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13. 'The Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings', and fateful encounter with Nikko. (3)

                    Japanese edition

Hokibo was overwhelmed for Nichiren and hesitated for an instant, but barely spoke.

“Does it mean that you should penalize Nembutsu sect to forbid it?”.

Nichiren waggled his head.

“It is not so. It is to stop the offerings to Nenbutsu sect of Buddhism. A bigger evil happens if do not stop it in a hurry”.

"To believe in Nembutsu invites an evil spirit, and the god of the protection go away." Hokibo has never heard such a tale at all. It is unbelievable immediately.

“Why will it prevent an evil to stop an offering to a priest?”.

“Even if we say about an evil, it is to be generated from a person after all. If we give an offering to a good person and stop it to the bad, disasters disappear, and peace reigns over the land. If it is so, one must stop the offering to a priest of the evil religion”.

“What happens if do not stop an offering to a priest of Nembutsu? Do you say that a misfortune bigger than now is caused?”.

Nichiren had the sutra in his hand.

“If one continues slandering Law of Buddha and does not stop the evil doctrine, the sutra preaches it that seven great calamities would be generated in the country. There are five disasters in front of us. The calamity of disease and pestilence among the populace; the calamity of abnormal changes among the stars and constellations; the calamity of eclipses of the sun and moon; the calamity of unseasonable wind and rain; the calamity of a lacking rain.

If you desire a secure land and wish to pray for peace in your present and future existence, you waste no time, ponder through, and should immediately eliminate slanders. Why do I say this? It is because five of the seven disasters have already befallen, and the other two have yet to occur. The disaster of foreign invasion and the disaster of revolt from within. It is, so to speak, 'the disaster of warfare', 'the disaster of both invasion and plunder by foreign country', 'the disaster of bandits to invade from the four directions'.

What would you do if the disasters which was left occurred simultaneously side by side by a fault of the evil Law? The emperor rules the nation by keeping order, the people possess their farms and keep the world. But if marauders come from other regions to invade the nation, or if revolt breaks out within the domain, people's farms are plundered, will they not be shocked? Will they not panic? If the nation is lost and homes are destroyed, where will you flee? If you truly desire your own peace and security, should you not first pray for peace of the every direction?”.

Hokibo put his hand to the floor and gave a voice as soon as sermon of Nichiren was finished.

“Priest Nichiren, I am still clumsy greenhorns, but please treat me as a disciple!”.

Hokibo felt intuitionally that if he approached this person, he could walk a way to right Buddha. Words fell from his lips at a moment when he thought so.

The answers of Nichiren overflowed in affection to be superior to his parent.

“There are already disciples to me, but they make a great effort for even a meal of everyday. If it is good, you think me to be father, and let's train ourself together throughout the life”.

Hokibo promises.

“I live in this temple. I will take care not to inconvenience you. Please add me to one of your disciples”.

Nichiren nodded twice and thrice powerfully while having a smile.

“Hokibo is my disciple from today. Because it is a custom to add the word of Nichi to the name to my disciple, I will think about the name that is good for Hokibo”.

Hokibo was surprised that Nichiren permitted becoming a disciple too easily, furthermore was surprised by receiving the Buddhist name of the word of Nichi.

"I thank your kindness”.

The Hokibo put enough his hands on the floor and left the room of Nichiren.

Although Nichiren met Hokibo on February of the second year of Shoka era ( 1258 ), father Myonichi of Nichiren had passed away strangely on February 14th. Nichiren who hurried a national protest to the Kamakura Shogunate did not come back to the hometown. But he writes it as 'February 14th in Shoka era' in the end of "the Gist of the Sacred Teachings of the Buddha's Lifetime" written at this time. It is strongly guessed that it is a reason mourning over death of father.

He kept his sorrow of the death of father, and Nichiren further continued writing.

'The treatise of establishing the correct teachings for the safety of the nation' is the national treasure now, is starting from "a traveler arrived and lamented to the host". A rough copy was written it in this Iwamoto Jitsusoji Temple. Nichiren intended to give to Tokiyori Hojou who was a real ruler of the Shogunate.

Tokiyori became a priest as a common person, and himself said Saimyoji Nyudo and handed over the regent's post to Hojo Nagatoki of brothers-in-law, but Tokiyori still had the real power at the Kamakura Shogunate in those days.

Must hurry. The great disaster continued.

Nichiren writes down the situation of the disaster of Kamakura of those days with "the Post script to 'Establishing the correct teachings for the peace of the land'” as follows.

“On the twenty-third day of the eighth month in the first year of the Shoka era (1257), among the hour of the dog and the boar (around 9:00 p.m.), there occurred an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude. In the second year of the same era, on the first day of the eighth month, there was a great storm. In the first year of the Shogen era(1259), the great pestilence has broken out, and throughout the four seasons of the year after, the great pestilence continued without abating. By this time more than half the people of the nation had been invited by death. The ruler of the country who was alarmed at this state of affairs commanded to the people of Buddhism and the non-Buddhist that various prayers be offered. These, however, failed to produce even the slightest effect. On the contrary, famine and pestilence raged more fiercely than ever. I, Nichiren, observing this state of worldly affairs, thought about almost all the Buddhist sutra. There he discovered the reason why these prayers are without effect and on the contrary actually make the situation worse. At last, I wrote one dissertation out of necessity and named it `The Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings for the Safety of the Nation'".

To be continued to 'to the Nation Remonstrate, and the Persecution of Matsuba Valley'.

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(46)

第七 皆共至宝処の事



霊山 (霊鷲山)
日蓮大聖人はこの霊山について御義口伝【寿量品二十七箇の大事】第十四 時我及衆僧 倶出霊鷲山の事で次のように説かれておられます。
 また【三大秘法禀承事】 では門下に『戒壇とは王法仏法に冥じ仏法王法に合して王臣一同に本門の三秘密の法を持ちて、有徳王・覚徳比丘の其の乃往を末法濁悪の未来に移さん時、勅宣並に御教書を申し下して霊山浄土に似たらん最勝の地(富士山)を尋ねて戒壇を建立す可き者か、時を待つ可きのみ事の戒法と申すは是なり』と、御遺命なされておられます。



【御義口伝 上】要点解説(47)に続く

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13. 'The Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings', and fateful encounter with Nikko. (2)

Japanese edition

Time passed, and new year began. The brook of the thaw flows. The light from a window lights up the written words.

At that time, heard a voice from the outside of the door.

“May I come in?”.

Nichiren took his eyes off a text of a sutra for an instant and answered.

“Please step this way”.

When a door was opened, Hokibo sat straight and lowered the head.

He wanted to talk with priest Nichiren, but because the priest was staying in the storehouse of Buddhist sutra right long, there was not that opportunity at all. Therefore, he decided to knock on the door on readiness.

Nichiren smiled to young Hokibo.

“Please enter without restraint”.

Nichiren is sincere to either the young Buddhist priest training himself.

Hokibo entered a room under tension and sat straight in front of Nichiren again.

Nichiren smiles to Hokibo.

“What can I do for you?”.

“Excuse me, are you priest Nichiren of Kamakura?”.


“My name is Hokibo studying in this temple. I want to ask you directly”.

Nichiren nodded smilingly. Even if Hokibo was later years, he did not forget a smile of this time.

“Excuse me, but what are you checking into?”.

Nichiren slightly looked puzzled.

Hokibo continues talking.

“You are reading only a sutra without talking with anyone of this temple during a half year, after coming here. I was interested whether you were investigating any important thing”.

Nichiren laughed. Hokibo has never watched such a bright smile.

“Made you worry. In fact, I thought by the major earthquake of last year and I saw all the Buddhist sutras and wanted to ascertain it”.

What did you ascertain?”.

The eyes of Hokibo have begun to shine. Lips of Nichiren tightened in response to the earnest look of the boy.

“It is the root of the evil. A natural disaster, famine and a pestilence are spreading now in Japan. There are no people who do not grieve. Why do these kinds of things happen and what should we do to prevent this? Reading all the Buddhist sutras of Buddha, I wanted to ascertain it”.

Hokibo leaned forward.

Nichiren showed several memos which there was in the side.

“I am writing it now. Title assumed it 'the Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings for the Safety of the Nation'. The disaster of the present world is caused by Honen, the founder of the Nembutsu sect of Buddhism. A country ruins if donot exterminate this”.

Hokibo was astonished.

“Priest Honen. Really? Is it the priest Honen? He climbs Mt. Hiei at 13 years old, and the wisdom is equal to the sun or the moon, and the virtue is said to have surpassed the priest Genko of the teacher. Though priest Honen was exiled, he spread Nembutsu among a lifetime. What of the priest is wrong?”.

Hokibo thought.

(After all is this priest Nichiren an evil Buddhist priest as the rumors say?).

It seemed the eyes of the Hokibo produced doubt for an instant. Nichiren slightly had a smile as if he expected this reaction beforehand, and he continued talking.

“Those who always eat smartweed become numb to its bitter. Those who are in privies forget how smelly the smell is. The person does not notice that he is used to be wrong. They forget the ruler of teachings by 'Choice' of Honen and Buddha of the east land and refuse commission and they give priority to only sacred book of three volumes and four parts and throw away a consummate sacred book of the five times of Buddha hollowly and ignore Buddha of the east. If it is not a temple of the Amidha, everybody stops the will of offering to Buddha and if it is not a person of Nembutsu, everybody forgets thoughts of almsgiving to a Buddhist priest. After all, the noble Buddhist priest who was residing takes leave and does not return and the correct god of protecting leaves and does not come back. Therefore, a devil comes, an ogre comes, the disaster is caused, and a difficulty happens.

Deplorably enough, over the past several decades, many people of tens of millions have been deluded by this devilish doctrine, have gotten lost of the Buddhism. Therefore, rather than offering a myriad of prayers and rituals, first and foremost it is vital to eliminate the single evil cause”.

Continued to(3)

Life of Nichiren. Vol. 1. Contents

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末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(45)


 第六 即滅化城の事


自我得仏来 所経諸劫数 無量百千万 億載阿僧祇

常説法教化 無数億衆生 令入於仏道 爾来無量劫

為度衆生故 方便現涅槃 而実不滅度 常住此説法

自我、仏を得て以来、経たる所の諸の劫数は、無量百千万 億載阿僧祇なり。







【御義口伝 上】要点解説(46)に続く

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末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(44)


第五 十六王子の事





【御義口伝 上】要点解説(45)に続く

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末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(43)


第四 其祖転輪聖王の事



森羅万象、全ての事象が辿る変遷過程の有様。つまり、生じ、住し、変じ,消失すること。 四相とも。



妙法蓮華経 宝塔品第十一で「釈迦牟尼世尊は、能く平等の大慧にて、菩薩を教る法で、仏の護念する所の妙法華経を以って、大衆の為に説きたもう」と説かれている。

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13. 'The Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings', and fateful encounter with Nikko. (1)

            Japanese edition


 The first page of ‘The Treatise of Establishing the Correct Teachings for the Safety of the Nation'. Nakayama Hokekyoji Temple possession.

Nichiren turned away from Kamakura, went west. He put on the shade hat in a traveling style and carried a load on my back. His step is early as if it is moved by something. And he looked around as if he deeply impressed a terrible sight of the collapse on his mind.

The samurais who rode horses come and go frequently. Wagons pass with timbers for the recovery from a disaster.

Nichiren has seen the major earthquake, and remembered one sentence of Mahsamnipata sutra, the sutra of great gathering, which had ever learned in Enryakuji Temple.

“If Law of Buddha hides and becomes extinct, all the mustache and the hair and the fingernails would become long, and the various Law either will be forgotten. At that time, a loud voice is caused in the thin air, and it shakes the ground, furthermore, all will vibrate like water ring widely”.

When Law of Buddha loses influence, the mustache of people is long, and both the hair and the fingernails are long. The good theory of the world is in this way forgotten. There is a great acoustic in the sky at this time, and an earthquake is generated. It moves the ground as like a ripple of the water. The Mahasamnipata Sutra describes Law of Buddha and the relations of the disaster in this way.

Nichiren left the Sagami country and entered Suruga.

For visiting Jitsusoji temple of the Mt. Iwamoto.

This temple still exists on Fuji city, Shizuoka.

The history is old.

Jissoji was founded in 1145 by Chi'in of the Tendai sect. The reason that it was distinctive strikingly, is that all sutras had been put here. Enchin Chisho who was the head priest of the Tendai sect brought about the sutras of huge amount from Tang.

Nichiren had felt the need to read all the Buddhist sutras again.

There were many resident priests in this temple. Everybody is young. There was the boy monk called the Hokibo among them.

Still 12 years old. It was the present sixth grader, but a samurai and a Buddhist priest and anyone carved themselves a career from boyhood because there was not education system in those days. He has been learning the doctrine of the Tientai. Hokibo Nikko who inherited the trace of Nichiren later was a priest to live in this Jissoji temple.

Boy Hokibo walked toward 37-year-old Nichiren. He looked at pensive Nichiren and felt that he was different from the Buddhist priest who met until now.

Hokibo looked back, but Nichiren passes without paying attention to him.

Hokibo asked the gate-keeper of Jissoji.

"Who is that priest?".

“He is a person called Nichiren”.

The friend who was aside was surprised.

"What, is he Nichiren? He is the priest who is notorious in Kamakura. What does he do here? Will it be shakubuku possibly?”.

Hokibo heard it.


The young Buddhist priest nods.

“He seems to attack Nembutsu and Zen hard. That's the rumor I hear”.

The gate-keeper muttered.

“Well, that Buddhist priest is telling that he wants to see all the Buddhist sutras of this temple”.

“How would he see the sutra? If it is his age, he may have already finished the study of all the Buddhist sutras”.

“The reason is unclear, but he shuts himself in the storehouse of the Buddhist sutra after coming here and is reading something or other”.

The scrolls of sutra are filled on a shelf in the storehouse of sutras of Jitsusoji.

Nichiren sat straight in front of a small desk and opened the scroll of sutras. And did not move with sitting down slowly and completely.

It snowed at night.

He read a sutra of scroll while relying on a light of the plate.

On the other hand, boy Hokibo is full of curiosity. He slightly opened a door and watched a situation.

Hokibo was born in Kajigasawa, manorial Ohi, Koma district of Kai country, Yamanashi prefecture. Father was called Ohi Kitsuroku of the Ki family of Enshu province, and mother was called Myphuku in daughters of the Fuji Yui clan. Because he lost father when he was young, mother married a person of Amishima again, the Hokibo was grown up by Yui of the grandfather.

Climbed to the forty-nine temples of the Tientai sect since 7 years old and had learned Chinese classical literature, art of tanka poetry, a Japanese book, and studied to acquire the doctrine of Tientai. Because Nichiren becomes a priest at the time of 12 years old, the maturity degree of the Law of Buddha is considerably early.

Hokibo was interested in the Buddhist priest who came over from Kamakura.

According to what he heard, it is said that Nichiren trained himself in the Enryakuji Temple of Mt. Hiei. Enryakuji Temple is the birthplace of the Japanese Tientai sect. It is the longed-for sacred place for Hokibo. Became all the more interested. Friends called Nichiren a evil Buddhist priest, but curiosity surpassed it. He may understand what kind of person it is if he heard a talk.

Nichiren had been absorbed in reading the sutra without getting tired.

         Continued to (2)

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末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(42)


第三 諸母涕泣の事




【御義口伝 上】要点解説43に続く

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末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(41)


第二 大通知勝仏の事 (注)




【御義口伝 上】42に続く

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末法の本仏の立場で法華経一部二十八品を直弟子日興上人に口伝した書【御義口伝 上】要点解説(40)


第一 化城の事






















【御義口伝 上】要点解説(41)に続く

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