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Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin (4)


                        Japanese ver.

The horse with the messenger of Tokimune galloped off the shoreline. But it was slightly late.

The party of Nichiren has already approached to the stone's cast of Tatsunokuchi.

Enoshima Island was seen in the distance under the moonlight.

Kingo mused over memories of the past here while pulling the reins of the horse of Nichiren.

He recollected the encounter with Nichiren.

When he met for the first time, Kingo turned on Nichiren. The smile of the teacher who received it gently.

The day when he got religion, he pleased Nichiren.

A figure of Nichiren pleased to embrace his child.

And Nichiren's love which is deeper than the parent whom he received when it was said that he become a witness.

At this time, all of these are dear.

Kingo was indulged in sentiment more and more.

(Oh, it was so. This person has been my master and was a teacher and was father. I just surely understood it.)

Kingo recalled the verse of the chapter of the metaphor changing itself into thecastle in the Lotus Sutra that received sermon from Nichiren then.

“They are always born with a teacher together in the various Buddha's land.”

There was the light of the execution place forward before long.

The soldier of the execution place makes noise.

"The priest came."

Soldiers surrounded the horse of Nichiren.

Kingo was prepared for it, but here he was moved to tears and he shouted to Nichiren at the top of his voice while catching the reins.

“Priest, this is our last meeting in this world!”

Kingo cried aloud.

He was usually the 41-year-old man who was obstinate for short temper.

However, he cannot stop that tears.

Nichiren who rode the horse watched Kingo with eyes of the affection. However, he scolded Kingo severely with the face of the severe father the next moment.

“What a miserable samurai! Kingo, why do you not laugh at this joy? Why do you break the promise?”

Kingo kneels while catching the reins and does not stop crying.

Nichiren was the severe teacher until the very end. He scolded the disciple in a situation like this. But there is not such the nice thing elsewhere if he thought of a spirit of Kingo who is going to die for Nichiren together. However, the moment to greet the greatest turning point approaches as the votary of the Lotus Sutra in the latter days of the Law, now. At that time, what occurs? Nichiren had predicted it. But the fact is not handed down to afterworld correctly if there is not a witness there. It may go to the bottom in the vicissitudes of the history.

Nichiren scolded to disenchant Kingo.

(Never say die, Shijo Kingo! Look well.)

At around 3:00 a.m. in the present, it was the Ox and the time of Tiger.

A straw mat is spread under moonlight and the light of the torch. The headsman waited there.

Nichiren sat erect on his knees on a carpet and put hands together.

Hokibō and other disciples finally caught up with the priest here.They took out Buddhist rosary and have begun to advocate the title with tears. As is expected Hokibo who is always stouthearted shed a line of tears.

Shijō Kingo sat erect on his knees in the back of Nichiren. And he stripped to the waist and pulls a sword out of the sheath slowly. Because it follows his master.

The word of command was given.

“Get set!”

Nichiren advocates it.

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, ”

The headsman advanced to the left back of Nichiren and pulled a sword slowly and raised it highly.

It is this time.

Light reflected to the sword from somewhere.

The headsman doubted it and stopped movement.

The light was from the other side of the sea, darkness of the Pacific of the Enoshima Island direction.

A white luminous body of the size similar to a full moon comes here slowly.

"What was that?"

The Enoshima whole glistened weirdly under their eyes.

Soldiers exclaimed.

Light lighted up the face of each soldiers without a sound, and all the execution pace of Tatsunokuchi became like noonday.

“That appeared!”

The headsman fell down and prostrated himself and the soldier screamed and dispersed. The samurais alight from horses and join their hands in prayer shaking. There was the person who crouched down on a horse.

                           From Biography of Nichiren Daishōnin

Various opinions were said about the persecution of Tasunokuchi from old days. Thunder fell at a moment when beheaded, or a sword was broken into pieces. These are said to be it as if it were true, but that truth is just what I wrote this.

'On the Buddha's Behavior' which Nichiren wrote is the only detailed historical materials about the luminous body.

“A orb as bright as the moon burst forth from the direction of Enoshima, going across the sky from southeast to northwest. It was shortly before dawn and still too dark to see anyone's face, but the radiant object clearly illuminated everyone like bright moonlight. The headsman fell feeling blind. The soldiers were filled with panic. Some ran off into the distance, some jumped down from their horses and huddled on the ground, while others crouched in their saddles.”

The soldiers broke up around the execution place. Only Nichiren and Kingo, Hokibo and other Nichiren's disciples and believers of the same discipline have stayed.

It was a miracle.

This dramatic occurrence may think the reader to be a made-up story.

In fact, this is not the first advent of the luminous body.

There is the same record of the luminous body in 'the Mirror in the East' which is the official record of the Kamakura Shogunate. It was June 20, 1182, 50 years ago from this day.

“At about 8:00 p.m., a shiner appeared around the Mt. Tsuruoka. It flew on the side of the foreshore and the light extended to approximately 10 yards and did not disappear for a while.”

Tsuruoka is the place of the Hachiman shrine which Nichiren scolded. It is said that the luminous body went towards the sea from here. The shiner of the Tatsunokuchi appeared at dead of the night of about 3:00 a.m. In addition, the approach course is contrary to 50 years ago too, and flies towards the island from the Pacific.

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Life of Nichiren Part 1 contents

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Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin (3)


On the other hand, in this time, Tokimune was patting the big stomach of wife Noriko in the bedroom of the residence. As for him, nothing knows that a serious situation is happening at this midnight.

Two people smiled each other.

Tokimune put his ear to theabdomen of Noriko.

“Does it not appear early?”

Noriko laughs.

“You must not say such selfishness. If time does not pass a little more, the child is not born.”

“I cannot wait. Does the day to be born not come early?”

“I am the happiest now, whatever thought of Highness.”


“This is because what is taken good care of in this way by Highness is the happiest.”

Noriko buried her face in the breast of Tokimune.

At this time, they heard a voice whispering from the opposite side of the door.

“My lord, my lord. Are you in bed already?”

It was a voice of Yasumori Adachi.

Tokimune stood up and opened the sliding paper-door distrustfully.

Yasumori sits straight and demurely.

Noriko was surprised.

“My older brother!”

Tokimune cannot cover embarrassment for the sudden visit of Yasumori.

“Lord Yasumori, in this midnight what happened?”

Yasumori raised his head and showed eyes of the anger.

“There was just information. Priest Nichiren was abducted by the soldiers of Yoritsuna and seemed to go to Tatsunokuchi.”

“What! Do they intend to cut the neck of Nichiren?”

Tatsunokuchi is the pronoun of the beheading. Noriko clung to the back of Tokimune and shook.

The voice of Tokimune echoes in the residence.

“Stop it! Say to Yoritsuna. How can they cut the neck of the priest at the time of pregnancy of the highest-ranking wife? Shame on them! Priest Nichiren is innocent. Regret waits if wrong!”

The samurai of messenger jumped onto the horse under the moonlight.

Yasumori entrusted the messenger with a letter of Tokimune and encouraged him.

“Hurry to Tatsunokuchi!”

Yasumori got angry at tyranny of Yoritsuna. If tyranny of Yoritsuna continues, himself becomes danger. What should he do?

Yasumori set up a thought. Yasumori will dampen power of Yoritsuna if he interfered with execution of Nichiren. This is not because it helps Nichiren.

It is only because he did not want to lose his position.

The horse with Nichiren more goes ahead through the road of the shoreline to Tatsunokuchi.

The sea opens to the left, and, in the right, a steep mountain still spreads out now. There is a man-trap in time.

Yoritsuna Taira intends to assassinate Nichiren in darkness. The Kamakura Shogunate always executed the important person in secret. They never cut the criminal at the capital. It was with the family of He'ike, and also the court noble which was caught at the Zhokyu War.

On the other hand, Shijo Kingo has been already prepared for it. (Since Yoritsuna Taira selected Tatsunokuchi, the death of priest Nichiren is not avoided. If so, I will commit suicide by cutting the abdomen, too.)

Kingo was often told by Nichiren.

“No mortal escapes death.”

Man will die sooner or later. Fate of a future life is decided of what a person dies for. The teacher as the samurai is Nagoe Mitsutoki of the Hojo family, but the teacher of the Lotus Sutra through the three existences is nothing but Nichiren. What lack shall be there in my life if I can go to Eagle peak with the teacher?

There are restless waves in the execution place of Tatsunokuchi.

There is large Pacific in darkness.

The torches were lighted on the corners of the sandy beach, and a soldier strengthened defense.

The soldier digs the hole where a neck falls into.

Echi Saburo Shigenao having the sword sat on the folding stool with a hard look and he put up the Zyadomaru of the celebrated sword beside the left and was waiting arrival of Nichiren.

The hilt of the sword was lighted up by the torch and shined ominously.

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Life of Nichiren Part 1 contents

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Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin (2)

                         Japanese ver. 

  The shore of current Shonan continuing to Tatsunokuchi. The front is Enoshima Island.

Moonlight lighted up the Pacific which depressed in a dark night.

The party of Nichiren finally arrived at the Yui beach.

Here was the shrine. It was the spirit of a dead person who enshrined Kagemasa Gengoro who built the basics of Kamakura.

When they turned here to the right and were going to go ahead through the road of the Enoshima Tatsunokuchi (the mouth of the dragon), Nichiren called out to them again.

"Wait for a while. There is the person who should tell it. Now! Kuma’o boy.”

Kuma'o came running immediately.

"Kuma'o, call Lord Sijo-kingo"

The boy nodded to see eyes of Nichiren and ran with flying feet at full speed toward Kamakura.

Nichiren was higher than an adoptive parent for Kuma'o and was the teacher of his life. It became his life itself to accompany Nichiren. Death approaches that Nichiren.

Kuma'o felt intuitionally that Shijō-kingo saved Nichiren from the predicament of this desperate situation. He ran like jumping in the air towards the residence of Kingo in agony when he thought it.

Light was burning in the residence of Sijo-Kingo.

Kuma’o arrives at long last. He gave at the knees. He shouted at the top of his voice towards the light of the residence.

“Lord Kingo!”

The door open, and Kingo who had a candle stick in his hand appeared. Kingo was cautious at midnight, but he swallowed the situation as soon as he identified as Kuma'o.

“It's none other than Kuma’o! Had anything happened in the holy saint?”

The boy told it in a tearful voice.

“The saint has sent for you. He was kidnapped by the soldier of Load Yoritsuna.”

“Gracious me. Where?”

“He is before the Spirit of a Dead Person of the beach of Yui.”

Kingo put in the house with Kuma'o, and he began preparations immediately.

He tied up the hem of the kimono and wore the sword. And he was going to go out in high spirits, but Nichigan-nyo of the wife appeared in front.

She embraces the daughter.

Nichigan-nyo sat straight.

Kingo bent his knees slowly, too.

“Sorry. It is a matter of grave concern to the saint. I must go. It may not come when I return.”

The wife is smiling strangely.

“I had prepared. You is the most brave disciple of the Nichiren saint indeed.”

“It was a pride I made you a husband. Sorry. Thank you in advance for Tuskimaro.”

Kingo went out barefoot and cried towards the moon.

“Please, please guard saint Nichiren!”

Kingo went to the beach of Yui at full speed. In addition, three brothers of Kingo who heard the matter followed.

Nichigan-nyo who was left embraced the daughter and cries in the same way towards a night sky.

“Please help both saint Nichiren and Yorimoto, Shijō-kingo!”

Kingo who arrived at the scene watched that Nichiren who rode a horse under the moonlight was surrounded at the Yui beach by the soldiers.

The soldiers were surprised at Kingo and prevented him with a Japanese halberd first. However, Yoritsuna Taira soothed the excited soldier.

“Be still! Be still! Let the man go through. It is the appearance of Shijo Nakatsukasa Saburo Yorimoto of the third-ranked officer who is the best disciple of Nichiren.”

Yoritsuna displays contempt. Kingo of the Nichiren sect is famous even between the samurais of the Shogunate. Yoritsuna permitted the last meeting of the teacher and disciple.

Kingo had the reins of the horse.

“Were you not hurt? The unworthy disciple was in time somehow.”

Teacher Nichiren was unexpectedly smiling.

Tonight, I will be beheaded. This is what I prayed for during these several years. In this sahā world (note), I have been born as a pheasant only to be caught by hawks, born as a mouse only to be eaten by cats, and born human to be murdered attempting to defend my wife and children from enemies. Such occurrences have befallen me many times more than the dust particles of the land. At all events the death comes by all means. In this life, I was born to become a poor priest, and unable to discharge my filial duty to my parents or repay the debt of gratitude I owe to my country. This time I will offer my head to the Lotus Sutra and offer that good to my deceased parents. I will offer the rest to you, disciples and patrons. It was just today's occurrence that I said in the residence at the night of the day when we had a trial.”

Yoritsuna Taira waiting for a while gave the entire army an order powerfully again.

“We go to Tatsunokuchi from now!”

Several soldiers who have a torch at the top. Army corps surrounding Nichiren following them advance.

YoritsunaTaira let army corps go by here and returned to Kamakura.

The work of Yoritsuna was over, there. He return to the own residence after this and should wait for a neck of Nichiren. It is not what the Shogunate butler does to assassinate under cover of darkness. He should entrust common soldiers afterward.

It was clear long autumnal night. A piece of moon and innumerable stars glisten in the sky.

The steep mountains are to the right. The very large Pacific is to the left.

The horse with Nichiren is pulled by the reins which Kingo has and goes ahead through the shoreline solemnly where the sound of the tide does not stop.

          continued (3)


Saha world

It is the human world full of a suffering. It says land to endure or the world to endure. It is Sanskrit, and Saha is translated as enduring or enduring well. In addition, Saha is the world where the Lotus Sutra spreads out. Buddha says in the 16th Life Span chapter of the Lotus Sutra; "I always preached in the Saha world, and I teach, and led them. In addition, I led all creatures to virtue at the other countries of hundreds of millions, and gave profit.” In other words, it is the Buddha's land of the existence relationship of Shakyamuni Buddha, and Saha is the earth in the meaning of the narrow sense. In addition, the representation called the other countries of hundreds of millions shows that there is innumerable Buddha's land where Buddha appears in this space that is stars.

"The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings says: Saha means that a persons spreads Myoho-renge-kyo which the bodhisattvas of the essential spread by the power of the large fortitude. The fortitude is the land of tranquil light. There is Shakyamuni Buddha in the mind of this fortitude. Saha shall mean the world of the patience.”

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Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing Origin (1)

Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin (note)

                       Japanese ver.

It has been already the midnight.

The several torches lighted up the darkness in burning red at the door front of the residence at Nobutoki Hojo.

Yoritsuna Taira wearing armor came out and rode a horse.

Nichiren came out of the residence after him.

Soldiers stand straight on both sides, and Nichiren goes ahead through the middle.

In the soldiers, there was the person who could not help feeling embarrassed to why a Buddhist priest would be beheaded. However, the order of Yoritsuna cannot but absolutely obey it.

They rode Nichiren on the barebacked horse without the saddle.

Top group having a torch left night Kamakura. Though it is not a battle, a large number of soldiers march in array at the midnight and go ahead through the road of Kamakura. It was a bizarre scene.

There is not the supporter near Nichiren. Disciples are arrested and are driven away and disperse, and only Kuma'o of the boy follows the back of the horse weakly. Kuma'o sobs while walking. The boy has been undertaking Nichiren's miscellaneous duties since he was helped by Nichiren. That Nichiren is made to stand in the slough of despond. Will there be the child who father is taken away, and does not cry?

Kuma’o who encountered at the persecution of Tatsunokuchi became priest Nippo, carving words of the Great Gohonzon which Nichiren erected as the purpose of in life in second year of Ko’an era later. It may be said that it is a very mysterious chance.

The Hachiman Shrine appeared in front of Nichiren before long.

The Hachiman Shrine shows solemnly in the moonlight

Yoritsuna alighted from a horse and lowered the head towards a Hachiman Shrine of God of the samurai. Follower and the soldiers too stand still in a line and lower their head.

It was time when Yoritsuna rode on a horse again and the entire army was going to advance.

Nichiren shouted.

"Please wait."

Soldiers stopped step to hear the voice which prevented the army corps unintentionally.

“Has he lost his nerve at a time like this?”

Yoritsuna cast such black looks at Nichiren. It is considered to be shame that a person is upset ahead of death.

However, Nichiren felt quiet.

“You need not be alarmed. I do not mean anything serious. I should say to the Great Bodhisattva Hachiman last.”

Nichiren scolded Hachiman in loud voice as soon as he went down from a horse, incredibly.

“You, Great Bodhisattva Hachiman, are you true god?”

The soldiers who stood in one line were astonished and trembled. What a surprized priest to criticize our tutelary god!

“Now I, Nichiren, am the foremost votary of the Lotus Sutra in Japan. Besides, I do not have a mistake at all. I have expounded the doctrine to save all the people of Japan from falling into the hell of incessant suffering for slandering the Lotus Sutra. Moreover, if the forces of powerful Mongol empire attack this country, can even the Sun Goddess and Great Bodhisattva Hachiman remain safe and unharmed? In addition, when Shakyamuni Buddha preached the Lotus Sutra, Tahō Buddha and the Buddhas of the ten directions and bodhisattvas gathered as like sun and sun, moon and moon, star and star, mirror and mirror. In the presence of the countless Heaven as well as the benevolent deities and sages of India, China, and Japan, Shakyamuni Buddha has expostulated to submit a written pledge which would not treat the votary of the Lotus Sutra rudely. Therefore, you submitted a written pledge individually. Because so, Nichiren does not need say. Though it is time to achieve an oath of the written pledge immediately, why do you not meet me here?”

Loud voice of Nichiren echoes in a dark night.

Yoritsuna Taira was stupefied.

"Finally, Nichiren shouted to threaten Shrine. When Nichiren am beheaded and goes to the pure land of Eagle Peak, I will dare to report to Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, that the Sun Goddess and Orthodox Hachiman are the deities who do not keep vows! Arrange it immediately if you think that you have a pain in it!”

But the Great Bodisattva Hachiman was wrapped in darkness and was remaining silent.

Nichiren sits astride a horse again.

The entire army pushed forward a horse, but there were a lot of soldier who were shocked in wonder from desperate loud voice of Nichiren scolding Great Bodhisattva Hachiman which was the guardian god of the Kamakura Shogunate.

The military horse of Yoritsuna goes down the Wakamiya thoroughfare.

No one was to be seen on a moonlight.

This thoroughfare was opened because of an easy delivery of Masako of the wife of Yoritomo Minamoto of the generalissimo for the subjugation of barbarians in old days. The soldiers go now to cut off the neck of the priest.

Both lady Nichimyo and her daughter Otogozen were putting hands together here. Nichimyo is stouthearted and behaves, but, in Otogozen, tears do not stop.

“Dear Ms.Nichiren saint!”

Nichimyo neared a horse of Nichiren, but she has been splashed by a soldier.

Otogozen embraces mother. Two people sat down in the ground and prayed for the safety of Nichiren sincerely.

The armed forces continue advancing.

There was the group of the Buddhist priest of a black robe forward.

They have begun to chant Nembutsu towards Nichiren.

There is the person who open the folding fan in them and he covers his face. The priest stared at Nichiren from the interval of the bone of the folding fan.

The person was Gokurakuji Ryōkan.

                To be continued (2)

Life of Nichiren Part 1 contents


Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin

Discarding the Provisional identity and Revealing the True Identity. Tientai preached it that Shakyamuni Buddha has had attainment of Buddhahood in the inconceivably remote past in the Life Span chapter of 16th of the Lotus Sutra. At the same time, Shakyamuni swept the provisional style which left the royal palace of the Buddha family and became a priest and attained Buddhahood under the indian tree. Nichiren Dishonin swept the provisional style which was called the reincarnation of Bodhisattva Jogyo at the time of the persecution of Tatsunokuchi and expressed that origin as original Buddha in the latter day of the Law.

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3 Nichiren Declares the Establishment of True Buddhism in the Hometown on Readiness.(3)

                      Japanese version

However, this case was reported quickly to Kagenobu of the land steward who governed Tojo province.

Kagenobu was tempted by warm weather and took a nap leisurely, but he was woken up by the vassal hard.

"What? Nembutsu is the hell of incessant suffering?"

Kagenobu was an enthusiastic strong believer of Nembutsu.

He showed an expression of the anger in a beginning, but burst into laughter before long.

“I am sure of my game. We arrest the Buddhist priest called Nichiren. The land steward cannot consent such a bad person is in the Seichoji. We will arrest him and appeal to the Shogunate for the misbehavior of the temple.The temple will become a follower of our Tojo if we do it. Good, here we go!”

Kagenobu takes the sword and goes out. Vassals followed him in a hurry.

Kagenobu and his subordinates let horse drive fast. They ran by the mountain path and climbed the approach to the temple.

Nichiren and Jokenbo, Gijobo were in the middle of the conversation in the temple. It is time when Nichiren was asked by two senior disciples and preached the teaching of the Lotus Sutra.

A young monk burst into the room.

“It's bad! The land steward flocked. They are yelling "Why the Nembutsu is the hell of incessant suffering? ”

Jokenbo raised his knee.

"The game is up. Did it leak? Nichiren is in danger. Go off right now!”

Nichiren sat up straight.

"The cause of that problem is me. I will explain."

Gijobo stopped it.

“Don't do that.This temple and Tojo are sworn enemies on a fight of the land. Our intention is not to involve you in any trouble.”

The inside of the temple filled with sound at same time he has said.

Samurais of Kagenobu invaded.

A ferocious voice shout, and blustering voice was sounded.

"Where is the person who is called Nichiren? Where is Nichiren?”

Kagenobu Tojo who flew into a rage opened the door of the room violently.

There were only two people of Jokenbo and Gijobo there.

Kagenobu pointed a whip to the tip of nose of Jōkenbō.

"Where is the person who is called Nichiren?"

“He is not here. He has already left.”

Gijobo answers resolutely.

"Lord Kagenobu, it is imprudent to enter the temple with your wearing shoes despite a land steward. Nun O'ama is the blood relationship of lord Kamakura. This matter is not good for Lord Kagenobu either."

Kagenobu loses a voice for an instant.

"No. There was information. There seems to be the man saying that the prayer of Nembutsu is hell. It is the duty of the land steward to supervise such a person. I intend to arrest people too taking part in the man.

The voice from the outside sounded.
"The man was there!"

Nichiren went down the mountain behind at a trot.

The samurai who pulled a sword caught up with Nichiren.

Nichiren turns around.

Samurais surrounded Nichiren.

It was unexpected. A misfortune befell him with the first sermon. Nichiren was seized with thought like having a glimpse of coming future.

However, the group of the farmer dashed out of the forest then and protected Nichiren and confronted samurai. They were people of the supporters of Seichoji temple. Most are local farmers. They heard urgency and gathered.

Farmers glare at samurais with sticks.

A samurai was enraged.

" You are outrageous farmers! Do you take sides with a bad Buddhist priest?”

Farmers call out to each other and begin to blandish their stick and push away samurais.

The samurai does not lose, too.

After the hostility of both continued, Kagenobu appeared. He seemed to consider that a situation was disadvantageous. He withdrew samurais. And he threatened farmers when leaving.

"This is all right today. But I remember it. There are people against the land steward. I'll get even with you sometime."

Kagenobu has left, farmers gave sigh of relief.

The three people of Nichiren, Jokenbo and Gijobo go down the thin mountain path. They held their breath each other. A pursuer may come.
Miura Peninsula was seen on the opposite bank far. Furthermore, they see Mount Fuji covered with snow far far away.
Gijobo handed baggage to Nichiren.
"What would you do from now on? Do you come back to Kyoto?”
Nichiren waved a neck.
"I will go to Kamakura."
"Why is that? You should go to Kyoto if you wish to succeed in Buddhism.”
Nichiren said flatly.

"The center of Japan is Kamakura now. I want to try oneself in the ground.”

Nichiren did goodbye and went down the mountain. His back figure becomes small.

Jokenbo said like a soliloquy.

"Is he all right?"

Gijobo brightened his eyes.

"Sure, he was the man who surpassed in this Seichoji temple. We do not worry."

These two people were senior disciples, but assumed Nichiren a teacher, after this. And they support activity of Nichiren throughout their life.

Nichiren writes down the action of both Jokenbo and Gijobo of this day as follows in "Questions and Answers on the Gohonzon, object of worship" later.

"When the land steward displayed his anger to me, you, Jokenbo, along with Gijobo, helped me to escape from Seichoji temple. Without doing anything further, you have already performed a service for the Lotus Sutra. I hope you will therefore take this opportunity to free yourselves from the sufferings of birth and death."

           Continue to Nichiren Starts Propagation in Kamakura

Life of Nichiren Part 1 contents

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3 Nichiren Declares the Establishment of True Buddhism in the Hometown on Readiness.(2)

                     Japanese version
From Biography of Nichiren Daishōnin

Men and women of all ages go up the approach to the Seichoji temple in the morning.

A passing old woman wondered and asked them.

"Are there some kind of gatherings?"

"There is sermon from now."

“Well !”

"The Buddhist priest called Renchō came home from Mt. Hiei. We listen to the story of him today.”

An old woman remembered him.

"Rencho? Yes! That he was here is certain. He was an artless child, but did he become so excellent yet?"

“So, I am looking forward to seeing that priest Rencho talking about Nembutsu. Anyway because Nembutsu is spreading all over Japan.”

The woman who was aside butts in.

"No, priest Renchō is Zen sect. The Zen sect is popular among samurai. It is the world of the samurai now. Mr. Rencho should be shrewd in the fashion.”

An old woman got enthusiastic suddenly.

"I go, too. I want to hear the teaching of the Shingon. The holiest teaching is decided to the Shingon in this Japan. Shingon is because a noble priest gathers. Oh, it is a pleasure.”

The samurai who heard this conversation approached and said.

“You are thoughtless. Priest Renchō intends to get on in life by Ritsu sect. They hold religious precept , make a bridge and give a sick person almsgiving. There is not the person who is noble other than a priest of the Ritsu sect.

People pass their side with hurried steps.

The samurai was upset.

“This is no time for introducing such a talk. Priest Rencho came home from that Enryakuji Temple where excellent Buddhist priests gathered from all over the country. We cannot miss his sermon!”

They all went up the slope.

The hall of Buddha statue of the Seichoji temple was a small building.
Audience gathered in knots.
There is a small Buddha statue in the central back, and parents, O'ama, the priest of Dōzenbō and others are waiting in front of it.
Everybody was cheerful, but only the Dōzenbō was uneasy for some reason. He can not rid his born timidity.

On the other hand, Enchibō and Dōgibō sat with an arrogant face.

If sermon of Rencho included an error even a little, they asked immediately and intended to shame him.

Renchō appeared, and the hall fell silent instantly.

He begun to talk slowly after he sat in the center and put hands together towards people and bowed.

“I, Rencho, returned from Mt. Hiei. Everybody has been supporting my Buddhist ascetic practices for many years in the several countries, and I feel much appreciated. I give thanks on this occasion. By the way, this time I change Rencho of the Buddhist name and introduce myself as Nichiren.


All members murmurous lightly.

"I learned in the temples such as Mt. Hiei, Mt. Koya, Onjoji temple, and I definitely realized it what the ultimate doctrine of Buddha was only one.”

All men and women were with breathless interest.

Nichiren faced the people who gathered and he put hands together and chanted it with "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo" powerfully.

Audience was dumbfounded, but Nichiren continues it.

"When Buddha preached the Sutra of the Infinitude in Eagle Peak 42 years later after attaining Buddhahood, he said" I has not expressed the truth for the forty years yet", he showed it to all creatures. In addition to all this, Buddha explained and clarified "the Lotus Sutra" that was the true teaching that all creatures could attain Buddhahood. By the way, all of you who gather here will know that the word of Japan includes our country, two islands, all creatures, beast, all the trees and plants. All the profit of both Shakyamuni and unaccountable numbers of Buddhas in past and present and future , who were preached with the 28 chapter in the Lotus Sutra, is included in five and seven characters called "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo". The all creatures in the latter day of the Law can attain Buddhahood in the present living body by believing in Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. That is why it is the only religious practice of the latter day of the Law to chant "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo" before anything else if person wish for attaining Buddhahood. I chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to all of you at first. This is because there is life called the world of Buddha in the mind of you. In the chapter of expedient means in the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha has preached 'the opening, showing, realizing, entering' that is a reason of "the opportunity of only one most important" that Buddha appears in this saha world. This means that Buddha lets all creatures open the knowledge of Buddha and shows it and lets them realize and lets them enter to the Buddhistic road. In other words attaining Buddhahood is the opening the life of the Buddha world which all creatures possess.

Nichiren preached the own secret which arrived at after study in the Enryakuji Temple at a stretch.

The people noticed there was the powerful sermon person who had not looked so far.

Enchibo and Dogibo do a contemptuous smile suspiciously.

Dozenbo of the teacher wiped the sweat of the brow by bare hand unintentionally. Nun O'ama cannot hide embarrassment for the word "Nam-Myoho-renge-kyo" that she has heard from no priest until now. The parents of Nichiren keep opening a mouth as like hearing a mysterious story.

Nichiren continues preaching without pause more.

"I, Nichiren, will spread a title of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to the every corner in Japan after today. I will grant this title to the mouth of all people of Japan.However, it is a fact that there is bad Law against the teaching of Buddha in the world.The peace and security of Japan are not possible if we exterminate bad Law first and do not spread right Law."

Dozenbo was upset and spoke unintentionally.

"Bad law? Is there such a thing in the teaching that Buddha preached in the world? I cannot but disown you if you continue such a sermon!”

Nichiren continues preaching without being daunted to the word 'disownment' of the teacher.

"There are four bad Law in the present world of the latter days of Law. The beginning is Nembutsu sect.The Nenbutsu sect of the priest Honen is the real undesirable Law.They abandon the Lotus Sutra that Buddha had placed on the best sutra and they worship Amidha Buddha who was preached in Amitabha sutra that does not yet express the truth. And they preach that person should chant with Nam-Aamidhabutsu". Amidha Buddha is unrelated Buddha in this saha world. Shakyamuni Buddha who was born in the moon country (India) in this saha world and rescued many creatures is father of all creatures. It is ungrateful that a Buddhist priest preaches to throw away the best sacred sutra of this father, and it is certain that the all creatures believing this fall into the hell of incessant suffering with a Buddhist priest."

"What! We fall into the hell if we chant Nam-Amidhabutsu!" Scream breaks out from audience.

There was the person who covered his ears. Man and woman edges back. Enchibō poured eyes of the anger to Nichiren.

"The next Zen Buddhism resembles Law of Buddha, but is not Law of Buddha. The doctrine of this denomination advocates "the truth was conveyed into other than teaching particularly ," and is the teaching of non-Buddhist that ignore all the sutras of Buddha. The Nirvana surta says,"If there is the person who does not obey the preach of Buddha, this is devil's followers." Therefore, a person believing Zen Buddhism is similar to the action of the evil spirit."

The samurai begins to be angry.

"You are saying foolishly! The Zen Buddhism is believed from Lord Kamakura too."

But Nichiren is unflappable at all.

"Next, the Shingon sect worships the non-Buddhism called the secret teaching. This denomination says Buddha is a lower than both a cattleman and a sandal-carrier, they look down upon the Lotus Sutra and Buddha. This is the teaching of destroying a country. This is false teaching to respect the Dainichi Buddha who is unrelated to this saha world. A country ruins by all means if person pray in Shingon.

The people left out, one after another, from the hall of Buddha statue.

"It is the Ritsu (religious precept) sect last. There are priests brandishing the religious precepts that are the teaching that is the lowest with all sutras which Buddha preached for 50 years. They are the country traitors who are unrelated to the latter days of the Law. I have talked about an outline. That is all.”

Most of audience left the hall, but there was the person who stayed there and wanted to hear sermon of Nichiren in detail.

Dozenbo drew up to Nichiren.

"Renchō, no, Nichiren, what a terrible thing you say! Do you want to make all Buddhists in Japan an enemy?"

Mother Umegiku puts hands together and rubs it.

"You. Please stop only the criticism to other denominations. It is a terrible that Nembusu is called Hell.”

Mikuni Tayu of father furrowed his brow, too.

"What is it! Though I sent you on ascetic practices with much effort, what is it to say such a thing? Where did you have such a thought? "

Nichiren was calm.

"Father, mother, teacher. I decided it since I left the Enryakuji Temple. I will live together with the Lotus Sutra. Nobody can break this oath."

Mother burst into tears.

Here, Jokenbo of the senior disciple entered among them.

“Chief bonze, Dozenbo. Well, you should be satisfied for this time.It looks like Nichiren would have serious determination. I was not able to understand everything of today's sermon, but what I thought to want to hear it from Nichiren in detail is certain.

Gijobo of the same senior disciple supports it.

"I want to hear the today's sermon in detail, too. I could not judge it from only today's sermon, but only conviction of the priest Nichiren affected my mind certainly."

O'ama helped them taking the opportunity, too.

"I was really surprised, too, but I am the same as a foster parent of Nichiren from old days. I will believe Nichiren priest from today and chant not Namu-Amidhabutsu but Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. My mind seems to be lively when I hear Namu-myoho-renge-kyo that the priest Nichiren chants. It is somehow different from Nam-Amidhbutsu that is the feeling to be sunk at the ground. Umegiku and Tayu will become able to surely understand a thought of priest Nichiren. Don't worry."

Nichiren put hands together.

"Those words, I do not forget it throughout the life."

Teacher Dōzenbō lost heart and went out.

Enchibō of the old priest stood in the way there.

"Well really, Dōzenbō, you had a problem disciple. I look forward to how you take this responsibility."

Dozenbo was upset and left to escape.

Nichiren preached to parents again after this, and he granted religious precepts to two people by himself, he gave a Buddhist name of Myoren to Myonichi mother to father from a characters of Nichiren each.

Nichiren writes down about teacher Dozenbo with parents at the time of 'declaring the establishment of true Buddhism' as follows later.

"In all worldly affairs, those who oppose their parents or disobey their ruler incur the wrath of Heaven for unfilial or disloyal behavior. But if one's parent or ruler becomes an enemy of the Lotus Sutra, then disobedience becomes an act of filial devotion and repays one's debt of gratitude to the nation. Therefore, since I first read the Lotus Sutra, I have not been afraid, even though my parents implored me, with their palms rubbed, to desist, even though my teacher disowned me, even though the lord of Kamakura [the regent] twice exiled me, and even though my neck nearly was going to be cut off. Therefore, in Japan there may be now people who think my teaching is true. In Japan it might be difficult to choose the person who receive the protection of Heaven at last disobeying sovereign, parents, and teacher except Nichiren." 'About the Royal Palace'

           continued (3)

Life of Nichiren Part 1 contents

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3 Nichiren Declares the Establishment of True Buddhism in the Hometown on Readiness.(1) 

               Japanese version


From Biography of Nichiren Daishōnin

Rencho arrived at Kominato of Awa in the hometown.

He feels nostalgic about the smell of the tide of sea.

Rencho walks the slope of the mountain.

He saw there was the Seichōji Temple uphill.

There were Buddhist priests of the child. Probably they would get tired of the cleaning of the door front, because they forced the leaf which they collected each other.

Rencho called to them smilingly.

“Hey, you must not quarrel.”

Boys suspected a priest to call to intimately, but noticed it before long.

“Possibly, is it Mr. Renchō?”

When Rencho nods, boys run in a hurry to the main hall of the temple.

He entered the precincts of temple.

His parents, Doenbo, Jokenbo, Gijobo, O’ama meet him.

Rencho greeted them with a broad smile.

"I , Rencho, just have returned from the Enryakuji Temple."

Umegiku of mother is already filled with tears and was going to call to a child, but words fail her. Dozenbo put hands together seeing the figure of the smart and manly Rencho unintentionally.Nun O'ama smiled like seeing the growth of her child. Jokenbo and Gijobo of the senior disciple met Rencho who has grown up and become really big, with dazzling eyes. And boys are looking from the back of adults with interest.

Night has advanced, and a banquet began.

A boy hits the hand drum.

Rencho sat down at the head of the table, and Dozenbo and O'ama sat down on his both sides. Enchibo, Jokenbo, Gijobo and other priests of Seichoji temple lined up on the left side and Mikuni Tayu of father, Umegiku of mother and believers of the Seichoji lined up on the right side. Everybody talks with a smile in admiration that Rencho grew up magnificently.

Mikuni Tayu was proud of praise to Rencho from all, and there was the feeling embarrassed, too. Umegiku was just glad that Rencho came back to the Seichoji safely.

On the other hand, Rencho was thinking about the tomorrow's first sermon with the eyes which occasionally looked at the long distance.

The next morning, the precincts of temple were still dark.

Dozenbo looked in the room of Rencho so that he shares a religious service of the morning, but he cannot see Rencho.

He asked a boy monk.

“Where did Rencho go to?”

"Yes, he already said that he went to the Kasaga forest and went out."

There was the hillside which could look around the Pacific.

Kasaga forest was going to greet morning, but it is still dark.

There was a sea of the large Pacific large just ahead of Rencho.

The eastern sky is lightening.

Light sparkles beyond the horizon subtly.

It was the morning of 28th in April, 1253. The sun which did not change during several billions of years shined now and rose.

Rencho chants it with a vibrant voice to the universe.

“Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.”


Life of Nichiren Part 1 contents

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2 People of Seichoji Temple of the Hometown (3)

                      Japanese version

Renchō left Kamakura and aimed at Mutsura, present Yokohama at that time. This is because it gets into a boat. A ship arrived at Awa early and comfortably than person goes around around Tokyo Bay on foot.

But it was cumbrous that there was the checkpoint on the way.

People crowded in front of the checkpoint.
Travelers take out money and pay it to a government official. The person without the money held out brown rice. This checkpoint was built just recently. Therefore, all the people were getting angry.

A priest was chatting with a samurai in the hall of the checkpoint.

That priest wears a poor priest robe, but he gains weight a little and looks healthy.

He was called the name Ninshō, and a popular name was called Ryōkan.

He is from Yamato. He climbed Mt. Shigisan at 10 years old and trained himself. At the age of 17, he received the religious precept at ordination hall of Tōdaiji Temple. He studied under famous Eison as a distinguished priest about Shingon Religious Precept sect and, at the age of 24, became a priest. And he went to the Kantō district in 1252 and entered Kamakura in 1262 and spread Religious Precepts Sect.

This Buddhist priest receives strong trust of the Shogunate. Gokurakuji temple is founded in 1259 by Shigetoki Hojou of the third son of second regent Yoshitoki Hojo, and Ryokan becomes the founder.

Ryōkan is unique.

Ryokan was managed this checkpoint. It is unexpectedly that a priest managed the means of transportation, but a priest was engaged in the administration of such facilities mainly in those days.

It is not still long since becoming the world of samurai. The Shogunate which Hojo leads is not stable in its finance. Samurais spent all their time with battle until now. They do not have senses of economy at all. Even if they were good at the struggle, the ability for rule was no match for the court noble. The public works projects to build a bridge and the road are impossible in this. Therefore, priests who belonged to an educated class, and with abundant financial power played a key role, and the maintenance of the country was pushed forward.

The center of the politics is Kamakura, but the economy is Kyoto at that time. It was priests from Kinki to have grasped a fund of Kyoto.

Ryokan gained the favor of the Shogunate by the abundant fund again and strengthened power. What we think he is from Todaiji is a large-scale fundraising activity for the rebuilding of the Great Buddha of Nara which was performed 70 years ago. He from Todaiji Temple learned this collection system of money and came over to Kanto.

The person that Ryokan was talking with was Shigetoki Hojo. He is a strong believer of Nembutsu. His father is Yoshitoki Hojo who built the prosperity of the Shogunate.

Therefore, Shigetoki controlled an important post of the Shogunate for granted. Nagatoki, his child, became the regent after succeeding Tokimune. It was famous lineage among Hojo.

Shigetoki took a cup in satisfactory mind while looking at the standpoint.

Government officials of the barrier carried a large quantity of money, the Sung Coin which imported from China (note), which they collected from passersby. The copper money has a hole midmost. Government officials thread this hole with a string and make by 1000. These 1000 pieces were called one kan in those days. One kan is 180 liters of rice, and the then value of money is approximately 50,000 yen in the present. Money called thousands kan was piled in heaps in this way. The rice was piled up like a mountain, too. The people called this "the rice of the barrier of Mutsura".

Ryōkan and Shigetoki Hojo talk peacefully.

Shigetoki was pleasant.

"Gee, you thought carefully. To make a barrier, and to collect rice and money. A country samurai cannot think of anything. It is a good idea!”

Pot-bellied Ryōkan begins to talk to Shigetoki in a tone to persuade.

"Kamakura needs public works more. This method helps the finance of the Shogunate, and it becomes the happiness of a poor person if we collect tax from people thinly widely in this way. It comes true on the way of Buddha to teach in our religious precept sect in this.”

Shigetoki gets moderately drunk.

"I am thankful. Because the ascetic practices of the Ritsu sect have only to follow religious precepts, it is easy."

Ryōkan answered.

""I believe that our denomination is one united body with the Shogunate. If there is a ruling class, there is a priest. I devote myself to the Shogunate in this way, but there is a trouble that a temple of Kamakura is slightly small now. Lord, thank you in advance

It was so. In fact, there is a plan to build the temple on my land of Kamakura. The temple is called Gokurakuji. I am seeking a priest now.”

"That is the good true story. It will lead to prosperity of my lord if you leave the temple to me.”

Shigetoki nodded for a proposal of Ryokan as having had thought came true.

There was Renchō in the line of the traveler sullenly at the entrance of the barrier. He took out the money from the bag and offered it to the officials.

    continued to 'Nichiren Declares the Establishment of True Buddhism in the Hometown on Readiness.'

table of contents Part 1


North Sung coin (three pieces on the left) south Sung coin (others)


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2 People of Seichō-ji Temple of the Hometown(2)

                   Japanese version

At that time, they could hear people's voice of the front gate.
"Did Rencho return home?"
Ō'ama was restless.
All members proceed to the entrance hall.
Buddhist priests of the temple are quarrelling with samurais who rode a horse at the door front.
One of the samurais, Kagenobu Tojo of the land steward was staring with a fearless look.
He is a guest who has not invited. Disappointment clouded their features.
Kagenobu Tojo looked down all people of the Seichoji Temple.

“Well well! Everyone of the Seichoji temple, you are all together here, are not you? I thought today to decide the longtime land dispute and came over.”

Young Jokenbo glared at Kagenobu and criticize. He is a senior disciple to Renchō.
“Dear Tojo, what do you say? You are not permitted the selfish behavior in this temple despite a land steward.”
Kagenobu looked the other way.
"I manage this whole area. I am ruling this land by the instruction of Kamakura shogunate that is leader of the samurai family."
Likewise, the senior disciple Gijobo rebutted with determination.
"It is effective on the land which the land steward rules over. Your control is powerless against this temple.”
Kagenobu do not hear in silence. He retorts to Gijobo under the shelter of shogunate's influence.

"However, it is a fact that there are some people against Kamakura. It is what is not permitted that old-fashioned temples behave selfishly.”
This issue is about the crisis of the Seichoji temple. Jokenbo hunt down Kagenobu without flinching.

"You appeal to Lord Kamakura if so and should decide which is right!"

Dozenbō could not bear to see the fight between his disciples and land steward and stepped in between them.

"Steward Kagenobu, actually, the person who is called Rencho of my disciple finished long ascetic practices in the Enryakuji Temple and will return here today or tomorrow. We are busy with preparations to invite him to now. Excuse me, but it is not quarrelling time now."

Kagenobu was fearless.

“Well. I come again sometime soon, but you should prepare. If you have the slightest an unpardonable thing, I come to control you."

Kagenobu went away horseback.

In opening up the Kamakura Shogunate, Minamoto Yoritomo dispatched the samurai to his ruling place and set up land stewards and governors. Although he entered the ruling area, it was not the whole country but the eastern area from Kinki, and in addition it was out of the territory of the temple.
However, the fight of the boundary line happened consistently when a land steward was installed next door of the territory of the temple.

               continued to (3)

table of contents Part 1

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2 People of Seichō-ji Temple of the Hometown(1)

                  Japanese version   

There was Awa country on the south edge of present Chiba Boso Peninsula.

The sunlight seemed to be subtropical.

The temple in the middle of the mountain, Seichoji was looking down the Pacific Ocean.

Unlike the capital here, there is calmness. In the temple, the little monks were sweeping out the wide gate.

A laughter sounded at the auditorium of Seichoji Temple.

The statue of the Bohisattva Space Treasury, the principal worship, is being enshrined in the auditorium. People waiting for the return of Renchō were in this auditorium.

Tayū Mikuni is the father of Renchō, mother is Umegiku-nyo, Nun O'ama of the believer from old times, Dozenbo of the chief priest, Jokenbo of the disciple, Gijobo and others were sitting down in a ring .

Nun Ō'ama is a strong supporter of this temple. Dozenbo is the teacher of Renchō. Gijobo, Jokenbo are the senior disciple of Renchō. Everyone knows Renchō from childhood.

Obliging Nun O'ama talks smilingly.

" Renchō was really a smart child. Everybody was to know, but I had favored Rencho since he was young. It is already 12 years with an early thing. It will be that he certainly became an excellent priest."

O'ama was a widow of Hojo Tomotokiin that was the founder of the Nago'e line of Hojo clan. Tomotoki’s older brother is Yasutoki Hojo who is famous as a great politician. Nun Ō'ama was rooted in this land by the relations that her husband was the feudal lord of Awa..

She is willing to care people, and favored parents and child of Renchō and provided mental and material support.

Tayu Mikuni humble lower his head to O'ama whom he met after a long absence.

"Rencho became a priest by help really of Mrs. O'ama in this temple and was able to train himself in the Enryakuji Temple. I would like to thank you again as a father."

Umegiku of mother loaded it with thought of the repayment of kindness to similarly Rencho growing up, and coming back to the Seichoji temple safely and lowered the head to O'ama.

"I was impatiently waiting Rencho became an excellent priest and came back to this Awa. Besides, there is not such a happiness as mother to listen to sermon of Rencho in this temple which he climbed at 12 years old. "

O'ama talks to Dozenbo of the aged chief priest.

"He seemed to have done considerable ascetic practices in a famous temple with a venerable history of Kyoto and Nara such as Shitenno-ji Temple or Yakushi-ji Temple including Mt. Hiei-zan. I am unbearable by pleasure what kind of sermon he does."

Dozenbo has begun to talk artlessly.

"Who knows? Rencho surely surpassed it in a childhood in this temple, but how did it fare with him in Enryakuji temple where the cleverest boy of the countries gathered? Because the lotus head has obstinate character, I am slightly uneasy what kind of sermon he does.”

Dōzenbo looled after Renchō from 12 years old to 20 years old and brought him up. He is existence like second father.

Nun Ō'ama begins to chuckle.

"Hey, Dozenbo's anxious mind began again."

All members had contagious grin.

It was peaceful atmosphere, but there was the person who was not glad of Rencho coming home.

Old priest Enchibō and Dōgibō whispered at the corner of the temple.

“Rencho is worthless. After all, he came back to the original country temple without making a success in life in a temple of Kyoto however he trained himself in Mt. Hiei-zan. He can do nothing. If Rencho intends to succeed Dozenbo, this is a perfect scream.

"Dozenbo of faintheartedness may think that his one supporter increased, but this Seichoji is under the control of us.

They chuckled.

There is the power struggle in world of any place.

Enchibō and Dōgibo were influential people of the Seichoji Temple. Especially Enchibō bowed three times for one character in the Seichoji and spent three years writing the Lotus Sutra [note], and he memorized ten text of the Lotus Sutra. And it is said that he had read two texts of the Lotus Sutra in single night a day during 50 years. The masses of the temple praised that Enchibō is sure to become the Buddha. Therefore, he was arrogant. He was ruling Seichoji Temple with Dōgibō. There, the young monk who returned from Mt. Hiei has appeared. They cannot feel interesting.


table of contents Part 1


Lotus Sutra

"Sad Dharma Pundarika Sutra" (The sacred book which is clean and mysterious like a white lotus flower) in Sanskrit.

As for the translation in Chinese, 16 kinds have been conveyed including partial translation and a different book, but three books exist with complete form. Among them, because the translation of Kumarajiva spread most widely, in general speaking of the Lotus Sutra means his translation.

The reason why Buddha assumed the symbol of this sutra a white lotus flower is because a lotus flower blooms from mud unlike other trees and plants. Because this makes a clean large white bloom without being stained with mud meaning worldly desires, it is said that shows the idea that worldly desires are in themselves enlightenment. In addition, the lotus flower symbolizes that cause and effect are simultaneous together because it let fruit (underground stem) bloom at the same time. The place of origin of the lotus flower is India, and it is thought that a lot of lotus flowers grew in the area that Shakyamuni Buddha propagated.

The Lotus Sutra in the Latter Day of the Law is Nam-myoho-renge-kyo of the three great secret of the Law, Nichiren Daishonin preached it.

Now, in this age of the Latter Day of the Law, neither the Lotus Sutra nor the other sutras have the power to save the people. Only Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo can lead all people to Buddhahood. This is not just my own interpretation. It is the judgement of Shakyamuni Buddha, Taho Buddha and all the Buddhas in the ten directions as well as the innumerable Bodhisattvas of the Earth.”  ‘The Teaching for the Latter Day of the Law’


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