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4 Nichiren Starts Propagation in Kamakura(2)

                     Japanese ver.

Poor houses formed a line in the downtown area of Kamakura. The common people lived in the poor house broken at any moment. Judging from the present age, it maybe said that it is the slums, but people are strong.

The everyday wear of the common people wore pants to a kimono of the cotton and closed an ankle with a string. It is the appearance of loose trousers to see in the country and is still familiar with modern us. They stand out in comparison with modern us, and the different point is that men attached formal headwear. Both an old man and the youth put three angles of black crowns on one's head and they tied it up with a string under the chin and fixed it. It is said that they attached this when they even sleep. It is thought that noble culture of the Heian era came down to the common people.

The eating habits were simple. Their staple food mixed wheat and a fox tail millet with unpolished rice and steamed it. They did not cook rice cleaning from water like the present age. A noble ate the polished rice, but therefore generally the noble life was short.

The thatched hut of Nichiren was a simple building.

He is the mere Buddhist priest who came from the country of Awa. It was only a few believers of the hometown Awa country that he relied.

There was the ground which was called Matsuba valley by the place called Nago’e whom it was located southeast, and Tokimasa Hojo of the first regent set up the hall of Kamakura. There is the house of the townsman, there is the house of the samurai. The sea is near here. There is the Zaimokuza Shore which overflowed in vigor if we go down the loose slope. There was a mansion of Nago’e who was branch family of Hojo near. Nago’e is the parents' house of O’ama. It is far from around Hachiman shrine where the center of the Shogunate lives in here. The majority of Buddhist priests became excited over that it got closer to power, but at first Nichiren held a thatched hut in the Matsuba valley and started propagation to a samurai and a townsman.

The people feel interest in a strange thing.

"Hey! You go to wherever."

"It is said that there is a Buddhist priest to tell to have moved to the Matsuba valley recently. It is said that the Buddhist priest does the sermon that he is thankful for.”

"Hum! It is interesting. Will I hear it?"

"Then I go, too. By the way, do you have money stolen?”

Townsmen go into the thatched hut of Nichiren.

There was around ten audience around Nichiren in the house.
There are a townsman and a cage woman and the samurai.
All of them sat down for laying wooden flooring and heard a story of Nichiren.

The paper which was greatly written as a Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is put on the wall of the house.

In front of paper, there is a Buddhist altar, and eight Lotus Sutras and the opening sutra of Infinite Meanings and the ending sutra of Bodhisattva Universal Worthy, ten in total were central and were dedicated.

Nichiren began sermon with Buddhist altar as a back.

"The person believing a prayer to Buddha advocates it with Nam-Amidabutsu. They do not pray for Buddha but pray for Amidha. In the first place Amidha is the Buddha whom Shakyamuni Buddha preached. Amidha is the same as another person if we assume Buddha a parent. That is why it is the same as looking down upon a parent all creatures ignore Buddha of the parent, and to worship another person.”

Audience looked puzzled.

"The Buddhist priest of the Zen Buddhism say ‘Having been told other than teaching particularly’, and they put up the false theory that the truth of the Buddha Law was orally transmitted to Mahakashyapa. Such a thing is not possible. The Zen Buddhism is teaching of an evil spirit excluding a great debt of gratitude Buddha who began Buddhism"

One left among audience, and two people left. There was the person who he waved a neck, and returned.

And anyone disappeared.

Still Nichiren remained calm.


Life of Nichiren Part 1 contents

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Life of Nichiren Part 1

                          Japanese version


 Life of Nichiren Part 1


       work by Mitsugu Kosugi supervision by Tsunemasa Miura

         January 3, 2014 public

               Outline of the Life of Nichiren

  table of contents

1. Journey to Home

2. People of Seichōji Temple of the Hometown

3. Nichiren Declares the Establishment of True Buddhism in the Hometown on Readiness.

4. Nichiren Starts Propagation in Kamakura

5. Appearance of Shijo Kingo

6.  Feud with Kagenobu Tojō

7.  Three Disasters and Seven Calamities (Great disaster attacks Japan)

8. Birth of Disciples and Believers who Supported the Life of Nichiren

9. Appearance of Women Believers

10. Tutelage to the Disciples

11. Enemy of Buddhism of the life of Nichiren, Ryōkan of Gokurakuji Temple

12. Great Earthquake of Shōka Era that was the Remonstrating Opportunity to the Nation

13. Writing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Nation, and fateful encounter with Nikkō

14. To the Nation Remonstrate and Persecution of Buddhists of Matsuba Valley.

15. Nichiren Suffers the Difficulty of the Izu Exile

16. Tokiyori Pardons Nichiren

17. Persecution of Komatsubara that Nichiren Suffered a Wound in Forehead

18. The Book from Mongolia Arrives, and the Difficulty of the Other Countries Aggression Proves Right

19. Nichiren Decides to Remonstrate to the Nation

20. Remonstration to Hōjō Tokimune

21. Letter to Gokurakuji Ryōkan, the Counterfeit Saint, a Person of Overbearing Arrogance

22. Three Kinds of Enemies who Have a Grudge

23. Fetal Movement of the Powerful Enemy

24. The Wall of Kōsen-Ruhu

25. Nichiren Confronts Gokurakuji Ryōkan by the Rain

26. Nichiren Says Grace to the Rain Hard

27. Omen of the Great Persecution

28. Machinations of Gokurakuji Ryōkan

29. Remonstration to Yoritsuna Taira

30. Persecution of Buddhists in Tatsunokuchi

31. Sweeping the Provisional and Revealing the Origin

32. Escape from the Crisis

33. Second Exile, Nichiren Go to the Island of Sado

34. Testament to the Disciples

Table of Contents    Part 2    Part 3

             Mt. Fuji and the Mountain Gate of Taisekiji Temple

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4 Nichiren Starts Propagation in Kamakura(1)


                   Hachiman Shrine now                   

                              Japanese version

Parent and child of Tokiyori Hōjō made Zen meditation in Kenchō-ji Temple of Kamakura.

Samurais of the defense gathered for the rotation of the temple. It is heavily guarded.

In thefacing of parent and child, there is Dōryu of the Zen priest who wore a black robe.

Dōuryu was calledname Rankei, as virtuous priest invited from Sung. He came from Western Shu (present-day Shichuan Province, China) during the Southern Sung Dynasty. He made a voyage to Japan with a disciple at the age of 33 years old and he entered capital Kyōto in the next year and entered the Invited Place of Senyuji Temple. Furthermore, he visited Kamakura and was in Juhukuji Temple and Jorakuji Temple, but he was invited and was nominated for the founder and received faith when Tokiyori Hōjō erected Kenchō-ji Temple.

Tokiyori asalready far from the regent's post, but he is a direct descendant of Hōjō continuing from Sanetoki and Yasutoki. The power overwhelmed others. He puts it under the control of it even in the Imperial Court. It was the emperor in this Japan, and he was a dictator substantially.

A Zen priest having a stick stands behind parent and child.

At first Tokisuke of the eldest son was hit his shoulder. He glares at a Buddhist priest unintentionally.

Tokimune was hit next. The reaction of Tokimune is different from one of the older brother. He had look oops, but closed his eyes calmly again.

Dōryu blooms.

“Because you, two are young, a heart changes."

While FatherTokimune closes its eyes, he talks.

“Hum. Is it possible for the chief bonze to read the heart of two children?”

Dōryu is proud-looking.

"Sir Tokisuke bares anti-rebellious spirit to Sir Tokimune. He has a feeling not to be defeated by younger brother vividly.”

"Hum, how about a younger brother.?"

"It will be the future of the father."

"Is it mine?"

"Who becomes a leader of Kamakura after Sir. Tokiyori? Tokisuke of the older brother is dominant with the number of ages, and I am superior with the ability."

Violent-tempered Tokisuke butts in.

"Priest Dōryu, you may say too much!"

Father stopped an older brother.

"Wait, and wait. The guess of the chief bonze is mixed in the supposition. It is teaching of the Zen Buddhism not to disturb a heart in such a thing."

A smile played on Doryu’s lips.

While Tokiyori closed his eyes, he heard it.

"Then the chief bonze, my heart is readable how."

Dōryu was lost in thought.

"Is it recent natural disaster and famine, is not it?"

"Do you see it like that?"

"The Kamakura Shogunate is thought to be secure now. Accordingly, as for Lord Tokiyori, it should be anxious about improvement of domestic administration from now on. However, is it not sadness when even Lord Tokiyori cannot stand starvation, an epidemic, extraordinary phenomena in heaven?"

"On the contrary."

Dōryu became stiff.

"I think about you, the chief bonze. You are the noble Buddhist priest who came expressly from China. Our Japan thought that the trade with China was important and maintained the port of Kamakura. However, it is possible because politics of China is secure as for it. China is threatened by the northern savage tribe."

Sweat broke out on Dōryu’s forehead.

“Did you know?”

“The reason that built this temple is because you are the Chinese superior well-informed person. I want to hear various information. I think that it is not to become the loss if you feel to spread Zen Buddhism in this Japan.”

Dōryu looked down.

"It does not become very as good as expected. In Japan, Nembutsu sect of Buddhism occupies most now. And include we Zen Buddhism in Kamakura, and there is the priest attacking every denomination now."

"Hum, it is mysterious indeed."

"It is a priest called Nichiren probably."

Tokiyori laughed.

"There is uneasiness in me for diplomacy. There is worry for propagation for a chief bonze.”

               continued (2)

Life of Nichiren Part 1 contents

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