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3 Nichiren Declares the Establishment of True Buddhism in the Hometown on Readiness.(2)

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From Biography of Nichiren Daishōnin

Men and women of all ages go up the approach to the Seichoji temple in the morning.

A passing old woman wondered and asked them.

"Are there some kind of gatherings?"

"There is sermon from now."

“Well !”

"The Buddhist priest called Renchō came home from Mt. Hiei. We listen to the story of him today.”

An old woman remembered him.

"Rencho? Yes! That he was here is certain. He was an artless child, but did he become so excellent yet?"

“So, I am looking forward to seeing that priest Rencho talking about Nembutsu. Anyway because Nembutsu is spreading all over Japan.”

The woman who was aside butts in.

"No, priest Renchō is Zen sect. The Zen sect is popular among samurai. It is the world of the samurai now. Mr. Rencho should be shrewd in the fashion.”

An old woman got enthusiastic suddenly.

"I go, either. I want to hear the teachings of the Shingon. The holiest teachings are certain of the Shingon in this Japan. Shingon is because a noble priest gathers. Oh, it is a pleasure.”

The samurai who heard this conversation approached and said.

“You are thoughtless. Priest Renchō intends to get on in life by Ritsu sect. They hold religious precept , make a bridge and give a sick person almsgiving. There is not the person who is noble other than the priest of religious precept denomination”.

People pass their side with hurried steps.

The samurai was upset.

“This is no time for introducing such a talk. Priest Rencho came home from that Enryakuji Temple where excellent Buddhist priests gathered from all over the country. We cannot miss his sermon!”

They all went up the slope.

The hall of Buddha statue of the Seichoji temple was a small building.
Audience gathered in groups.
There is a small Buddha statue in the central back, and parents, O'ama, the priest of Dōzenbō and others are waiting in front of it.
Everybody was cheerful, but only the Dōzenbō was uneasy for some reason. He can not rid his born timidity.

On the other hand, Enchibō and Dōgibō sat with an arrogant face.

If sermon of Rencho included an error even a little, they asked immediately and intended to shame him.

Renchō appeared, and the hall fell silent instantly.

He began to talk slowly after he sat in the center and put hands together towards people and bowed.

“I, Rencho, returned from Mt. Hiei. Ladies and gentlemen have been supporting my ascetic practices for many years of the several countries, and I feel much appreciated. I give thanks on this place. By the way, this time I change Rencho of the Buddhist name and introduce myself as Nichiren”.


All members are murmurous lightly.

"I learned in the temples such as Mt. Hiei, Mt. Koya, Onjoji temple, and I definitely realized it what the ultimate doctrine of Buddha was only one”.

All men and women were with breathless interest.

Nichiren faced the people who gathered and he put hands together and chanted it with "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo" powerfully.

Audience was dumbfounded, but Nichiren continues it.

"When Buddha preached the Sutra of the Infinitude in Eagle Peak 42 years later after attaining Buddhahood, he said" I has not expressed the truth for the forty years yet", he showed it to all creatures. In addition to all this, Buddha epreached and clarified "the Lotus Sutra" that is the true teachings that all creatures can attain Buddhahood. By the way, all of you who gather here will know that the word of 'Japan' includes our country, two islands, all creatures, beast, all the trees and plants. All the profit of both Shakyamuni and Buddha of unaccountable numbers in past and present and future , who were preached with the 28 chapter in the Lotus Sutra, is included in five and seven characters called "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo". The all creatures in the latter day of the Law can attain Buddhahood in the present living body by believing in Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. That is why it is the only religious practice of the latter day of the Law to chant "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo" before anything else if person wish for attaining Buddhahood. I chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to all of you at first. This is because there is life called the world of Buddha in the mind of you. In the chapter of expedient means in the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha has preached 'opening, showing, realizing, entering' that is a reason of "the opportunity of only one most important" that Buddha appears in this saha world. This means that Buddha lets all creatures open the knowledge of Buddha and shows it and lets them realize and lets them enter to the Buddhistic road. In other words attaining Buddhahood is the opening the life of the Buddha world which all creatures possess”.

Nichiren preached the own secret which arrived at after study in the Enryakuji Temple at a stretch.

The people noticed there was the powerful sermon person who had not looked so far.

Enchibo and Dogibo do a contemptuous smile suspiciously.

Dozenbo of the teacher wiped the sweat of the brow by bare hand unintentionally. Nun O'ama cannot hide embarrassment for the word "Nam-Myoho-renge-kyo" that she has heard from no priest until now. The parents of Nichiren keep opening a mouth as like they hear a mysterious story.

Nichiren continues preaching without pause.

"I, Nichiren, will spread a title of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to the every corner in Japan after today. I will grant this title to the mouth of all people of Japan.However, it is a fact that there is evil Law against the teaching of Buddha in the world.The peace and security of Japan are not possible if we exterminate evil Law first and do not spread right Law."

Dozenbo was upset and spoke unintentionally.

"A evil Law? Is there such a thing in the teaching that Buddha preached in the world? I cannot but disown you if you continue such a sermon!”

Nichiren continues preaching without being daunted to the word 'disownment' of the teacher.

"There are four evil Law in the present world of the latter days of Law. The beginning is Nembutsu sect.The Nenbutsu sect of the priest Honen is the real undesirable Law.They abandon the Lotus Sutra that Buddha had placed on the best sutra and they worship Amidha Buddha who was preached in Amitabha sutra that does not yet express the truth. And they preach that person should chant with Nam-Aamidhabutsu". Amidha Buddha is unrelated Buddha in this saha world. Shakyamuni Buddha who was born in the moon country (India) in this saha world and rescued many creatures is father of all creatures. It is ungrateful that a Buddhist priest preaches to throw away the best sacred sutra of this father, and it is certain that the all creatures believing this fall into the hell of incessant suffering with a Buddhist priest."

"What! We fall into the hell if we chant Nam-Amidhabutsu!" Scream breaks out from audience.

There was the person who covered his ears. Man and woman edges back. Enchibō poured eyes of the anger to Nichiren.

"The next Zen Buddhism resembles Law of Buddha, but is not Law of Buddha. The doctrine of this denomination advocates "the truth was conveyed into other than teachings particularly ," and is the teaching of non-Buddhist that ignore all the sutras of Buddha. The Nirvana surta says,"If there is the person who does not obey the preach of Buddha, this is devil's followers." Therefore, a person believing Zen Buddhism is similar to the action of the evil spirit."

The samurai begins to be angry.

"You are saying foolishly! The Zen Buddhism is believed from Lord Kamakura too."

But Nichiren is unflappable at all.

"Next, the Shingon sect worships the non-Buddhism called the secret teachings. This denomination says Buddha is a lower than both a cattleman and a sandal-carrier, they look down upon the Lotus Sutra and Buddha. This is the teaching of destroying a country. This is false teachings to respect the Dainichi Buddha who is unrelated to this saha world. A country ruins by all means if person pray in Shingon."

The people left out, one after another, from the hall of Buddha statue.

"It is the Ritsu (religious precept) sect last. There are priests brandishing the religious precepts that are the teachings that are the lowest with all sutras which Buddha preached for 50 years. They are the traitors of the country who are unrelated to the latter days of the Law. I have talked about an outline. That is all”.

Most of audience left the hall, but there was the person who stayed there and wanted to hear sermon of Nichiren in detail.

Dozenbo drew up to Nichiren.

"Renchō, no, Nichiren, what a terrible thing you say! Do you want to make all Buddhists in Japan an enemy?"

Umegiku of mother puts hands together and rubs it.

"You. Please stop only the criticism to other denominations. It is a terrible that Nembusu is called Hell.”

Mikuni Tayu of father furrowed his brow, too.

"What is it! Though I sent you on ascetic practices with much effort, what is it to say such a thing? Where did you have such a thought? "

Nichiren was calm.

"Father, mother, teacher. I decided it since I left the Enryakuji Temple. I will live together with the Lotus Sutra. Nobody can break this oath."

Mother burst into tears.

Here, Jokenbo of the senior disciple entered among them.

“Chief bonze, Dozenbo. Well, you should be satisfied for this time.It looks like Nichiren would have serious determination. I was not able to understand everything of today's sermon, but what I thought to want hearing it from Nichiren in detail is certain”.

Gijobo of the same senior disciple supports it.

"I want to hear the today's sermon in detail, too. I could not judge it from only today's sermon, but only conviction of the priest Nichiren affected my mind certainly."

O'ama helped them taking the opportunity, too.

"I was really surprised, too, but I am the same as a foster parent of Nichiren from old days. I will believe Nichiren priest from today and chant not Namu-Amidhabutsu but Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. My mind seems to be lively when I hear Namu-myoho-renge-kyo that the priest Nichiren chants. It is somehow different from Nam-Amidhbutsu that is the feeling to be sunk at the ground. Umegiku and Tayu will become able to surely understand a thought of priest Nichiren. Don't worry."

Nichiren put hands together.

"Those words, I do not forget it throughout the life."

Teacher Dōzenbō lost heart and went out.

Enchibō of the old priest stood in the way there.

"Well really, Dōzenbō, you had a troublesome disciple, did not you? I look forward to how you take this responsibility."

Dozenbo was upset and left to escape.

Nichiren preached to parents again after this, and he granted two people the religious precepts by himself, he gave a Buddhist name of Myoren to Myonichi mother to father from a characters of Nichiren each.

Nichiren writes down about teacher Dozenbo with parents at the time of 'declaring the establishment of true Buddhism' as follows later.

"In all worldly affairs, those who oppose their parents or disobey their ruler incur the wrath of Heaven for unfilial or disloyal behavior. But if one's parent or ruler becomes an enemy of the Lotus Sutra, then disobedience becomes an act of filial devotion and repays one's debt of gratitude to the nation. Therefore, since I first read the Lotus Sutra, I have not been afraid, even though my parents implored me, with their palms rubbed, to desist, even though my teacher disowned me, even though the lord of Kamakura [the regent] twice exiled me, and even though my neck nearly was going to be cut off. Therefore, in Japan there may be now people who think my preching is true. In Japan it might be difficult to choose the person who receive the protection of Heaven at last disobeying sovereign, parents, and teacher except Nichiren." 'About the Royal Palace'

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