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2019年 09月 22日

5. The menace of Mongolia and warning to the ruler.

5. The menace of Mongolia and warning to the ruler.

Then in January 1268 after four years, the incident to bring dark clouds in the future in Japan happens. The envoy of the Mongolia empire arrived at Dazaifu and demanded subordination from Japan. Mongolia destroyed Korea with the powerful armaments and has been invading to mainland China. Kublai Khan, the emperor of the Yuan dynasty, demanded subordination from Japan in letter. Further, if rejected this, he threatened to attack Japan. The Kamakura Shogunate began preparations for defense in defiance of this threat. As a result, the attack of Mongolia became decisive.

This incident meant the hit of the calamity of the invasion of other countries which Nichiren has foretold in Rissho Ankokuron nine years ago. Nichiren was convinced that this national crisis could not be settled if it was not himself and he sent the letters (11 missives) to each temple of Kamakura including regent Tokimune Hojo in October of that year, and demanded the debate of public place. This purpose is to gather the Buddhist priests of each denominations in front of a king, to determine right or wrong of the Law of Buddha. Nichiren claimed that a national crisis would approach finally if Shogunate did not stop faiths of the wicked doctrine.

“I have the honor to inform your excellency.

On the eighteenth day of January of this year, the missive was received from the western barbarians, the great Mongol Empire. Nichiren's idea came true as with 'the treatise of establishing the correct teachings for the safety of the nation', Nichiren had compiled it gathering the precious words from the various sutras some years ago. Nichiren is in some sense a sainthood because a saint knows the future. Hence, I warn about this matter respectfully again. You must stop your support to Kenchoji, Jufukuji, Gokurakuji, Tahoji, Jokomyoji temple, the Hall of the Great Buddha, and other temples at once. If you do not do so, you will assuredly be attacked from four directions repeatedly. You must act quickly to pray for eliminating the Mongol and bring peace and security to our nation. And the task of praying to subdue them cannot be accomplished without Nichiren. When a vassal will speak out to king, that nation will take its correct course; and when a son will have an argument, the family will continue to be right. The safety and danger of the nation depends upon the correctness and erroneousness of its government policies. And the correct and wicked of Buddha's Law is decided by reflecting the bright mirror of the texts of the sutra.

In the first place, this country is a land of the gods, and the gods will not condone impoliteness. The god in heavens of seven generations, gods in the land of the five generations, and the other benevolent deities are beings who guard and protect the only teaching of Buddha. Moreover, the Lotus Sutra is their food and honesty are their power. The Lotus Sutra states, “the various Buddha of saviors of the world abide in the supernatural place, and in order to please living beings they display immeasurable supernatural powers”. When a nation casts aside the sole teachings, how would the benevolent deities fail to display anger? The Benevolent Kings Sutra says, “Once the sages have left, then the seven disasters are certain to arise”. The king of Wu failed to hear the warning of Wu Zixu and thereby brought about his own destruction. The evil rulers Chieh and Chou put to death their loyal ministers Kuan Lung-feng and Pi Kan and as a result lost their thrones. And now Japan is about to be deprived by Mongolia. Is this not a distress? Is this not a surprise?

If you fail to adopt the warnings of Nichiren, you will surely regret it later. Nichiren is the errand of the Lotus Sutra. The Lotus Sutra says, “He . . . is the envoy of the tathagata. He has been dispatched by tathagata and carries out the task of tathagata”. And the act of various Buddha of the three existences of past, present, and future is the Lotus Sutra.

I have sent letters of warning to various other persons, and it is my hope that you summon them all, discuss the matter, and let me know your judgment on it. In effect, prayers that are being offered up should be suspended, and the representatives of the various sects should be summoned from you so that they debate with me. Please decide the correct and wicked in Buddha's Law. There is the fine pine tree in the depths of the valley, but if the skilled gardener is unaware of this existence, the fault is in his. There is the person dressing in beautiful clothes in the dark, but if others fail to recognize him, this is due to their own stupidity. In the three countries of India, China, and Japan, the judgement of Law of Buddha was decided by the ruler, who was King Ajatashatru, the rulers of the Ch'en and Sui dynasties, and Emperor Kammu. I am not urging any private opinion or prejudice; I state it solely out of motives of grand loyalty. I do not state it for my own sake. I state it for the sake of the gods, for the sake of the ruler, for the sake of the nation and for the sake of all living beings.

Very truly yours.

The eleventh day of October in the fifth year of Bun'ei [1268]. Nichiren.

Respectfully presented to the lay priest Yadoya”. Missive to Tokimune Hojo’.

“To begin with, the buildings of Buddhist stand side by side, the teachings of Buddhism filling it even to the roof. Buddhism flourishes in a fashion surpassing anything known in India or China; and the ceremonies of the priests resemble those of arhats who possess the six powers. However, they do not understand whether it is high or low, and not understand either whether it is shallow or deep, among the various sutras preached in the Buddha's lifetime. They are hardly different from the birds or beasts. People cast aside the tathagata Shakyamuni of three virtues and instead believe in Buddha or bodhisattva of other land forthwith. Are they not like the Anti-Lokayata of ancient India? Faiths in the Nembutsu lead to the hell of incessant suffering; the Zen school is the work of the devil; Shingon is a wicked doctrine that will ruin the nation; and the religious precepts sect is a false preach that is traitor of the nation.

Therefore, around the first year of the Bunno era [1260], I wrote 'the treatise of establishing the correct teachings for the safety of the nation', which I handed to the lay priest Yadoya for presentation to Saimyoji [Tokiyori] who had passed away. In conclusion of this writing, I got perception that it is because persons are putting faiths in wicked teachings such as the Nembutsu, Shingon, Zen, and religious precepts sect that calamities and disasters occur again and again in our world today. Moreover, I predicted that this country would be accused from a foreign nation. Then, on the eighteenth day of January of this year, the missive arrived from the Mongol nation. It has happened, like I predicted without the slightest discrepancy. Is it because the prayers being offered up from the various temples and mountain monasteries have lost a power, or because it is the evil Law? Both the rulers and the multitude of people in Kamakura pay reverence to the saint Doryu as though you are Buddha, and they look up to the saint Ryoukan as though he is an arhat. In addition, the priests of Jufukuji, Tahoji, Jokomyoji, Chorakuji, and the Hall of the Great Buddha are wicked persons of arrogance as the sutra says 'They are boastful and suppose they have attained what they have not attained. How can they pray to overcome and overpower the vast military might of Mongolia? On the contrary, both rulers and people of this country of Japan will all be taken prisoner. At their present existence they will see their nation overthrown, and in their next existence they will decidedly fall into the hell of incessant suffering. If you do not adopt Nichiren's warnings, you will regret it later.

I have written letters of this contents and have respectfully sent to the Lord Kamakura of the regent, to the lay priest Yadoya and to Heino Saemonnojo and others. I would hope that these persons all gather in one place to discuss after. I, Nichiren, do not venture to express mere private and prejudiced opinion; I only base upon the texts of the sutras and treatises. It is difficult to explain this matter by a letter, and therefore I hope for a confrontation with you in debate! Writing does not fully express speech, speech does not fully stand for mind.

With my deep respect.

The eleventh day of October in the fifth year of Bun'ei [1268].


Respectfully presented to the attendant of the saint Doryu of Kenchoji temple".Missive to the saint Doryu of Kenchoji Temple’.

“With regard to the missive that has arrived from the western barbarians, the great Mongol Empire, I have respectfully submitted letters to the Lord Kamakura and the others. I, Nichiren, had thought 'the treatise of establishing the correct teachings for the peace and safety of the nation' around the first year of the Bun’no era [1260], and it has come true without the slightest discrepancy. What do you think of this? Venerable Ryoukan, you had best give up your attitude of jeering and put your faiths in Nichiren speedily. If you do not, you will be guilty of “preaching the Law to white-robed laymen” while “despising and looking down on all human being”. “Rely on the Law, not upon persons”. These are golden words given to us by the tathagata Shakyamuni. It would seem that the place of saint Ryoukan is described by the Lotus Sutra in the words “Or there will be monks wearing clothing of patched rags and living in forest namely aranya”. The word aranya, or “forest,” means a place of peace and quiet. This location differs from your place making a false statement and a false charge for slandering Nichiren. You are nothing more than a saint of sham and bandit resembling the scholars of the three kind of Buddhism. You are an arrogant counterfeit saint, in present existence you are a bandit of the nation, and in next existence you will fall into the hell unquestionably. If you feel even a little remorse for your past sin, come and put your faiths in Nichiren. I have written letters to Kenchoji and the other temples including the Lord Kamakura for informing them of my views on this matter. In effect, if we hope to achieve our original intentions, there is no better way than having a showdown in debate. In other words, the comparison between the Lotus Sutra of the king in the various sutra and the Law of superficial and shallow Buddhism sutra reveals the superiority and the inferiority, for example, these are river and the ocean or are Mt. Hua Shan and Mt. Chomolungma. Do you know the secret Law that will pray to overcome the Mongol nation emphatically? I, Nichiren, am the foremost votary of the Lotus Sutra in all of Japan and am a general who can defeat the Mongol nation, because, the Lotus Sutra says, 'the person likewise foremost among all living beings'”. Missive to the Gokurakuji Ryoukan’.

But Kamakura monks including the shogunate smothered Nichiren's remonstration. They had been terrified that the force of Nichiren become more powerful. The number of believers in the Lotus Sutra had been attaining a one-tenth of Japan.


Life of Nichiren. Compact edition.

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