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2020年 08月 19日

30. Tatsunokuchi Persecution. 1

      Japanese Edition

The believers were full of uneasiness about the future of Nichiren.

It is said that Nichiren saint was summoned to appear in the military headquarter. Possibly he is arrested and may become the dead. Furthermore, the Lotus sutra believers may be oppressed. The rumors were all over the place. Everyone was in a state of trepidation.

Nichiren came home here.

“I'm sorry you're all so worried.”

Shijo Kingo sat forward.

“Master, please move out of Kamakura as soon as possible. Soldiers are gathering in the military headquarters. A rumor to catch you is spreading. Please wait in the safe place till the storm blows over.”

"No, I cannot do that."

All the members were surprised. Toki Jonin sat forward too.

“Why is it, sir? If the master is arrested, we, the Lotus Sutra Sect, will be destroyed.”

Nichiren was calming down.

“Endure it. Now is the time to test the faith of Nichiren and his followers.”

Many believers stood up then and turned my back on Nichiren and left one after another. They noticed that this situation was in danger. It was other people's affairs until yesterday, but now danger is going to fall on them. Even the person who declared the unyielding oath turned away fearfully.

Kingo is surprised.

“Wait! Where do all of you go? Now, these are crucial moments here!”

Jonin stopped them too.

“Wait for it, and where will you go?”

Nichiren later wrote about his thoughts at that time.

“Although I and my disciples may encounter various persecutions, we will reach the world of Buddha in accordance with nature, as long as we do not have the heart to doubt. Do not doubt even if the heavens do not protect you. Should not be discouraged even if you are not at peace now. Though I have taught this to my disciple day and night, all of them raise doubts, abandoned their faith. Foolish people forget what they have promised when the crucial moment has come. Do you grieve for your wives and children because you take pity on them, that you may be separated from them in this world? In countless rebirths throughout the infinite past you have had a wife and child, but parted from them in every existence. Did it part from them unwillingly? Or did you do your part to achieve Buddhahood? These are the same parting. If so, you rather remain faithful to your faiths of the Lotus Sutra to go to the Spirit Eagle Mountain (note) and should lead your wife and child there.” ‘Liberation from Blindness. Part 2.’

Yadoya Nyudo Mitsunori of the Shogunate chief vassal came in just after believers had left.

He is an old acquaintance of Nichiren. He was the person who passed on 'the Rissho Ankoku-Ron' to Tokiyori Hojo. Yadoya was pressing Nichiren for adjustment after the problem had happened in the military headquarters.

Yadoya sits straight with the clothes like a government official. His story got to the point immediately.

“Will you not do me a favor? It is the time of a life-or-death crisis for Nichiren shonin and believers now. The shogunate government is admitting the faiths of the Lotus Sutra. We are only saying that you should stop showing disapproval to the other religion. If you do not blame them, you could receive the satisfactory patronage of the Shogunate. Would you not understand it?”

“I can't agree with you.”


Yadoya cannot understand Nichiren. Nichiren insists that it is disobeying the Buddha's teachings to consider the Lotus Sutra and other sutras equal.

“The people today appear to believe in the Lotus Sutra, but in fact they do not really believe in the Lotus Sutra. The reason is this: When someone assures them that the Lotus Sutra is the same as the Dainichi Sutra, or that it is the same as the Kegon Sutra or the Amida Sutra, they are pleased and place their faith in this person. If someone tells them that the Lotus Sutra is completely different from all the other sutras, they will not listen to him, or even if they should listen, they do not think that the person was speaking the truth." ‘Part 1 of Liberation from Blindness’.

Only the Lotus Sutra is the scripture of becoming Buddha, and other sutras cannot become the Buddha, to the contrary, the other sutras fall into the evil courses. People do not understand this doctrine and reason. Nichiren said 'Cut off the necks of Ryoukan and Doryu and burn down Gokurakuji and Kenchoji Temple.' This was to awaken people ignorant about the Law of Buddha.

Nichiren showed abnormal calm, like it is what he expected, far from being upset, even if he receives the situation that the Lotus Sutra sect is going to collapse in this way.

"Lord Yadoya, I greatly appreciate your kindness. However, I cannot receive the proposal.”

A color of the disappointment was reflected on most of the disciples and believers vividly on them. Nichiren advances by himself and is going to receive great persecution voluntarily. There was a person who criticized Nichiren with only eyes.

“It is Nembutsu and Zen Buddhism that have caused the misfortune of Japan or a national crisis of Mongolia. There will not be peace and security in Japan unless we punish them."

Yadoya confided in the terrible movement of the Shogunate here.

“I am a shogunate vassal, but I respect Nichiren shonin. In addition, I advised our lord Tokimune to understand the priest. Yet, the situation had changed completely in the military headquarters the day before yesterday. The samurai group, including Heino Saemon-no-jo decided a policy to arrest people of Nichiren sect all together.”

Disciples and believers were further shocked.

“It is not a dishonest threat. They are saying, 'Put the disciples in jails, as for the samurai, confiscate their territory. As for believers, banish them from Kamakura, and, as for Nichiren, cut off his neck."'

None of the disciples and believers present there could utter a voice. No, everybody had lost a voice for an excessive shock.

After a short pause, the direct-hearted Kingo took his anger out on Yadoya.

“Lord Yadoya, do not say impolite remarks! You lord used abusive language towards the shonin. I am serving the Shogunate too. I will let nobody touch our shonin!”

Nichiren restrained Kingo and said.

“Lord Yadoya, I am preparing for it from the start. Many thanks for your advice. But I intend to tell it to lord Kamakura even if it costs my life. I cannot withdraw. I must ask you to leave.”

Though Yadoya expected a compromise, this is an unexpected result.

“Is it useless even if I speak with you further? How regrettable. Maybe you could have become a great monk to lead a country, but..."

While looking back, Ydoya left.

The sun was slowly sinking in the west.

Shijo Kingo crossed his arms, standing perfectly motionless, for caution at the residence of Nichiren and looked around.

He understood that there was a serious situation in the Nichiren sect now. As Yadoya said, he knew that danger approached him.

But he intended that he did not part from Nichiren. No, rather, ever since he had come into contact with Nichiren, he had been unable to leave him. He saw Nichiren in his own eyes and felt his deep affection. His feeling to respect the priest Nichiren became stronger day by day. This feeling was far superior to the weakness of will that ran away from the great calamity approaching very near.

Kingo did not understand the Law of Buddha deeply. A will seek the truth of the Law that was immeasurable the Lotus Sutra was not strong. However, he loved the great man, Nichiren, who did not succumb to the oppression of the Kamakura Shogunate, which frightened even naughty children. Fifteen years ago, in a small hermitage in Matsuba Valley, Kamakura, he heard a sermon for the first time and has never been able to leave Nichiren since. Kingo vowed that he would accompany Nichiren infinitely.

It was dusk before long and as Kingo felt temporary relief, he entered the residence and said hello.

“Master, there seems to be nothing today. I'll leave you to it. I will come to you if there is any movement, so please inform me immediately.”

Nichiren sat straight and lowered his head.

“Lord Kingo, you are a government official and not free. I am sorry to trouble you so often. Apart from that, I have something I need to talk to you about.”

Kingo mended his collar.

Nichiren stared at dear Kingo.

“You have dedicated yourself to me well so far. Nichiren is glad. By the way, please make sure of events in the future with the eyes of Lord Kingo well. You will become the witness. Lord, is it good for you? This is a promise.”

Nichiren gave the hands of Kingo a warm clasp.

Kingo was too nervous to speak because he had never received such a request from Nichiren before.

However, Kingo wondered at the same time. What does a witness imply? What will be happening in the future? Kingo was not able to understand all that.

September of the lunar calendar is October in modern times. Autumn has come. The fallen leaves are rustling in the wind.

Nichiren began a lecture to the disciples. Volume 5 of the Lotus Sutra is placed on the sutra desk in front of Nichiren.

“The chapter of 'the recommending having' of the fifth in the Lotus Sutra says, ‘The persons of various ignorant will speak ill and they slander, they use swords and sticks’. According to this text of the scripture, the person spreading the Lotus Sutra in the cruel world of the Latter-Days of the Law will be spoken ill, and there is the persecution of a sword and a stick. This is what I always talked to all of you until now. Nichiren is not a saint. But I resemble a saint if I embrace the Lotus Sutra as like teaching of this scripture and act. I have not been wrong in what I have said so far. Do not doubt me in the next future because of this.”

Nichiren speaks of it as if it were his last will and testament.

Hoki-bo and Nichiro opened their eyes so widely and continued to look at Nichiren's face.

Nichiren continues the lecture of the Lotus Sutra indifferently.

“The chapter of the ‘Teacher of the Law' says, 'In other words, I will send the person of the incarnate and I will let them have to guard him'. 'The chapter of Peaceful Practice' says, 'The various children of the heavens will serve him. He will not be attacked by a sword and a stick and will not be harmed by poison'. Also, it says, ‘Besides, all heavens will always guard him for the sake of Law night and day’. The chapter of Kannon Bodhisattva states, ' Or, when he encounters the suffering of the king's persecution and is taken to the place of execution and his life is about to be cut short, if he remembers the power of his Avalokitesvara, his sword will be broken into pieces.’ I should encounter great persecution from now on. The event of this text of the scripture will happen for a messenger of Buddha by all means. With this you will know whether Nichiren is a practitioner of the Lotus Sutra or not.”

Continued to 2

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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