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105 The Great Leader of Propagating the Essence (2)

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Nikko delivered the doctrine of Nichiren to Nichimoku of the next generation in this way and handed down it to the future generation without running out of a bloodline of succession of Kosen-rufu. Besides, Nikko determines six new priests of virtue right before passing away and ensures 'perpetuation of Law' because Nikko lived long with 88 years old and lost most of six priests of virtue he established. The name of the new six priests are written down in 'About the Nichiren Sect' which was written by Nissei of 17th chief priest in Daisekiji as follows. Nichidai (founder of Nishiyama Honmonji temple), Niccho(the first scholarly chief of Omosu), Nichido(fourth chief priest of Daisekiji temple), Nichimyo(second priest of Kitayama Honmonji temple), Nichigo(founder of Hoda Myohonji temple), Nichijo (founder of Omosu Nishinobo).

Nichiren of the teacher called Nikko "a person who rescue for ten thousand years" or "a person who pour the water of Law into the pot" and, also called him " the great leader who was entrusted the essential teachings to".
 A 'pour the water', it means that the person transfer the water of Law for future without wrong in such a way to pour the water to the pot.
 A "entrusted the essential teachings to", it means the ceremony where Shakyamuni Buddha granted the Law of essence of the latter day of the Law to Jogyo Bodhisattva of leader of innumerable bodhisattvas of emerging from the ground in the Lotus Sutra.
 The Law of essence is the daimoku, title, of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.
 Nichiren called Nikko a great leader with Law of essence. There was nothing wrong on Nichiren's judgement. And Nikko called Nichimoku who was entrusted with his future as “the chief priest of the whole world.”

I write down the next progress of Hakiri family from now.

Hakiri family who was also said to be Nanbu family was caught up to the battle of the northern and southern dynasties after Kamakura Shogunate extinction. They took side of the south dynasty of the Godaigo Emperor and fought, but were defeated to the north led by Taka'uzi Asikaga. After unification of the north and south dynasties too, Nambu family did not serve the Ashikaga north dynasty.

In 1393, the Nanbu clan abandoned all of the feudal tenure at last, and they left for far-off Tohoku. It is the 104th year Nikko went down the mountain. In addition, there was the clan of Hakiri who protected Kuon temple of the Mt. Minobu which Nichiren had built, but, in 1527, they were subdued by father Nobutora of Shingen Takeda, and Hakiri clan of this land was completely ruined. The reason was the crime that Hakiri was secretly connected with Imagawa of Suruga in the neighboring country. There will be it according the sutra; "Who spits against heaven, it falls in his face." "Shame take him that shame thinks. "

Nikko left the world at 88 years old on February 7, 1333, 52 years after Nichiren passed away.

It may be said Nikko had surprising long life when we consider Nikko lived a severe exile place in Izu or Sado with Nichiren and moreover consider a situation of the times that famine and an epidemic spread all over.

There was not the five monk anymore in the world in this time.

Most elder Nissho was dead at 88 years old ten years before of Nikko. Nichirou dies at 76 years old 13 years ago, and Niccho is 66 years old 16 years ago, Nikou finishes a life at 62 years old 19 years ago. In addition, Nichiji is thought to have died in a Karafuto or Ezo land.

On May 1 of this former year, fighting with the persecution in Atsuhara together, Tokimitsu Nanjo who could be said with the friend of Law beyond the relations called a priest and the believer finishes 74 lives.

It is strongly guessed the reason why Nikko was longevity is because there was a mission of making sure of a solid foundation being performed for the Sanctuary of Essential Teachings coming true in Daiseki field of great Nichiren Huashan, the foot of Fuji, by the will of teacher Nichiren.

In 1333, the great matters happened together inside and outside.

Takauji Ashikaga revolted against the Hojo shogunate as having waited for death of Nikko on April 16. Yoshisada Nitta entraps Kamakura on May 21, and Hojo dies out on the next day. Emperor Godaigo went back to the imperial place of Kyoto, and, on June 5, new government of the Kenmu era began. And Nichimoku of the third chief priest who inherited from Nikko on November 15 left for Kyoto for the remonstrating to the emperor, but it was tragical and entered nirvana in a place of Tarui of Mino country and showed an everlasting example to the disciples of after ages.

Nikko yearned for Nichiren of the teacher at the time of end dropping into drowsiness. Time of 88 years flowed, but, strangely, only the memory of the teacher is left. He met the teacher at 12 years old and received the name of Nikko. Thereafter he followed Nichiren to Kamakura, Izu, Sado, Koshu as if the body and a shadow. That fruitful days still dwell in his mind.

When he recalled, teacher Nichiren changed suffering to pleasure and was the magnificent personality to lead the populace to the hope. The happiness that there was near him. This joy does not fade away in eternity for Nikko.

He was engulfed by sadness at the same time.

“Oh, when can I meet the saint again?”.

It was said that Shijo Kingo had cried in the sorrow of parting in Tatsunokuchi, Nikko was the same again.

Nikko says grace to Gohonzon which was left by the teacher.

There is the following verse to the chapter of phantom city of the Lotus Sutra.

After the Buddha entry into Nirvana.

The person who heard these various Law.

On the land of various Buddha of everywhere.

He is always born with a teacher.

It says that disciple will be born in the country of same Buddha with a teacher in the next life, and come across the teacher. Nikko engraved this sentence of the sutra on his mind and chanted the daimoku. He was anxious for seeing the teacher again so that the dry field wanted gentle rain.

Furthermore, Nikko think.

“Be that as it may, I could see the teacher at this world surprisingly. If the teacher did not visit the Jissoji temple of Iwamoto, it was not me of the present. No, I was able to come across the teacher beyond the stream of time surprisingly. It is said that Law of Buddha performs no miracle, but will there be such chance again? This is rare than person watches the flower of the fig that blooms once in three thousand years than the tortoise of the one eye comes across a numinous piece of tree in the ocean. I am truly a lucky person!”.

The night sky of the Ueno volost was a star of the ten thousand.

Nikko became one of the stars of the vast universe and stared at himself.

Continued to 106. The Last Religious Precepts of Nikko (1)

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