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2015年 05月 30日 ( 6 )

2015年 05月 30日

祈祷抄 二 On prayer 2


It makes no difference if the practitioner himself is lacking in worth, defective in wisdom, impure in his person, and lacking in virtue derived from observing the precepts. So long as he chants Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, they will invariably protect him.


One does not throw away gold because the bag that holds it is dirty;


one does not ignore the sandalwood trees because of the foul odor of the eranda trees around them;


and one does not refuse to gather lotuses because the pond in the valley where they grow is not clean.


If they ignore the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, they will be going against their vow.


Now that the Former and Middle Days of the Law are over, persons who observe the precepts are as rare as tigers in a market place, and persons of wisdom are harder to find than the horns of a ch’i-lin.


While waiting for the moon to rise, one must rely upon a lantern, and when there are no true gems at hand, gold and silver must serve as jewels.


The debt of gratitude one owes to a white crow may be repaid to a black crow, and the debt one owes to a sage priest may be repaid to an ordinary priest.


So, if you earnestly pray that blessings be given to you without delay, how can your prayers fail to be answered?

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2015年 05月 30日

Gosho 祈祷抄 On Prayer


One may ask why the results of these vows should be so long in appearing.


And yet, though one might point at the earth and miss it,
Even if one missed while pointing at he earth,


though one might bind up the sky,
even if one tied up the sky,


though the tides might cease to ebb and flow and the sun rise in the west,
even if the ebb and flow of the tide ceased, and even if the sun rose in the west,


it could never come about that the prayers of the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra would go unanswered.
the prayers of the votary of the Lotus Sutra would never be unanswered.


If the bodhisattvas, the human and heavenly beings, the eight kinds of nonhuman beings, the two sages, the two heavenly deities, and the ten demon daughters would by some unlikely chance fail to appear and protect the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, then above them they would be showing disdain for Shakyamuni and the other Buddhas, and below they would be guilty of deceiving the beings of the nine realms.

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2015年 05月 30日

Gosho 兄弟抄一 Letter to Brothers 1


The Lotus Sutra [Gohonzon] is the eye of all the Buddhas. It is the original teacher of Shakyamuni Buddha himself, the lord of teachings.


If one discards one word or even one brush stroke of the sutra, the offense is graver than that of one who kills one’s parents ten million times over, or even of one who sheds the blood of all the Buddhas in the ten directions. This is why those who forsook the Lotus Sutra had to suffer for a period of major world system dust particle kalpas or numberless major world system dust particle kalpas.


The Lotus Sutra reads, “Since hatred and jealousy toward this sutra abound even when the Thus Come One is in the world, how much more will this be so after his passing?”


It also reads, “It will face much hostility in the world and be difficult to believe.”


The Nirvana Sutra states, “By suffering an untimely death, rebuke, curses or humiliation, beatings with a whip or rod,imprisonment, starvation, adversity, or other minor hardships in this lifetime,one can avoid falling into hell.”


The Parinirvāna Sutra says: “They may be poorly clad and poorly fed,


seek wealth in vain,


be born to an impoverished and lowly family or one with erroneous views,


or be persecuted by their sovereign. They may besubjected to various other sufferings and retributions.


It is due to the blessings obtained by protecting the Law that they can diminish in thislifetime their suffering and retribution.”

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2015年 05月 30日

Gosho 兄弟抄 Letter to Brothers


 You two wives should have no regrets even if your husbands do you harm because of your faith in this teaching.


 If both of you unite in encouraging your husbands’ faith, you will follow the path of the dragon king’s daughter and become a model for women attaining Buddhahood in the evil latter age.


 Insofar as you can act this way, no matter what may happen, Nichiren will tell the two sages, the two heavenly kings, the ten demon daughters, Shakyamuni, and Many Treasures to make you Buddhas in every future existence.


 A passage inthe Six Pāramitās Sutra says to become the master of your mind rather than let your mind master you.


 Whatever trouble occurs, regard it as no more than a dream, and think only of the Lotus Sutra.
 No matter what troubles may disturb you, regard them as fleeting as a dream and always think only of the Lotus Sutra.


 Nichiren’s teaching was especially difficult to believe at first, but now that my prophecies have been fulfilled, those who slandered without reason have come to repent.

Even if in the future other men and women become my believers,they will not replace you in my heart.


Among those who believed at first, many later discarded their faith, fearing that society would reject them.


Among these are some who oppose me more furiously than those who slandered from the beginning.


In Shakyamuni Buddha’s lifetime, the monk Sunakshatra believed the Buddha at first, then later not only backslid, but also slandered so viciously that even the Buddha could not save him from falling into the hell of incessant suffering.

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2015年 05月 30日

Gosho 兄弟抄三 Letter to Brothers 3


 Therefore, how could it measure up to the Lotus Sutra? The four devils fiercely oppose the mastery of even such a shallow art as the occult.


 How much greater, then, are the tribulations that will confront the disciples and lay supporters of the person who is the first to embrace and the first to propagate in Japan the seven characters of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, the ultimate principle of the Lotus Sutra. It is impossible to imagine, let alone describe in words.


 The doctrine of three thousand realms in a single moment of life revealed in the fifth volume of Great Concentration and Insight is especially profound.


 If you propagate it, devils will arise without fail.


 If they did not, there would be no way of knowing that this is the correct teaching.


 One passage from the same volume reads: “As practice progresses and understanding grows,the three obstacles and four devils emerge in confusing form, vying with one another to interfere . . .


 One should be neither influenced nor frightened by them.


If one fall sunder their influence, one will be led into the paths of evil.


 If one is frightened by them, one will be prevented from practicing the correct teaching.”


 This statement not only applies to me, but also is a guide for my followers.


 Reverently make this teaching your own, and transmit it as an axiom of faith for future generations.

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2015年 05月 30日

Gosho 兄弟抄二 Letter to Brothers 2


You must persevere through this trial and see for yourselves the blessings of the Lotus Sutra.


I, Nichiren, will also emphatically call on the heavenly gods.


Now more than ever, you must neither show nor feel any fear.


Women are fainthearted, and your wives have probably given up their belief.


Yet you must grit your teeth and never slacken in your faith.


Be as fearless as Nichiren when he acted and spoke out before Hei-no Saemon-no-jō.


Although theirs was not the path to Buddhahood, the sons of Lord Wada and of the governor of Wakasa, as well as the warriors under Masakado and Sadatō, fought to the death to preserve their honor.


Death comes to all, even should nothing untoward ever happen.


Therefore, you must never be cowardly, or you will become the object of ridicule.

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