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31. Sweeping out the Provisional Figure and Showing the Fundamental

  Japanese Edition

 It is already midnight.

 The several torches burning red lighted up the darkness at the front door of the residence at Nobutoki Hojo.

Yoritsuna Taira wearing the clothes of armor came out and rode a horse.

Nichiren came out of the residence after him.

Soldiers stand straight on both sides, and Nichiren goes ahead through the middle.

Among the soldiers, there was the person who could not help feeling doubt why a Buddhist priest would be beheaded. However, the order of Yoritsuna cannot but absolutely obey it.

They made Nichiren ride a barebacked horse.

The head group holding a torch left Kamakura at night. Though it is not a battle, a large number of soldiers march in array at midnight and go ahead through the road of Kamakura. It was a bizarre scene.

There are no believers near Nichiren. The disciples are captured, chased, and scattered, and only the little boy, Kumao, follows the horse at a trot. Kuma'o sobs while walking. This child had been undertaking Nichiren's miscellaneous duties since he was helped by Nichiren. That Nichiren is made standing in the slough of despond. Will there be a child whose father is taken away, and does not weep?

Kuma’o who encountered the persecution of Tatsunokuchi will become the monk called Nippo, and carve words of the Grand Gohonzon, which Nichiren erected as the true purpose of his life in the second year of the Ko'an era. It may be said that it is a very magical relationship.

The Hachiman Shrine appeared in front of Nichiren before long.

The Hachiman Shrine shows solemnly in the moonlight.

Yoritsuna alighted from a horse and lowered his head towards a Hachiman Shrine of God of the samurai. The vassals and the soldiers form a row and lower their heads too.

Yoritsuna rode on a horse again, at the time when the entire army was going to advance.

Nichiren shouted.

"Please wait."

The soldiers heard the voice which prevented the army corps, and stopped step unintentionally.

“Did he get cold feet at the end?”

Yoritsuna looked at Nichiren with disdain. It is considered to be a shame that a person is upset before death.

However, Nichiren was calming down.

“All of you need not be surprised. No other intentions. I must say to the Great Bodhisattva Hachiman last.”

ダイアグラム が含まれている画像自動的に生成された説明


 Nichiren scolded Hachiman in a loud voice as soon as he went down from a horse, incredibly.

“The Great Bodhisattva Hachiman, are you a real god?”

The soldiers who formed a row were astonished and trembled. What a surprising monk! He criticizes our tutelary god!

“Now I, Nichiren, am the foremost practitioner of the Lotus Sutra in Japan. Besides, there is no fault of even one to me. I have said the doctrine to save all the people of Japan who would fall into the hell of incessant suffering for slandering the Lotus Sutra. Moreover, if the forces of the powerful Mongol empire attack this country, can the Sun goddess and even Great Bodhisattva Hachiman remain safe and unharmed? In addition, when Shakyamuni Buddha preached the Lotus Sutra, the Taho Buddha and the ten directions' Buddha and bodhisattvas gathered as like sun and sun, moon and moon, star and star, mirror and mirror. In the presence of the countless Heavens as well as the benevolent deities and saints of India and China and Japan, Shakyamuni Buddha warned all of you for offering a written pledge which should not treat the practitioner of the Lotus sutra rudely. Therefore, all of you submitted a written pledge individually. If it is so, Nichiren does not need to say. Why don't you come here when you should be fulfilling your vow in a hurry?”

Loud voice echoes in a dark night.

Yoritsuna Taira was stupefied.

Finally, Nichiren shouted as if threatening.

"When Nichiren is beheaded and goes to a pure place of the Ryoju Mountain, I will dare to report to Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, that the Sun goddess and Orthodox Hachiman are the deities who do not keep vow! You must arrange it immediately if you think that you are in pain!”

But the Great Bodhisattva Hachiman was wrapped in darkness and was remaining silent.

Nichiren rides astride a horse again.

The entire army pushed forward a horse, but there were a lot of soldiers who were shocked in wonder from the desperate loud voice of Nichiren scolding Great Bodhisattva Hachiman, who was the guardian god of the Kamakura Shogunate.

The military horse of Yoritsuna goes down the Wakamiya thoroughfare.

No one was under the moonlight.

This thoroughfare was opened because of an easy delivery of a baby for Masako, the wife of Yoritomo Minamoto, the generalissimo for the subjugation of barbarians, in the old days. The soldiers are passing to cut off the neck of the priest now.

Both Lady Nichimyo and her daughter Oto were putting hands together here. Nichimyo who had divorced his husband for faiths behaves stouthearted, but tears of Oto do not stop.

“Dear Nichiren saint!”

Nichimyo neared a horse of Nichiren, but she was splashed by a soldier.

Oto embraces mother. Two people sat down on the ground and prayed for the safety of Nichiren sincerely.

The armed forces continue advancing.

There was a group of Buddhist priests in black robes.

They have begun to chant Nembutsu towards Nichiren.

Out of them, there is the person opening the folding fan and covering his face in them. The priest stared at Nichiren from the interval of the bone of the folding fan.

That person was the very Gokurakuji Ryoukan.



 Sweeping out the Provisional Figure and Showing the Fundamental

 It is discarding the provisional identity and revealing the truth identity. Tendai preached it that though Shakyamuni left the royal palace of the Shakya clan and became a priest and attained Buddhahood under the Bodhi tree, he discarded the provisional figure later and has had attainment of Buddhahood in the inconceivably remote past in the LifeSpan chapter of 16th of the Lotus Sutra. Nichiren Dishonin swept out the provisional figure which was the reincarnation of Bodhisattva Jogyo at the time of the persecution of Tatsunokuchi and showed himself as the fundamental Buddha in the Latter-Day of the Law.



  The current coast of Shonan leading to Tatsunokuchi. Enoshima Island is in the foreground.

Moonlight illuminated the Pacific Ocean as it sank into the darkness.

The party of Nichiren finally arrived at the Yui beach.

Here was the shrine. That was the Shrine to enshrine Kagemasa Gengoro who built the basics of Kamakura.

When they turned to the right and they were going to go ahead through the road of the Enoshima Tatsunokuchi (the mouth of the dragon), Nichiren called to them again.

"Please wait for a while. There is the person who should tell. Kuma’o.”

Boy Kuma'o came running immediately.

"Kuma'o, call Lord Shijo Kingo."

The boy looked Nichiren in the eye, nodded, and ran as fast as he could toward Kamakura. For he Nichiren was more worthy of respect than a foster parent and the teacher of his life. It became his life itself to accompany Nichiren. Death is approaching Nichiren.

Kuma'o had an intuition that Shijo Kingo could save Nichiren from the predicament of this desperate situation. He ran like jumping in the air towards the residence of Kingo feverishly when he thought it.

A light was burning in the residence of Shijo Kingo.

Kuma’o arrives at long last. The knees of Kuma'o could not stand anymore. He shouted at the top of his voice towards the light of the residence.

“Lord Kingo!”

The door opened, and Kingo, who had a candlestick appeared. Kingo was alarmed by what was going on at this time of night, but he quickly swallowed the situation as soon as he recognized the boy as Kumao.“None other than Kuma’o! Has anything happened to the Shonin?”

The boy said in a tearful voice.

“The Shonin is calling for you. He was kidnapped by the soldier of Lord Yoritsuna.”

“Oh, no! Where is the Shonin now?”

“He is before the Shrine on the beach of Yui.”

Kingo put Kuma'o in the house, and he began preparations immediately.

He tied up the hem of the kimono and wore the sword. And he was going to go out in high spirits, but wife Nichigan-nyo appeared in front. She embraces the daughter.

Nichigan-nyo sat straight. Kingo bent his knees slowly, too.

“Excuse me. A major incident occurred with the shonin. I must go. I may not return.”

The wife smiles strangely.

“I had prepared. You are the most brave among the disciples of the Nichiren saint indeed.”

“I am proud to have you as my wife too. Sorry. Thank you in advance for Tsukimaro.”
Kingo went out barefoot and shouted to the moon.
“Please, please guard Saint Nichiren!”

Kingo went to the beach of Yui at full speed. In addition, three brothers of Kingo who heard the matter followed.

Nichigan-nyo, who was left, embraced the daughter and cried in the same way towards the night sky.

“Please help both Saint Nichiren and Shijo Kingo Yorimoto!”

Kingo who arrived at the scene watched that Nichiren, who rode a horse under the moonlight, was surrounded at the Yui beach by the soldiers.

The soldiers were surprised at Kingo and prevented him with halberds first. However, Yoritsuna Taira soothed the excited soldier.

“Be quiet! Be quiet! Let that man go through. This is the appearance of Shijo Nakatsukasa Saburo Saemonnojo Yorimoto who is the best disciple of Nichiren.”

Yoritsuna said with contempt. Kingo of the Nichiren sect is famous even among the samurais of the Shogunate. Yoritsuna permitted the last encounter of the teacher and disciple.

Kingo took the reins of the horse.

“Master, are you hurt anywhere? The unworthy disciple was on time somehow.”

Teacher Nichiren was unexpectedly smiling.

“Tonight, I will be beheaded. This is what I prayed for during these several years. In this Shaba world (note), I have been born as a pheasant only to be caught by hawks, born as a mouse only to be eaten by cats, and born as a human to be murdered attempting to defend my wife and children from enemies. Or the number of times he lost himself for his wife, his children, or his enemies was more than the dust of the earth. However, I had not lost my life, even once, for a Lotus Sutra. In this life, I am born poor, and unable to discharge filial duty to my parents and unable to repay the country's favors too. This time I will devote my own neck to the Lotus Sutra and offer that virtue to my deceased parents, and will give the rest to the disciples and followers. What I had said to you at my residence on the night of the day when I had the summon is that very today's event.”

Yoritsuna Taira, having waited for a while, gave the entire army an order powerfully again.

“From now on, we will go to Tatsunokuchi!"

Several soldiers who have a torch at the top. Following them, the army surrounding Nichiren proceeded.

Yoritsuna Taira saw the army off at this point and turned back to Kamakura. The work of Yoritsuna was over there. His return to his own residence after this and should wait for a neck of Nichiren. It is unbecoming that the Shogunate butler assassinates a person under cover of darkness. He will just leave the rest to the small army.

It was a long autumn night, with a half-moon and countless stars shining in the clear sky.

On his right, the steep mountains. To his left, the vast Pacific Ocean.

The horse with Nichiren is subtracted by Kingo and goes ahead through the shoreline solemnly where the sound of the tide does not stop.

On the other hand, at this time, Tokimune was patting the big stomach of wife Noriko in the bedroom of the residence. As for him, nothing knows that a serious situation is happening at midnight.

Two people smiled at each other.

Tokimune put his ear to the abdomen of Noriko.

“Will my child be born soon?”

Noriko laughs.

“My lord, you should not say such selfishness. If time does not pass a little more, the child is not born."

“I cannot wait. Does the day to be born not come early?”

“Whatever your Highness may be, I am happiest now.”


“It is because what is loved in this way from Highness is the happiest.”

Noriko buried her face in the breast of Tokimune.

At that time, they heard a voice whispering from the opposite side of the door.

“My lord, are you in bed already?”

It was the voice of Yasumori Adachi.

Tokimune stood up and opened the sliding paper-door distrustfully.

Yasumori sits straight and demurely.

Noriko was surprised.

“Mr. Older brother!"

Tokimune could not hide his confusion at Yasumori's sudden visit.

“Yasumori, at midnight what happened?”

Yasumori raised his head and showed eyes of anger.

“I have just received a report, sir. The priest Nichiren was abducted by the soldiers of Yoritsuna and he seems to be going to Tatsunokuchi.”

“What! Do they intend to cut the neck of Nichiren?”

Tatsunokuchi is the pronoun for beheading. Noriko clung to the back of Tokimune and shook.

The voice of Tokimune echoes in the residence.

“Stop it! Say to Yoritsuna. How could he be about to cut off the head of a monk when the wife of the regent was pregnant? Shame on him! Nichiren is innocent. We must repent if there was fault!”

The samurai of the messenger jumped onto the horse under the moonlight.

Yasumori entrusted the messenger with a letter of Tokimune and encouraged him.

“Hurry to Tatsunokuchi!”

Yasumori had been getting angry at the tyranny of Yoritsuna. If tyranny of Yoritsuna continues, he becomes a danger. What should he do?

Yasumori set up a thought. Yasumori will dampen power of Yoritsuna if he interfered with the death penalty of Nichiren. This is not because he helps Nichiren. It is because he did not want to lose his position.

The horse with Nichiren goes more ahead through the road of the shoreline to Tatsunokuchi.

Even at the present, the sea is to the left, and, on the right side, a steep mountain spreads out. There is no way to escape there.

Yoritsuna Taira intends to assassinate Nichiren in darkness. The Kamakura Shogunate always executed the important person in secret. They never cut the criminal in the capital. This was true in the case of the Taira family as well as in the case of court nobles involved in the Jokyu War.

On the other hand, Shijo Kingo has already prepared for it.

(Since Yoritsuna Taira appointed Tatsunokuchi, the death of the master Nichiren is not avoided. If so, I will commit suicide by cutting the abdomen, too.)

Kingo was often told by Nichiren.

“No mortal escapes death.”

Man will die sooner or later. Fate of the next life is decided on what a person dies for. The teacher as the samurai is Nagoe Mitsutoki of the Hojo family, but the teacher of the Lotus Sutra through the three existences is nothing but Nichiren. What lack shall be there in his life if he can go to the Spirit Eagle Mountain with the teacher?

The restless waves come and go in the place of execution of Tatsunokuchi.

There is a large Pacific in darkness.

The torches were lit on the corners of the sandy beach, and a soldier strengthened defense.

The soldier digs the hole where a neck falls into.

Echi Saburo Shigenao holding the sword sat on the folding stool with hard looks and he had the Zyadomaru of the celebrated sword lengthwise and was waiting for the arrival of Nichiren.

The hilt of the sword was lighted up by the torch and shined ominously.

The horse with the messenger of Tokimune galloped the shoreline. But it was late.

The party of Nichiren had already approached Tatsunokuchi.

Enoshima Island was seen in the distance under the moonlight.

Kingo mused over memories of the past while pulling the reins of the horse of Nichiren.

He recollected the encounter with Nichiren.

When he met for the first time, Kingo blamed Nichiren. The smile of the teacher who received it gently.

The day when he entered a faith, he pleased Nichiren.

A figure of Nichiren pleased to embrace his child.

And Nichiren's love which is deeper than the parent whom he received when it was said that he became a witness.

All of these are dear at this time now.

Kingo was indulged in sentiment more and more.

(Oh, it was so. This person has been my master and was a teacher and was the father. Just now I have understood that.)

Kingo recalled the verse of the chapter 'the metaphor of the provisional castle' in the Lotus Sutra that Nichiren taught him.

“They will always be born in the various Buddha's lands with his teacher.”

There was the light of the place of execution forward before long.

The soldiers make noise.

"The monk came."

Soldiers surrounded the horse of Nichiren.

Kingo was prepared for it, but here he was deeply moved to tears and he shouted to Nichiren at the top of his voice while taking the reins.

"The saint, I must say goodbye just now."

Kingo cried aloud.

He was usually the 41-year-old man who was obstinate and had a short temper. However, he cannot stop his tears.

Nichiren, who rode the horse, watched Kingo with the eyes of affection. However, he scolded Kingo severely with the face of the severe father the next moment.

“What a miserable samurai! Kingo, why do you not laugh with joy? Why do you break the promise?”

Kingo kneels while catching the reins and does not stop crying.

Nichiren was the severe teacher until the very end. He scolded the disciple even in such a situation. But there is not such a pleasing thing elsewhere if he thought of the mind of Kingo who is going to die for Nichiren together. However, the moment to receive the greatest turning point is approaching to the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra of the Latter-Day of the Law, now. At that time, what occurs? Nichiren had a hunch. But the fact is not handed down to afterwards correctly if there is not a witness there. It may vanish to the bottom by angry waves of history like a seaweed.

Nichiren scolded Kingo.

(Kingo Shijo, be firm, and look with all your heart!)

At around 3:00 a.m. in the present, it was the time of the Ox and Tiger.

A straw mat is under the moonlight and the light of the torch. The executioner waited there.

Nichiren sat straight on a rug, putting his hands together.

Hoki-bo and other disciples finally caught up with Nichiren. They took out beads and began to chant the title with tears. Always stouthearted Hoki-bo could not hold back a line of tears.

Kingo Shijo sat upright diagonally behind Nichiren. He then strips his upper body naked and draws his dagger from its scabbard. It is to die with Nichiren.

An order was given.

“Let's get started!”

Nichiren chanted aloud.

“Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, ”

The executioner advanced to the left back of Nichiren and pulled a sword slowly and raised it high.

It is this time.

The light reflected on the sword from somewhere.

The executioner doubted it and stopped the hand.

The light was from the other side of the sea, darkness of the Pacific of the Enoshima Island direction.

A white luminous body of the size similar to a full moon comes here slowly.

"What is that?"

The entire Enoshima island in front of them glowed eerily.

Soldiers exclaimed.

Light lit up the face of each soldier without a sound, and all the place of execution of the Tatsunokuchi became like noonday.

“The monster!”

The executioner fell down and prostrated himself and the soldier screamed and dispersed. The samurais alight from horses and join their hands while shaking. There was the person who crouched down on a horse too.

テキスト が含まれている画像自動的に生成された説明

   From Biography of Nichiren Daishōnin

Various opinions were said about the Tatsunokuchi’s phenomenon from the old days. At the moment of the cut, lightning struck the sword, or a sword was broken into pieces. These are said as if it were true, but the truth is as I have written here.

'On the Buddha's Behavior' which Nichiren wrote is the only detailed historical materials about the luminous body.

“A luminous body as bright as the moon burst forth from the direction of Enoshima Island, going across the sky from southeast to northwest. It was almost before dawn on the 12th day and still too dark to see anyone's face, but the radiant object clearly illuminated everyone like a bright moonlight. The executioner fell, feeling blind. The soldiers were filled with panic. Some ran off distantly, or some jumped down from their horses and huddled on the ground, or others crouched on their saddles.”

The soldiers scattered up in the place of execution. Only Nichiren and Kingo, Hoki-bo and other Nichiren's disciples and believers of the same discipline have stayed.

It was a miracle.

This dramatic occurrence may think the reader to be a made-up story. In fact, this is not the first advent of the luminous body.

There is the same record of the luminous body in 'the Mirror of the East' which is the official record of the Kamakura Shogunate. It was June 20, 1182, 50 years ago from this date.

“At about 8:00 p.m, a luminous body appeared around Mt. Tsuruoka. It flew to the seashore and the light extended to approximately 10 yards and did not disappear for a while.”

Tsuruoka is the place of the Hachiman shrine, which Nichiren scolded. It is said that the luminous body went towards the sea from here. In contrast, the shininess of the Tatsunokuchi appeared at midnight of about 3:00 a.m.. In addition, the approach course was contrary to 50 years ago, it was flying towards the island from the Pacific.



Comet Encke. From Wikipedia

In addition, there is the scholar who supposed this phenomenon from the scientific standpoint.

Hideo Hirose, who was the director of Tokyo Astronomical Observatory and was the professor at Tokyo University, said that the true shape of this bright matter was the piece which a comet dropped, namely a meteor.

That day, September 13 in the 8th year of the Bun'ei era (1281) is October 25 of the present day according to the solar calendar. According to Nichiren, just before the luminous body appeared, it was pitch-darkness, and could not see the face of the person either. He says this hour is 'before dawn and still too dark'. When Hirose calculated in the operative list of heavenly bodies, estimated time of the execution can be thought at about the time of moonset, or at least before 4:00 a.m. because the time of moonset of the day was at 3:44 A.M.

Furthermore, Hirose thought that the luminous body belonged to a meteor swarm of Aries and Taurus. This meteoric swarm is active in the late October, and this is because it often produces a bright meteor. The base producing this meteor swarm is Encke's comet. This comet revolves around the sun with a period of 3.3 years. A small piece (a meteor) which it dropped along this orbit falls to the earth, Hirose said that it has saved the life of Nichiren. 'The big achievement beneath the flash of meteoroid - Nichiren and stars. In 1973.'

In any case, this luminous body has exposed to the light of day the plot to bury Nichiren in darkness.

Kingo Shijo was astonished that he had survived his desperate predicament, and at the same time, he rushed to his master in joy at having been saved.

“Saint, I am so glad you are safe."

However, Nichiren somehow took an unexpected action. He scolded the soldiers who scattered in fright.

“Here, why do you shrink from this sinful prisoner? Come closer. Come closer! What could you do if it dawned? You must hurry up and execute me, once the day rises, it will be unsightly!"

It is a strong spirit.

But the soldiers bent the body to grass and sand and shook with fear without being able to move. They were brave and courageous in battle, but deathly cowardly against the unpredictable.

Nichiren keeps calling them out as if he is angry. There was no one to answer it.

At this time, the sun, which shined, appeared from the far-off horizon, and the night broke.

Nichiren was exposed to the direct rays of the sun and sat with his legs bent beneath the sandy beach.

And he put hands together towards the sun, and he chanted the title of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and prostrated himself to the ground.

Waves are breaking on the shore.

When Nichiren got up the waist, solar rays lighted up the whole body of Nichiren.

The disciples of Nichiren, including Kingo Shijo and Hoki-bo, were so moved by this sight that they ran to him and prostrated themselves before him.

The heavens are filled with a sun of the primeval and light up Nichiren and his disciples.

Nichiren leaves feelings of this time in the letter which he addressed to Shijo Kingo nine days later as follows.

“This time, as the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, I was sentenced to banishment and death. The place of the banishment is Ito, and the capital punishment is Tatsunokuchi. Tatsunokuchi in Sagami country is the place where I, Nichiren, threw away my own life. How can it be inferior to Buddha land? The reason is that it is already for the Lotus Sutra. The scripture states, “there is the only sole Law in the countries of Buddha of the ten directions,” it will be this meaning. The only Law preached with this text of the scripture is the Lotus Sutra. The others do not exist except the Lotus Sutra in the Buddha countries of the ten directions at all. It says, ‘Removes the teachings of the means of a Buddha’. If it is so, every place where Nichiren meets a persecution will be the land of Buddha. Japan among the Shaba world (note), the Sagami country between Japan, Katase among Sagami countries, Tatsunokuchi among Katase, are where Nichiren put his own life. Because he gave his life there for the sake of the Lotus Sutra, Tatsunokuchi deserves to be called the land of tranquil light (note). This might be what the chapter of "Supernatural powers" states; “Whether in a garden, a forest... or in mountain valleys or the wide wilderness... a Buddha has entered nirvana in these places.” ‘The Persecution in Tatsunokuchi’


Shaba world

This is the world of human beings where suffering abounds. It is also referred to as the "patience land" or "patience world. This is the world of the Lotus Sutra too. The Buddha said in the 16th verse of the Lotus Sutra, "I have always preached and taught in this world, and I have also preached and taught in other places. I have always preached and taught the Buddha's teachings in this world, and I have also guided and benefited sentient beings in hundreds of millions of other countries." From this point of view, in a narrow sense, this world is the Buddha's land, the earth. In this sense, the Buddha's land is the earth.

In the Oral Tradition of the Doctrine, "The word "shaba" refers to the practice of spreading Myoho-renge-kyo with great patience. Patience leads to the world of tranquil light. In this patient mind lies the Buddha Shakyamuni. Shaba means the world of patience."Eight important points in the Supernatural Power of the Buddha, Orally Conveyed teachings.’

The land of tranquil light.

It is also called the land of eternal tranquil light. One of four lands which Tientai preached in the Commentary on the Meditation Sutra. It is the country where the true Buddha lives. Eternity means a permanent innateness or the body, and the word 'tranquil' means Nirvana and the emancipation, and the light is a meaning of the wisdom to light up the diverse aspects. The territory of Buddha's eternity, Nirvana and wisdom is the eternal land of the tranquil light.

 However, Shakyamuni Buddha preached in the Nyorai's lifespan chapter of the 16th of the Lotus Sutra. "Since that, in this Shaba world, I have been always preaching and educating." In other words, he revealed that the Shaba world was the land of eternal tranquil light namely.

Nichiren Daishonin preaches it that the address of a person maintaining a marvelous Law is the land of the eternal tranquil light.

“Now, when Nichiren and his followers chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, they are revealing that the phantom city is none other than the land of the treasure. All of the mountains and valleys and plains where we live are the land of eternal tranquil light." ‘Seven important points in the Parable of the Phantom City, Orally Conveyed teachings.

To be continued

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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