better simply to outlaw this one evil.
 Therefore, rather than offering a myriad of prayers and rituals, first and foremost it is vital to eliminate the single evil cause of all adversities.


 Insects that live on smartweed forget how bitter ittastes; those who stay long in privies forget how foul the smell is.
 Those who always eat smartweed become numb to its pungent taste. Those who stay long in an outhouse are not bothered by the offensive odor.


Here you listen to my good words and think them wicked, point to a slanderer of the Law and call him a sage, mistrust a correct teacher and take him for an evil priest. Your confusion is great indeed, and your offense anything but light.
 Likewise [ when one is under the influence of erroneous teachings ], he will take good words as bad, call a slander of the correct Law a sage, and suspect a true master to be an evil priest. The illusion he harbors is extremely profound and the offense he commits is grave.


A blue fly, if it clings to the tail of a thoroughbred horse, can travel ten thousand miles,
 Even a blue fly could travel over than ten thousand miles by clinging to the tail of a feet steed,

 and the green ivy that twines around the tall pine can grow to a thousand feet.
 and green ivy could extend for to one thousand yards by entwining itself around a large pine tree.


 I was born as the son of the one Buddha, Shakyamuni, and I serve the king of scriptures, the Lotus Sutra.
 I was born a disciple and a child of the Buddha, serving the king of all Buddhist sutras [ the Lotus Sutra ].


 How could I observe the decline of the Buddhist Law and not be filled with emotions of pity and distress?
 How could I suppress my grief when I see Buddhist declining?

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2015年 09月 04日


■出筆時期:弘安三年(1289年)九月一日 五十九歳御作

[松野殿女房御返事 本文]




九月一日                          日 蓮 花押

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2015年 09月 04日

立正安国論三 On securing the Peace of the Land through the Propagation of True Buddhism 3


 The Great Collection Sutra says: “When the teachings of the Buddha truly become obscured and lost, then people will all let their beards, hair, and fingernails grow long, and the laws of the world will be forgotten and ignored."
 The Sutra of the Great Assembly teaches : "When Buddhism is completely eclipsed, clerics will let their hair, beards, and nails grow long, and social laws will be lost and forgotten.”


 The Great Collection Sutra says: “Though for countless existences in the past the ruler of a state may have practiced the giving of alms, observed the precepts,and cultivated wisdom, if he sees that my teaching is in danger of perishing and stands idly by without doing anything to protect it, then all the inestimable roots of goodness that he has planted through the practices just mentioned will be entirely wiped out, and his country will become the scene of three inauspicious occurrences.”
 The Sutra of Great Assembly states: ”If a king practiced almsgiving, observing the precepts, and obtaining wisdom for innumerable existences in the past, but in his current existence finds that that the Law is in danger of being destroyed yet does nothing to protect it, then the boundless good fortune he had accumulated will vanish completely. His country will then suffer three catastrophes


 The first is high grain prices, the second is warfare, and the third is epidemics." 
 ---- grain-shortage-induced inflation, warfare, and pestilence.

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