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4 Nichiren Starts Propagation in kamakura (5)

                   Japanese ver.

 Honen got religious precepts from head priest of the Tendai Sect, Gyogen of the 48th of the teacher. Naturally, he learns the education and researches of the Lotus Sutra and Tendai.Honen concluded that people hardly understand the Lotus Sutra which he was not able to understand. "Throw away it , close it , ignore and abandon it". These are only arrogance of Honen.

When we just read the Lotus Sutra, some scenes having difficulty in understanding surely come out. At the ceremony in the air, Tathagata Taho and Shakyamuni Buddha float in the air together with the tower of treasure. The advent of bodhisattvas who had emerged from the depth of the ground of hundreds billions to take propagation after passing away of Buddha. Even the Maitreya-bodhisattva who was in that place said, “The Buddha, when did you lead these bodhisattvas?". He was upset about this phenomenon and doubted it. Several scenes more than the understanding of the ordinary man appear there. Honen felt his powerlessness for the elucidation of this phenomenon. After he was troubled, he changed his attitude. Honen was able to discover only a method clinging to the Amida Sutra of only 1878 words that himself could understand rather than all creatures understand.
 The logic that is preached in Amida Sutra is very simple.
  It is like that if we summarize this. "There is a country of Buddha called the Land of Happiness. There is it in the place where we passed the west, the country of Buddha of a hundred billion. There is the Buddha named Amida there. The people of the country receive only pleasure without receiving pains. Thus, we name a country of Buddha the Land of Happiness. Three evil paths do not exist there. If a good man and a good woman pray hearing the name of Amida absorbedly, at the time of end, Amida Buddha appear, we can die in the Land of Happiness. Therefore, these people who heard this sutra should pray to be born in the Buddha's country.

It be revealed the content of the enlightenment of the Buddha is not preached even a single word in the Amida sutra. In addition, it is not clear why we can pass away to the Land of Happiness if we pray for the name of Amida.
 Shariputra, man of the best wisdom, is a partner to talk of the sutra of this Amida, but he is a partner to talk of the chapter of the Expedient Means in the Lotus Sutra too. Shariputra asks Buddha for teachings three times at the place of the sermon of the Lotus Sutra, and Buddha begins to preach "the one great purpose by fate” that appeared in saha world for the first time.
In other words, Buddha reveal a very deep thought why he appeared in this saha world. Buddha says, "I will let them open the wisdom of Buddha and show the wisdom of Buddha and realize the wisdom of Buddha" for all creatures.

Nichiren concisely elucidate the merits and demerits of the before-Lotus Sutra and the Lotus Sutra in " Letter about the Messenger of Mongolia."

"The all of Law are included to one's mind, and even one dust is not missing to there after all. Oneself possesses nine mountains, eight seas, too, and own mind has the sun and the month and the star. The people do not know it even if Buddha says in this way. For example, an infant is not afraid of water and fire, a blind person not be able to see his figure in a mirror. All any religion of non-Buddhism and Hinayana and provisional Mahayana preached only a part of the Law of one's mind. These not preach like the Lotus Sutra. Therefore, many sutras have merits and demerits, and the people are divided into a saint and a wise man. Because doctrine to preach increases, I stop it in this and do end”.

In other words, Nichiren points out that Honen who depends on the internal and external sutras which preach only partly the Law of person's mind is a blind person who cannot see his figure floating into a mirror, and is a infant who is not afraid of terrible suffering.

Therefore, after death of Honen, his disciples appeared who modified Honen's doctrine, they stopped throwing away all sutras and began preaching what could pass away to the Pure land even by the other sutras.

They say that they accept other sutras to escape blame of the world. But the real intention is only one practice of Nembutsu.
Shinran who learned Honen as a teacher is this representative.
It is easy to read "the Lamenting for Difference" to understand Shinran. " Lamenting the Difference” is what Yui'en of the immediate disciple of Shinran wrote the words of teacher, he was grieved over various kinds of divergent views that occurred in a religious community after Shinran death.
We will watch contents of "Lamenting the difference”.
At first it is negation of the possibility. Shinran takes the teachings from his teacher Honen well.

“Attaining the Buddhahood in one's present body by Shingon or the six senses purification by the Lotus sutra are the difficult ways and only the superior saint of capacity is able to practice it and are able to accomplish for the first time only after concentrating a spirit. Against this, the doctrine of the Jodo Shinsyu sect will attain Buddhahood by Amida's help in the next life. Originally we pass away to Pure Land by all means if we do even faiths, this is the big avenue which was made as if being able to become Buddha promptly. The doctrine of Jodo Shinshu is different from the doctrines of Shingon and the Lotus Sutra in this way. Therefore, you must know that it is the claim that misunderstood doctrine really that the present self can attain Buddhahood while doing faiths of the Jodo Shinshu." Shinryu Umehara translation

Shinran says giving up this world and betting on the future life. This world is meaningless if we believe Shinran. There are not the modern people having such a thought. But the reason why there is no end to suicides may come from the teaching of Nembutsu to escape from this world to. The suicide per 100,000 of Japan is 18.5 people, and this is the 17th worst in the world. It is the worst in the G8.When they are hard or tough, they become feeble, and commit suicide . Shinran is danger than a narcotic drugs. We remember that Shandao of the founder of the Chinese Nembutsu hanged himself with the tree of willow. Saying this world is being filling with sufferings, Shandao committed suicide.

Nichiren writes it down about the suicide of priest Shandao as follows.

"He became the great deadly foe of the Buddha of the three existences, and he repeated a mistake of great slandering Buddha's teachings that he lose seeds of the attaining Buddhahood of the tathagatas of the ten direction. This is a cause to be the reward of the big crime, and to enter the great castle of the hell of the incessant suffering.

Therefore, he would go crazy immediately. He climbed the willow tree in front of Buddhist temple, hanged himself and threw the body and he have committed suicide. The curse of the evil doctrine does not turn a heel. We watch the invisible punishment to here.

He said at the last; ‘I hate about body myself. I am tormented by various pains, and there is not rest for a while either'. He climbed the tree of willow in front of the temple and he prayed toward the west and said in this way. 'Buddha, please give me a great might, please rescue me. The Bodhisattva of Kannon and Wisdom, please come and help me'. He finished advocating it in this way and threw his body from the blue willow and committed suicide. He hanged himself on March 17 and flew, but he fell on the firm soil of the large drought and hit the backbone, and broke it. It may be the rope which he bound was weak or the willow branch may have been broken.

For seven days until March 24, he has fainted in agony during day and night, crawled, yelled, cried and has died”. ‘Nembutsu is Hell of Incessant Suffering’.

Saichou of the Great Teacher Dengyo was born approximately 400 years before Shinran, and says.
“Do not believe all scholars of the non-justice and not accept them. What is the reason? A disciple falls again in the place where a teacher falls, and a follower drops either. Why we may not be careful with a golden clear teachings? May not be careful? “. 'Protecting the Domain of the Country' in 'the Chart of Teachings during Five Periods of Shakyamuni Buddha'.
"A disciple falls again in the place where a teacher falls”. These words are exactly right. We can recognize that the teacher and disciple of Honen and Shinran have let Japanese make degenerate remarkably between these several hundred years.

            continued to (6)

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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