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2020年 01月 24日

Writing to the Lord Shijo Kingo. (Tatsunokuchi Persecution). 四条金吾殿御書(竜口御書)

Writing to the Lord Shijo Kingo. (Tatsunokuchi Persecution).

September 21, 1271. Fifty years old.


I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your frequent letters.

いずれにせよ、12日目の迫害の際には、辰の口に同行されたばかりでなく、一緒に死ぬと宣言されたのですから。この驚きは言葉にならない。過去に、私が妻と子供、私の土地と信徒のために命を捨てた場所はいくつありましたか? 山や海や川や海岸や道端での生活を捨てたのかもしれない。しかし、これらは法華経のためのものでもなければ、南無妙法蓮華経という題目(備考)への迫害のためのものでもなく、私が捨てた命や迫害は仏になる要因ではなかった。これらは仏になる要因ではないので、命を捨てた海や川は仏の土地ではないとされる。

Be that as it may, at the time of my persecution on the 12th day, not only did you accompany me to Tatsunokuchi, but also you declared that you would die together with me. This surprise unutterable. In past existences, how many were the places where I have thrown away my life for the sake of my wife and children, my land and followers? I have perhaps abandoned my life in the mountains and the seas, on the rivers, on the seashore, and at the roadside. However, these were not the sake of the Lotus Sutra or the persecution of the daimoku(Note) namely Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, hence the lives that I had thrown away and persecutions were not factors to become Buddha. Because these were not factors to become Buddha, the seas and rivers where I threw away my life are not Buddha's land supposedly.


In this life, however, as the votary of the Lotus Sutra, I was sentenced to banishment and death. The place of the banishment is Ito, and capital punishment is Tatsunokuchi. Tatsunokuchi in Sagami country is the place where I, Nichiren, threw away own life.

どうして仏様の国より劣っているのですか?すでに法華経の所以であるからである。経典には「10の方角の仏の国で唯一の法があります」とある。この経典で「唯一の法 」とは法華経を指す。10の方角の仏国には、法華経以外のものは一切存在しない。これは釈尊が 「仏の方便の法を除く」 と言ったためである。そうなると、日蓮が迫害に遭ったすべての場所が仏の地となります。サハの国の日本、日本の相模の国、相模の国の片瀬、片瀬の辰口は日蓮が命を落としたところです。龍の口は法華経のために命を捧げたので、穏やかな光の国と呼ばれるにふさわしい。これは「超能力」の章で述べられていることかもしれない。「仏は庭や森や山あいや荒野で涅槃に入る」。

How can it be inferior than the Buddha’s land? This is because the reason has been already the reason of the Lotus Sutra. The Sutra states, “there is the only Law in the countries of Buddha of the ten directions,” it will be this meaning. 'The only Law' in this sutra means the Lotus Sutra. The others do not exist than the Lotus Sutra in the Buddha countries of the ten directions at all. This is because Shakyamuni says ‘Removes the teachings of the expedients of the Buddha’. If it is so, every place where Nichiren meets persecution will be the land of the Buddha. Japan in the Saha world, Sagami country in Japan, Katase in Sagami country, Tatsunokuchi in Katase, is where Nichiren put his own life. Because he gave his life there for the sake of the Lotus Sutra, Tatsunokuchi deserves to be called the land of tranquil light. This might be what the chapter of "Supernatural powers" states. “Whether in a garden or a forest or in mountain valleys or the wide wilderness, Buddha enters nirvana on these places”.


You accompanied Nichiren as the votary of the Lotus Sutra and vowed to follow me by death. For saving duke Yi from shame and dishonor, Hun-Yen has cut open his stomach and inserted own liver to his dead lord Yi. Your deed is much superior to Hun-Yen astonishingly. When I will visit the Eagle Peak, I first report that Shijo Kingo resolved to die for the Lotus Sutra!

また、非公式に鎌倉の支配者の命令で佐渡国に派遣されると聞いています。3つの天の光のうち、月の天が光り、龍の口に現れて私を救い、星の天が4、5日前に降りてきて私を迎えてくれました。今は太陽の天だけが残る。本当にかれらは、わたしを守護なされる。頼もしい! 励みになります! 「法の支配者 」の段では、 「われ、ブッダ、化身の人を遣わして、その者を守らせる。」 とある。この文は疑いの余地がない。「快適な行為 」では、「剣と杖は彼に触れない」とされている。観音菩薩の項に 「太刀は砕け散る」 とある。これらの経典には虚構の類はない。強くて活発な信仰は本当に尊いものです。

Also, I hear unofficially that by the order of the ruler of Kamakura he will send me to Sado country. Out of the three kinds of heavens' light, the heavens of the moon saved me at Tatsunokuchi by appearing as a shining object, and the heavens of star descended four or five days ago to greet me. Now only the heavens of the sun remain, and they are certain to protect me. What reliable! How encouraging! The chapter of 'the master of the Law' says, 'I, Buddha, will send the person of the incarnation and I will let them have to guard him'. This sentence leaves no room for doubt. The chapter of 'comfortable act' says, “Swords and staves will not touch him”. The chapter of Kannon Bodhisattva states, 'And the sword will break to pieces'. There is nothing of fiction in these texts of the sutra. The strong and active faiths are precious indeed!

 Sincerely yours, Nichiren.

 September 21, 1271.  

To the Lord Shijo Kingo.

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